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 Car Insurance: Do you know what the insurance of vehicles and its importance is?

The increase in the number of vehicles in our country, problems on many levels, this increase led to congestion of roads, our roads have not changed in the Arab world, and most cannot be expanded in terms of supply, only the increase in the long area, and the addition of new kilometers, This increase has also led to a significant increase in traffic accidents, which has become a threat to the communities in terms of loss of life and injury, and in terms of material losses resulting from expenses and treatment expenses.

In the event of injuries, compensation for death and disability rates, In this article, I will talk about reducing the material losses as much as possible and reducing them, and what are the procedures for doing so, especially that some have It matters to her, saving the thought of accidents that do not afflict him, and he is protected from them, thus no benefit of the procedure and expenses

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The definition of vehicle insurance: is a written contract between two parties, the first is called the insured (the insurance company in general) and the second is the insured (the owner of the vehicle), and under this contract the insured is obliged to reparation and compensate the insured for damages sustained by the contractor as covered by the contract, Premiums paid by the Insured as agreed between the parties annual _ monthly _ semi-annual

The benefits of vehicle insurance: The sense of protection: The insurance of vehicles offers a sense of protection from loss, the believer and when he is committed to a contract on his vehicle, feels that any damage against others will be covered and protected under this contract, so feel safe and disappear feeling Concerned, he said overall in need of comfort and security. This does not mean negligence and causing unnecessary accidents. There are those who, whether by the police or the insurance companies, will investigate the cause of the accident, and if it turns out that it is fabricated, there is no compensation for the accident. – Advertisement

 Protection for the community: This protection is divided into two parts

Physical protection: Insurance protects the society from its financial losses because of traffic accidents. It is well known that insurance companies re-insure accidents with major international companies working in this field and receive compensation for insurance accidents

 Social protection: Protecting the community from disputes between its members. If there is no vehicle insurance for a large number of disputes either in the courts or the disputes become disputes and the use of force to restore the rights, Which may respond to them, may have to go to the courts, but in general, the insurance companies shorten many disputes and discounts and end the claims amicably in their offices. Types of insurance on vehicles: The insurance is divided into vehicles into two types and we will mention them and the pros and cons of each type and its disadvantages:

Insurance against third parties: This insurance includes reparation and compensation of other vehicles and passengers if the insured is the party causing the accident and proved, and does not include the vehicle insured or its owner and passengers, and also called this type of insurance (compulsory insurance) The vehicle owner is obliged to ensure his vehicle in this type of compulsory insurance, otherwise the penalty is payable to the owner of the vehicle, which may reach the prison in some laws. Pros of insurance against third parties:

Compensation for accidents caused by the insured (unintentional accidents) is provided to others, thus protecting him from paying payments that may be high in some cases, and proportionally it feels the driver of the vehicle safely from the risk of accidents.

Their premiums are relatively simple and not high and are not considered burdensome to the owner of the vehicle in relation to the protection it provides and the risks it covers

Installments are fixed and do not change the value of the vehicle. The disadvantages of this type of insurance can be limited to the limited coverage and the protection it provides. It is limited to the vehicle of others. Therefore, this type of insurance does not cover any damage or a malfunction of the vehicle of the owner or its driver if he caused the accident. These faults and damage

Comprehensive insurance: It is optional for the vehicle, in which case the owner of the vehicle chooses to cover his vehicle with full protection. Under this comprehensive contract, the protection includes both his vehicle and other vehicles and their passengers. Total Insurance Pros:

Insurance provides high protection and the insured feel the protection on his vehicle, even if caused by the accident and thus may avoid paying large sums and repair. 2. Insurance for many types of risks is not limited to vehicle accidents; comprehensive insurance covers the risks of theft and fire and others. Cons of comprehensive insurance:

Its premiums are high, and not all car owners can afford it, or at least with a sense of profitability, especially if we know that many people who buy modern cars pay their price through bank financing and in monthly installments

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Does not cover all cars, but modern ones, and according to the age of each vehicle, the old vehicle is supposed to be fast and cause accidents more than the modern

The field of referral of the dispute to the courts is many and the value of the claims is high, so the insured may have to resort to the courts against the insurance companies

Saba Insurance Company provides its customers with a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy for cars of various types which can provide insurance protection for cars that cover the physical damage to the insured car and its accessories and spare parts resulting from the following risks:

Collisions and/or reversals due to accident or mechanical damage

Fire, lightning, external explosion or self-ignition

Intentional action by others

Theft and robbery or damage resulting from them

During road or river transport or by machinery and elevators

Civil liability towards third parties for material damages


Civil liability means that in the event of an accident of the insured car, the company shall pay all the amounts which the insured legally complies with the damage caused to the property of others


The insurance application is considered as an acknowledgment by the applicant of the validity of all the data and is an integral part of the document. In addition, a basic document provided by the client to the branch or to the Issuance Section of the company to obtain the insurance policy. The vehicle owner’s or car owners, sellers, distributors, or lender’s information may differ from those of the insurer.



