Tips on car insurance when an accident?

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Tips on car insurance when an accident?

Tips to take good care of your vehicle Car maintenance and repair how can I take care of the car engine?

What to do when an accident getting a driving license, buying a car, and securing it are different stages in a driver’s life. In contrast, facing an accident is not something we prepare for. So what should be done when it happens unless it is taken into account? These tips and tricks for prevention and management of car accidents with insurance meet

Accident: How to deal the incident includes all physical or physical damage followed by compensation. When a car accident occurs, you have to activate your insurance and your contract. Theft, broken glass, accident

In which case should the record be used? Always. Always ensure that your car is properly lubricated so that you can report the incident. Always make sure that you have a copy in your car and in your home to avoid an emergency. 2. Have a few days to declare an accident There is a certain period to declare an accident that must be respected. Five days is your time to inform the insurance company of all information related to your accident? In the event of theft or attempted theft, you must declare them within two days after they occur. To be compensated promptly, you must provide the insured with some information. Provide the following data with the greatest possible accuracy: Date, time and location of the accident. Names and personal information of both the insured and the persons involved in the accident. Description of the circumstances of the accident and the resulting losses. Please note, do not start making necessary repairs to your damaged vehicle


If you are not responsible for the accident, you must prove the loss by an expert who evaluates it. What should be known about the incident record the incident should be maintained, and in all cases, the record must be filled (if only minor material losses occur). In the event of physical damage, the security forces will complete a report added to this record presents a final document, that is, once it is completed by both parties: * Cannot be amended, * binding on the parties. After that, no party can claim that the reality is contrary to what is recorded in the record. Complete the record carefully and read it carefully before signing it. The well-filled attendant facilitates the work of the faithful and speeds up the processing of your file. Key elements of the record there are three key elements that make up the record: the intersection marks that are appropriate to determine the responsibility of each driver, the drawing that can provide additional information if no mark is placed in the boxes, note that provides additional explanations and describes the nature of the conflict. Identification (name, address), which are important details for believers

The record must be filled at the location of the accident with a ballpoint pen for each party to obtain an easy-to-read version Witnesses should be mentioned, if any, with their personal information. Indicates the number of fields marked for each driver * It is necessary to answer all questions

The graphic must be executed carefully (if there is a discrepancy between the drawing and the indicated cells, the intersection marks are precedence). * The notes should be filled in (if there is disagreement with the opponent, this is indicated in this window). * The record should never be modified once the copies have been detached. Documents that you must have: During the process Document Verification By a sworn agent, the driver of the vehicle is always required to submit the original copies of the following documents: * Driver’s license * Gray card * Certificate of insurance (green card) * Technical inspection document for vehicles older than five years If these documents are not available, Driver for fines. In the event of a traffic accident, you have five days to inform the insured of the accident by telephone or by written communication or in person. The exact date, time and place of the accident must be determined. You should also work as much as possible to minimize the consequences of the accident. Clear the insured objects and make sure to maintain them afterward

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Whatever the size of the losses, physical or physical, fill out the friendly inspection. This document is necessary to ensure a quick settlement of incidents. Always keep a blank copy in the car. When the insured receives the inspection, he appoints an expert to assess the number of repairs. The experience is generally conducted within a week or two after the incident is reported. If you are a guarantor of damages, whether you are responsible for the accident or not, you will be compensated for, all costs incurred in order to repair the vehicle, within the commercial value of the vehicle in question. In some cases, a believer can monitor the value of repair beyond commercial value. If this is your responsibility, this will be indicated in the general or specific provisions of your contract. If you have not signed up for damage and your liability for the incident has been established, you will not benefit from any compensation. If you do not register for damage and do not prove responsibility for the accident, you will be compensated within the value of the replacement

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Compensation for physical injury always preceded by medical experience. The value of compensation relates to the extent of the moral and physical damage. Persons transferred by the owner of the vehicle onboard are also compensated at the time of the accident

This means that the civil liability insurance of the car owner ensures passengers. Tips to take good care of your car What is the last time you change the oil of your car engine? When will you change wheels, brake pads or combustion candles? Do you find it difficult to give a specific assessment since the last visit to the reform workshop? To avoid being on the road because of a malfunction in your car, it is best to take care of it. Whether you are a two-seater, a large car, a family car or a convertible, whatever your model, you should check the following: wheel pressure, cooling fluid, braking fluid, oil level, battery charge … Car maintenance and repair Potentially costing your budget for the car much, although it is necessary expenses. Car service professionals, whether a workshop owner, a car dealer, a gas station or a technical inspection center, will know how to inspect your car, from glass parts to the engine through the lights of the signal, to detect the repairs to be made and the pieces to be changed

Proper maintenance of the vehicle reduces the risk of accidents, even accidents because they respond better to difficult situations. On the other hand, regular maintenance can maintain your wealth, as your car maintains a high value. How can you take care of the car engine? Oil level frequently, at least once a week. To do this, the vehicle must be in landscape mode and the engine must be parked for a quarter of an hour. On the oil standard, the optimal oil level is near the maximum, but should not exceed it in any way. For some cars, low oil consumption is normal. Following the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual is welcome. Generally, the oil change is done every 7,500, 10,000 or 15,000 km, depending on the type of vehicle. The oil filter, which works to hold the dirt, must be changed with each oil change (for the diesel engine) or when the oil is changed twice. Gasoline or diesel engine whether your car is equipped with a gasoline or diesel engine, it is best to check your car every 8 months. Regardless of the technical inspection or the usual oil change process, there are several things to keep in mind: change the oil filter, dust filter, check battery status, monitor brake fluid, and check distribution belt and tubing

At the end of three years or a distance of 60,000 kilometers, the combustion candles must be changed in gasoline engines and diesel filters in diesel engines. It may be time to visit the mechanic to do a check-up.

