What is comprehensive car insurance and its features

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What are comprehensive car insurance and its features

Learn more about what is comprehensive car insurance, what are its advantages in Saudi Arabia and more about what types, and what are the disadvantages and how to choose the right type

The growth of vehicle insurance has contributed to the development of the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have become aware of the importance of car insurance against accidents and other things that may harm the car. The increase in car prices, in addition to repair costs and spare parts, has also raised the awareness of consumers about the importance of insurance. It is better to pay a small premium to get coverage when an accident is caused to the car or to others because of your vehicle

Full insurance

All car insurance programs may look similar in coverage, but comprehensive car insurance has many advantages over other insurance programs, although the premium is often high. Comprehensive insurance is an agreement between the car owner and the insurance company. The customer is required to pay a fixed monthly premium To the insurance company for a certain period. In return, the insurance company provides comprehensive coverage of the potential risks to the vehicle or its driver or the damage that the vehicle may cause to others during the period of the insurance

Types of comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance varies from one company to another:

Comprehensive insurance for commercial vehicles: vehicles used for commercial transport

Comprehensive insurance for private cars

Insurance companies also differ in the coverage they provide to their customers such as comprehensive insurance for damage to the car and the driver, for damage to other vehicles, which occur to third parties’ property, and comprehensive insurance can cover theft, accidents caused by natural conditions such as floods and others

What benefits can I get from comprehensive insurance?

There are many benefits you get from comprehensive insurance such as financial cover: it is possible to cover the heavy costs you may incur because of damage to others because of your vehicle such as ransom which can be estimated at thousands

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How to choose the appropriate comprehensive insurance

There are easy steps that can be followed to choose the right insurance offer for you:

Compare insurance companies that offer comprehensive insurance to choose the best product

Compare the prices of comprehensive insurance offers until you get the offer at the lowest cost possible

Compare the features available in each comprehensive insurance product

Compare all the obligations that fall upon you if you are late in paying the installment

Many insurance companies require that the insured car be modern and verify these conditions before choosing the right insurance for you

How to calculate the comprehensive car insurance

The calculation of the comprehensive insurance premiums for your car depends on many factors, including:

Type of car: The higher the value of the car, the higher the price of the comprehensive insurance policy

The age of the driver and the age of his driving license

The area the insurance company may determine the value of the installment based on the area and its weather factors and the incidence of accidents that may be human or natural as well

Estimates of the insurance company

Tips before buying a car insurance document

If you do not own a home, your car may be the most expensive one you own. Whether it is Fiat or Ferrari, the car remains a valuable asset to be protected and maintained by a good car insurance policy. Car insurance is compulsory in Saudi Arabia – you will not be able to register your vehicle

If you do not own a home, your car may be the most expensive one you own. Whether it’s Fiat or Ferrari, the car remains a valuable asset to be protected and maintained by a good car insurance policy

Car insurance is mandatory in Saudi Arabia – you will not be able to register your vehicle without it – but the quality of the insurance documents and the benefits you offer may vary greatly from one case to another. You are required by law to have at least one third party liability insurance policy, but its coverage will be limited to property damage, death or injury to third parties due to your vehicle

The General Administration of Insurance Supervision of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) has instructed all vehicle insurance companies not to refuse compulsory insurance coverage on vehicles used for age

Look for a document that fits your needs

The first step is to find a document that fits your specific needs and then make a thorough comparison to verify that you have chosen the best document. It is also useful to get quotes from at least three companies; you will probably be surprised by the large differences in premiums from one document to another

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The cost will be calculated based on the age and type of vehicle, engine type, age, and years of driving experience. The value of the car insurance will depend on the insurance company’s estimate of the value of the car, regardless of the amount you paid for it. Further proof of the absence of any prior compensatory claims will also be taken into account.

It is often a sample of a certificate of the non-existence of claims that you must ask the old insurance company to provide when you get a quote from a new provider

The comprehensive basic document for motor insurance covers damage caused by accidents, natural disasters, and riots, as well as injuries to the driver, spouse, and passengers. Do you use your car to travel with family to neighboring countries? If so, you must invest in an insurance policy that considers this. The insurance policies provided by Asij and Al provide coverage for your car in the GCC. The insurance policies of Al- Cooperative Company and Takaful Company provide a wider coverage covering the Middle East and the Gulf countries

Many car insurance policies also offer driver assistance on the road, which is an important addition if you travel long distances and do not want to be stranded for long hours in remote places if your car crashes

Be sure to read carefully all the terms of the document

Always make sure to read carefully all the terms of the policy. Not all documents cover non-essential damage, such as windscreen or car locks. Will the insurance company rent you a private car if something happens to your car? In addition, where will your car be repaired in the event of an accident? Some insurance companies offer the repair feature to the agent for up to 5 years after registering the vehicle, rather than sending it to the workshops of their choice