Importance of car insurance

With the steady increase in the number of cars within the Republic of Yemen, the number of road accidents has increased in parallel and thousands of accidents occur annually causing painful results and material losses. These losses include the costs of replacement or repair of damaged vehicles, hospitalization expenses, and liabilities of third parties against debts or damages. All of which represent a heavy financial burden on the owner or driver. Hence the importance of insurance for the car that compensates for all these losses and gives the owner and/or driver safety and peace of mind




Insurance at market value:

The amount of insurance in the insurance application shall be taken into account at the current market value of the vehicle to be insured until the company pays the full value of the losses in the event of a danger (God forbid)


If the company proves that the amount of insurance is less than the market value of the car at the time of the accident, the company pays the value of the losses according to the condition of the relative, the insured will bear part of the loss




Procedures for contracting and obtaining a car document:

Write the insurance application and sign the client attache, attach the vehicle ownership picture with the insurance application

Repayment of premium

Preview the car

Receive the document

Thus, the company’s obligation to pay compensation will begin if the risk is realized




Important guidelines

In the event of a car accident during the period of validity of the document, the insured must perform the following procedures in order to be able to pay the due compensation quickly:

Contact to pass immediately

Make sure to keep his car and the other vehicle in a position to allow the traffic man to identify the culprit properly

Record the other party’s car data

Take care to get a traffic report about the incident

Notify us immediately by contacting or attending, to complete the incident reporting form and to indicate the cause and circumstances of the accident

Preview the car by the car compensation department in our company and the car must be photographed

Complete the documents for the claim

Submit the claim to the company as soon as possible


Key Benefits of the Comprehensive Program:

Loss or damage to the insured vehicle:

Saba Insurance is compensated either by cash or repairing the damaged car or by replacing it if the insured car is exposed to any loss or accidental damage resulting from, for example, road accidents, theft and fire, as well as special risks such as rain, cold, floods, floods or other risks not excluded from the document


Liability to third parties:

The owner of the car or driver may have civil liability to compensate the third party because of an accident caused by the insured vehicle. The comprehensive program does not exclude liability coverage for car passengers or members of the insured family


Importance of car insurance

The importance of car insurance against accidents that occur on a daily basis and in increasing numbers on public roads in all countries of the world

The insurance is the civil liability resulting from car accidents and the most important procedures that must be followed by the owner of the car before running on the roads for the benefit of safety in the face of others and can be comprehensive even to face damage to his car because of a mistake

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The owner of the vehicle and its driver should be careful not to check back cases that allow the insurance company to refer to what it paid to others. In such cases, the accident may be due to over-red signal, speed over average, recklessness, greed or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol


This is certainly a quick and useful overview given to us by Dr. Fahid with the aim of spreading awareness and interest to all the owners of the car. We at the SPEED team thank him for this participation


Insurance of cars and payment of compensation: – There is a large segment of cars traveling in the Egyptian roads insured by the insurance companies, especially purchased through the installment bank. In the event of an accident to God is surprised by the customer obstacles in the payment of the amount of compensation, some of them due to the insurance company and others due to the mistake of the client In taking the right course in the payment of dues to the insurance company so in the event of an accident we are in front of two hypotheses



the cost of repairing the car as a result of the accident less than one thousand pounds, the client to go to the company to inspect the car from the company engineer and estimate the damage after that the customer repairs the car and bring the invoices to the function and check it again after repair and then the amount of compensation


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The cost of repairing the car more than a thousand pounds until the price of the car in full

The customer shall make a police record to prove the incident

(To inspect the car from the company engineer and to estimate the damage of the car and discuss this with the customer and agree on the amount of compensation (the customer cannot commit to reform in the power of attorney if he sees it and to repair the car in the external workshops provided that the private bills bring the compensation)

Inspection of the vehicle by the engineer of the company to ensure the completion of its repair

, Retain the damage of the accident to be delivered to the insurance company [condition I have some insurance companies



Important information: In the case of large accidents may provide the insurance companies solve the total loss of the car and the sale of the company incident, and in return for the payment of compensation, but the customer is surprised that the company estimated the price of the car according to the market price on the day of the accident and here, in this case, a large loss to the client and prefer to avoid this and It fixes much better than selling it to the company by accident

Compulsory insurance policy on the car is important and the amount of insurance

According to the Egyptian law, there are four types of “compulsory” insurance policies, including compulsory insurance policies for cars in Egypt, where car insurance is generally divided into compulsory or compulsory insurance and complementary or optional insurance, depending on the need and desire of the owner And the purchase of compulsory insurance policy on the car is required according to the law and the payment of the value of the traffic departments on each car when the license is issued or renewed and obtained by the insurance companies through their kiosks approved by the traffic departments


Through which the victim can obtain any compensatory value when they suffer any losses as a result of accidents on the roads and was approved for the benefit of pedestrians whose families or their heirs could receive a compensation value of 40 thousand pounds in case the driver caused the death of his car to an individual, 15 thousand pounds when he has a kidney or partial disability


The insurance companies pay when the vehicle data is in the prosecution record. In the case of death registration by an unknown vehicle, the government fund to cover the damages resulting from the accidents of the express transport vehicles inside Egypt is paid and all those who were in the car and injured have the right to compensation

The value of the renewal fees for the car license includes compulsory motor insurance

The value of compulsory insurance for cars varies every year especially with the increase in the price of the dollar and the prices of cars in Egypt. The owner of the 1600cc car pays about 108 pounds of compulsory insurance annually, while the value is higher. Passengers, and for transport vehicles, are charged according to their ton load and are included in the driving license

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