The need for frequent monitoring of the level of coolant, which must be located between the minimum and maximum marks of the two phenomena on the expansion vessel. Do not hesitate to refill it to the required level, when the engine is cold naturally. The level of coolant is lost directly in the radiator if the car is not equipped with expansion pot

Once again, the engine must be cool. The ducts should be changed without cracking. The ventilation belt must be properly clamped and should not be torn or torn. Flammability: It is advisable to inspect its condition regularly. It is necessary to replace every 20,000 km with new candles of the same type. If you do not like the manual work, it is best to leave the job to a specialist. Battery: The internal fluid level should be checked regularly. To avoid problems with the operation of the car, it is recommended to clean the ends of the battery plug from time to time. Glass scanners are advised to change the glass scanners every year at the onset of winter, and generally, once they start to leave traces on the windscreen. The level of liquid glass scanners should be inspected regularly. The spring system should lose almost every 20,000 km and preferably on a special platform

Brake In addition to continuous brake fluid level monitoring that can detect brake damage or leakage, the brake fluid that starts to wear over time should be changed regularly. It is necessary for the specialist to perform this operation. The wheels should not show cracks or tear

In particular, they inspected the corrosion of the rotation bar, which must be flat. Otherwise, this will result in defective wheel balance, both front and rear. Wheel pressure should be lost every 15 days

Tests and repairs should be performed when the wheels are cold. Do not hesitate to over-inflate a little (about 200 g) when the vehicle is loaded or when you are traveling a long distance on the motorway. The chassis should be taken care of continuously. In this regard, we advise you to wash with jet steam, which is common in the major stations and in the approved maintenance works. If you find the impact of gravel collisions or the appearance of cams on the structure, it should be repaired quickly to avoid rust formation permanently. Lighting and visibility Lights: should be inspected periodically, especially background lights. Do not hesitate to change the lamp with a faulty, such as a lamp that does not shine well. On the other hand, it is recommended to change the glass of cracking lights without delay, because the water leaks rapidly and oxidation occurs that harms the good performance of the lights of the car

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It is right to always have a tray of spare light bulbs on board the car. Some simple tricks come with high-quality modern cars, plus regular maintenance, convenient driving for drivers. However, there are easy-to-carry operations that can avoid some minor problems. Battery: If your car is parked for a long time, it is recommended that you disconnect the battery to avoid its charge. Primary Glass: To avoid forming steam from the inside, or shampoo by a piece of cloth

Beware of driving without insurance or without a valid driver’s license

In the light of the increasing rise in road accidents, especially for road accidents, which occur frequently, especially among young people and young people, there is an alarming and noticeable increase in the phenomenon of driving or the use of vehicles of all types, without insurance for this use and sometimes without even compulsory insurance policy. Under which any compensation or medical expenses resulting from physical or psychological injury following the road accident are covered

In such cases, the person responsible for causing the road accident finds him liable to file personal claims against him, to pay large amounts to another party, which would not have happened had it not been for the driver or user to obtain an insurance policy. In some unfortunate cases, one of the citizens was charged because of a road accident, resulting in bodily injuries and damage to other vehicles, to a few hundred thousand shekels combined




In some cases, however, some drivers discovered that it was too late that the insurance policy under which the use of the vehicle was used by them was not covered by their personal or in-kind use, as a result of their failure to inform them in advance of the existence of a clause restricting the effectiveness of this insurance for one reason or another

For example, there is a requirement not to cover the use of the car and insurance for a new driver or for those under the age of twenty-four or thirty, or the like, and then the insurance company disclaims its responsibility to compensate the injured road accidents in such a case


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It may also happen that the owner of a car allows an acquaintance or relatives to use his car, without checking whether the person has a valid driver’s license or not, causing the driver a road accident and only then it turns out that the insurance policy does not cover this incident, because the driver’s license for this The driver, friend or relative may be withdrawn or detained because the driver has not paid fines for more than 12 months. The driver’s driving will also be unsecured, although there is a valid insurance policy

In other words, we must understand very well that the issue of requiring an insurance company to pay damages as a result of damage to property (car, building) or physical or psychological damage to road accident victims is contingent not only on the existence of a car insurance policy but also on the eligibility of the driver himself In accordance with the terms of the policy and according to the validity of the driving license of the driver and also the validity of the license of the car itself, in the event that talk about compensation for damage to property or in the car because the validity of the car license is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of the insurance policy in this case



Based on the above, I appeal to everyone who uses a car and every father and every young man not to neglect the issue of driving a car without a driver’s license or without a car insurance policy, whether it is an accident insurance policy, property damage or compulsory insurance policy




It should be noted that in the event of physical or psychological harm or God’s death, following a road accident, without a compulsory insurance policy for the vehicle or without the driving license of the driver in force, the injured person or his family can file a claim against the Compensation Fund  Which pays compensation for physical or psychological damage, while the compensation fund is entitled to refer to the unqualified driver and to the owner of the vehicle as a judicial action, in which they are required to return any amount paid by the victims  the third party




In the end, everyone is required to check the terms of the insurance policy they have, whether they include certain exemption conditions, and also to make sure that any person who intends to use his car to another person is entitled to question the validity of his license or his age, Before allowing him to use the car, in order to avoid the occurrence of what is undesirable consequences, and then it is too late to fix things



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