Tips to lower your car insurance costs

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Tips to lower your car insurance costs

The cost of auto insurance can take a big part of your driving budget, but it does not have to be that way


There are tips to help you lower the cost of insurance for your new car:


The British Insurance Association (ABI) believes that you can save as much as a third on your annuity, simply by shopping around

Limit the number of people allowed to drive


Request the excess

Most insurance policies include excess charge (ie the amount you have to pay for any repairs). If you are willing to pay an increase you can get more discounts


Do not use your car to work

Insurance policies that cover only “social, domestic and fun” are usually cheaper


Approve a maximum mileage limit

This can bring you a discount simply because the cars that are on the road are often less likely to be involved in an accident. AA Insurance believes that accepting an annual cap of 12,000 miles would earn a 5 to 10 percent discount. A 5,000-mile that can earn even more. It is particularly useful for families with more than one car


Avoid intermediaries

Buying through intermediaries can increase the cost of insurance by up to 30%


Buy online

Many insurance providers offer an automatic 5% discount for online transactions


Consider reducing the size of cars with a lower value and the smaller engine has fewer insurance teams


Keep your car parked in the garage


Keeping your car in a garage or on a drive instead of on the road can take between 5 and 10 percent of your premium


Ask for a discount

Some insurance companies only offer you a discount because they want your custom

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Look for ways to protect your

Some policies allow you to make claims under certain circumstances you have to pay a small premium up front, but they can provide you with long-term wealth


Install the black box in your car


This is the place where the device is installed, which monitors how the vehicle is driven. You can also agree to a curfew at certain times of the day. It works particularly well for young drivers


Improve your driving skills

A plus driving test, or similar qualification, can lower the cost of your premium


Do not assume third-party coverage is cheaper

Third party insurance is a legal minimum, which covers damage to other people’s property and the cost of any compensation for injuries. However, this is not always cheaper than full comprehensive coverage, which covers your own car as well


Do not pay by direct debit

To pay your insurance on monthly installments – not a lump sum per year – makes it seem easier. Nevertheless, it is likely to cost you between 10 and 25 percent an increase

We show you the difference between compulsory insurance and supplemental insurance on the car, as stipulated by the law that specified 4 types of car insurance in Egypt, explaining the value of the amount of insurance on the car and the period of insurance, whether injury or death, God forbid

Compulsory insurance policy on the car is important and the amount of insurance

According to the Egyptian law, there are four types of “compulsory” insurance policies, including compulsory insurance policies for cars in Egypt, where car insurance is generally divided into compulsory or compulsory insurance and complementary or optional insurance, depending on the need and desire of the owner And the purchase of compulsory insurance policy on the car is required according to the law and the payment of the value of the traffic departments on each car when the license is issued or renewed and obtained by the insurance companies through their kiosks approved by the traffic departments

Through which the victim can obtain any compensatory value when they suffer any losses as a result of accidents on the roads and was approved for the benefit of pedestrians whose families or their heirs could receive a compensation value of 40 thousand pounds in case the driver caused the death of his car to an individual, 15 thousand pounds when he has a kidney or partial disability




The insurance companies pay when the vehicle data is in the prosecution record. In the case of death registration by an unknown vehicle, the government fund to cover the damages resulting from the accidents of the express transport vehicles inside Egypt is paid and all those who were in the car and injured have the right to compensation




The value of the renewal fees for the car license includes compulsory motor insurance

The value of compulsory insurance for cars varies every year especially with the increase in the price of the dollar and the prices of cars in Egypt. The owner of the 1600cc car pays about 108 pounds of compulsory insurance annually, while the value is higher. Passengers, and for transport vehicles, are charged according to their ton load and are included in the driving license

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– The value of the renewal fees for the car license includes compulsory insurance according to the number of Cylinders: 4 cylinders and the lowest capacity: 1000 cm 3 and the minimum value of fees and compulsory insurance is 225 pounds


– Cylinders: 4 cylinders and the lowest capacity: 1001 cm 3: 1300 cm 3 Value: 255 pounds


– Cylinders: 4 cylinders and lowest capacity: 1300 cm 3: 1600 cm 3 Value: 290 pounds


– Cylinder number: 4 cylinders and less 1601 Litter capacity: 2000 cm 3 Value: Different according to model, the price of the vehicle received from IRS


– Number of Cylinders: 4 Cylinder and the lowest capacity: 2001: 2500 cm 3 Value: Different according to model, the price of the vehicle received from the IRS

– Cylinder Number: More than 4 Cylinder Diameter: 2001 cm 3: 2500 cm 3 Value: Different according to the model, the price of the vehicle received from IRS


– Cylinder number: more than 4 cylinders models before 1979 capacity: 2501 cm 3: 3000 cm 3 value: 523.6 pounds


– Models of 1980 Litter capacity: 2501 cm 3: 3000 cm 3 Value: 673.79 pounds


– knowing that these amounts can be increased in the coming period, as explained by the traffic departments




What is the supplementary insurance for the car?