Take advantage of discounts on insurance

Finally, ask the insurance company about any discounts you may qualify for. Some companies offer a special discount if the husband and wife insure more than one car

The bottom line is that there are always a great number of car insurance options at affordable prices. That is why you will have to look closely to find the document that best fits your needs

Points to be considered when securing the car

Now that you have found the car of your dreams, the price has been agreed, and you have drawn up the financing plan for the purchase, but before you complete the transaction, you must first obtain a car insurance policy. You have to deal with this critical step very seriously. Insurance contracts are often filled with many technical and professional terms. If you do not fully understand this, it wills double the car insurance amount or you will have to pay extra Logical in the event of an accident

Therefore, we will review below a practical model in an attempt to understand the terms of your car insurance policy

Insurance fee

Often this item is the first thing we talk about in this regard because it will determine the amount of insurance, and you will have to repay it on an annual basis. The premium is defined as the fixed amount, which is usually paid from the date of signing the contract. If your age at the time of signing the contract is less than thirty years and lead a vehicle with a strong performance, or you have committed some irregularities or accidents in the past, the value of the premium may increase accordingly


Also known as the added amount, which you agree to pay from a private owner, without any objection, for damages caused by any accident you consider wrong. In general, choosing a higher amount for that value will reduce your premium and vice versa. Depending on your current age, the insurance company may be able to charge a higher premium for your car insurance



Responsibilities and rights of other parties


If you choose this type of insurance coverage, this will significantly reduce the value of the insurance premium. In this case, you agree to provide personal and full support for all damages caused by your vehicle to others in the event of an accident that proved to be wrong, While car insurance covers losses and damage caused by vehicles of other interested parties, and this is the minimum level of coverage available in auto insurance contracts.

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Want to know more about auto insurance? You can review different car insurance plans and then choose the most suitable for you

Comprehensive coverage

Also known as full coverage. This type of insurance guarantees that the insurance company will assume financial liability in the event of an accident in which you are proven to be wrong, as well as damage to the car due to fire, theft, flooding, sabotage, etc. They were fully covered for each position at the end of the contract in general

Road help

If this option is included in the contract, the insurance company will provide some road services, such as towing/towing if the vehicle fails, changing damaged tires, maintenance services related to the car locks or initial operation of the vehicle in case the battery fails. These services are often provided for additional premiums or are sometimes included by default under the comprehensive coverage package

Agency services

This is one of the most important points for determining whether the dealer in the area where you live, in the event of an accident will do the car repair, or that the process will be done through approved external repair workshops or repair shops. Before the insurance company

This option usually costs an additional amount and sometimes this service cannot be provided for vehicles older than 5 years

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Insurance coverage for off-road driving

This option determines whether your insurance company will cover you, your passengers and the car insurance in the event of an accident or damage during your off-road driving (desert or mountain areas, car racing

International insurance coverage

This option determines whether your insurance company will cover you in the event of damage or accident while traveling across the border outside the country where the car insurance policy was issued. If your vehicle is not subject to this type of insurance, you may not be able to cross the border unless you are participating in a temporary local insurance contract based on the duration of your trip


Exceptions reflect all other benefits and warranties that you will not have the right to obtain, based on the other terms and conditions mentioned or included in the insurance package

Discount not claim

Insurance companies are currently awarded a bonus for drivers with safe driving in the form of large discounts on premiums, provided that their record is free of accidents during the previous year/years, in respect of accidents caused by the driver’s fault


How to choose a car insurance package

Do you buy a new car or change the insurance company? All you need to know is the cost of securing your car in Saudi Arabia and avoiding hidden costs


If you have not purchased a car yet and calculate the total cost, keep track of this list; this is what the insurance provider will consider before giving you a price


Value: Before you insure on your car, remember that the price will depend on the value of the car. The more the car is worth, the more expensive the insurance.

Driver’s age: As a driver, your age and the number of years of driving experience will be one of the biggest factors that insurance providers consider

Year of manufacture: If you do not buy a brand new car, your insurance provider may check your car before giving you a price. Sure, he will become more anxious whenever he is older.

Discount Non-Claims: If you are a good driver and have not done any offense for years, you must be eligible for a discount. The longer you do not have traffic accidents the higher the discount rate you get. Ask your insurer if you qualify and check that you get a non-claim certificate from your current lender, if you are turning, to get a discount from your new insurer


Comprehensive or third party?

The type of insurance you will receive will determine the final cost of your insurance. Insurance policies are the third party liability insurance and comprehensive insurance


Third party insurance is the simplest type of insurance you can get. It covers any legal consequences in the event of a traffic accident, death, injury caused to third parties

However, comprehensive insurance will also cover any damage to your vehicle in a traffic accident. It can also cover the actual damage of natural disasters and injuries to passengers

Remember, car insurance is mandatory in Saudi Arabia. Under the law, drivers must at least get third party liability for their vehicle registration

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