The definition of supplementary insurance on cars is divided into four types according to coverage: this type covers the loss or damage of the whole or partial that affects the insured car and its accessories and spare parts. It also covers the civil liability before the third party for material damage and covers the fire and theft. The Insured shall indemnify the Owner of the Car for any loss resulting from the loss or partial or total damage of the vehicle in the event of a danger or when an accident occurs to the insured vehicle


In the case of third party liability covered by the supplementary insurance policy on cars, the company undertakes in the event of an accident resulting from the use of the insured vehicle to compensate the insured within the scope of the condition for determining the liability – for all amounts legally required by the insured, including Judicial expenses and fees as compensation for damage to objects other than those owned by the insured or any member of his or her family who reside with them, are in custody, are in custody or are under their supervision


There is a need to increase the value of mandatory insurance policies to cope with the rising prices

In the light of the increases that have taken place in the last period, it is clear that there are many sectors that are seeking to increase some prices such as mandatory car insurance policies that apply to all cars licensed in Egypt, unlike the supplementary documents. Compulsory documents are an attempt to increase the value of compensation received by car owners or those who are compensated under high prices in all and the decline in the value of compensation under the high price



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Increasing the value of compensation in compulsory insurance requires an increase in the value of fees

However, raising the value of compensation requires at the same time to increase the value of the same documents for compulsory insurance on cars, which is paid in the traffic units when the driver’s license is issued or renewed where insurance units of insurance companies in Egypt are available in traffic units to collect the fees and provide documents for road accidents And specifically pedestrians in the roads to obtain compensation for accidents in the event of death worth 40 thousand pounds




Increasing the number of compulsory documents for insurance after a period of extraction may be contrary to the Constitution

However, the idea of increasing the value of a compulsory insurance policy by trying to add a new clause in the law regulating it to gradually increase its value each time may be contrary to constitutional order

The amendment of the prices of car licenses to be officially applied to start next July

On the eve of July, a large number of car owners in Egypt may face difficulty in going to traffic units to renew their car license


In order to avoid the difficulties of that day, another way is offered by, in cooperation with a number of traffic departments, to renew the driver’s licenses

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To learn how to register and use this service, follow these steps:


Call 16421, which is intended to receive applications for renewal of licenses


Recording of data by a customer service representative


Inquire about the amount to be paid for (compulsory insurance, taxes, fees, irregularities)


Contact the application number to the nearest “immediate” dealer to pay the amount due


After 4 working days, the customer will go to the Traffic Unit to receive the license and can be received at home with additional charges


In the case of “inspection”, the license shall be delivered upon the completion of the technical inspection and by the traffic unit only


Credit card customers can renew the license and pay their cards by registering on the official website of the Services


Conditions for renewing the license through the service:


The car should be “my angel”


The license is in the name of the owner of the car, or by proxy from the owner


Do not exceed 2030 cc

I will talk today in this article about the concept of car insurance and we will explain to you the damage that insurance bears its cost because everyone who buys a new car will be

Need to know the benefit of insurance and whether it is necessary or not useful and in case of accidents what the cost

Which is borne by the insurance company so we decided to answer in this article for those questions?


Insurance is a contract between the person who owns the car and the insurance company under this

Contract The insurance company is obliged to bear the damage and pay financial compensation to the owner of the car in

The case of the car accident and in return the owner of the car to pay financial installments

The insurance company may have premiums (monthly-annual-semi-annual) as agreed

Between two sides

Damage to insurance – insurance on cars

Collision damage

The insurance company shall cover the damage to the car as stipulated in the document

Insurance whether the damage is caused by a collision with another vehicle or collision of things

Such as pillars and pavements. In such cases, the insurance company pays compensation

To the owner of the car after submitting the necessary papers that prove the validity of the speech


Full insurance

Comprehensive insurance includes theft, fire, and self-ignition


Comprehensive insurance features

Provides maximum protection for the car owner because the insurance company will bear

Damage caused by accidents will avoid the person paying large sums of money for repairs

The car

A comprehensive insurance feature covers the damage caused by theft

In addition, fire

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Disadvantages of comprehensive insurance

One of the disadvantages of comprehensive insurance is that its premiums are high and in many cases, it is cumbersome

For the person who owns the car, we find that some people move away from comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance is not suitable for all types of cars is limited to cars

Modern and does not apply to old cars as they are expendable and will be

Are more prone to accidents than modern cars

In order to obtain the compensation value provided for in the insurance policy, certain procedures should be followed to avoid falling into the circle of routine complications and misperceptions of some insurance companies in order to reduce the value of compensation or procrastination



The amount of the insurance specified in your knowledge based on expert consultation shall be equal to the value of your insured property in the document at the time of the accident


Immediately notify the insured insurance company by fax and post immediately after the incident or inform the insurance company


Prepare your claim for compensation accurately supported by the necessary documents (to prove the occurrence of the accident: – police record – the decision of the prosecution – the report of the criminal laboratory or the occurrence of the accident according to its nature) (to prove the value of losses: – invoices – regular and systematic records – expert assessment)


You must cooperate with the insurance company by enabling the inspection experts to conduct the required inspection, accurately identify the losses and inform them of the records and documents supporting your claim, taking into consideration that the breach of this or the submission of fraudulent documents present your claim for rejection, whatever the value of these documents


If you do not obtain your rights according to the terms of the document with the insurance company, you can resort to the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority is concerned with protecting the rights of the policyholders

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