The importance of car insurance now

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The importance of car insurance now

Do you have a new car?

Do you have your car unsafe?

Do you have insurance on your car but do not cover the entire car

In the current era, the danger surrounds us from all over, comes from unexpected places and circumstances, and the sense of threat and loss is not good. Therefore, the step of insurance on your car is very important, protects you, and makes you feel safe and secure from unexpected and irresponsible circumstances.

And when taking this decision in some cases the individual is not familiar with all the details and procedures and conditions and advantages and also consumes time and effort in the search for good offers, including what is not suitable for the physical conditions, including what is suitable physically but not comprehensive to cover certain parts in his car and conditions difficult difficult, The burden of exploitation from some insurance companies and this is due to lack of experience enough to support the decision to ensure his car, which he needs and used to secure a comprehensive and sound, and needs sound advice and safe for a sound and useful in all cases.

This step needs experts and a culture of good and take you The company is a pioneer in the field of car insurance in the State of Kuwait, and the company is a list of its members of the experts of insurance is very high efficiency will find them a good decision in the decision you will find in every step you take Al Ameen Insurance Brokers offers many of the insurance systems for your car that suits your circumstances and your financial situation at very competitive prices in Kuwait. Al-Ameen Company makes its competitor in prices the strength of the price Which is a very distinctive system that includes repair inside the agency without carrying and changing the windscreen within the agency and also an alternative car after 15 days after each accident and also the unknown is covered to 10% of the value of the car and this in addition to the service of assistance to The road is provided 24 hours a day by Al Amin Insurance Brokerage Company in Kuwait

Cheapest Car Insurance

In this era, health insurance has become one of the basic and essential types of insurance, which have an important role in the life of man and society due to the continuous increase in the prices of medicines and medical services. Therefore, there is a strong demand from companies and companies working in this type of insurance to cover employees they and their families in order to lift those companies and bodies on the burden of the expensive treatment costs incurred in the treatment of those who have them

The health insurance policy includes two basic types of insurance coverage:


First: basic insurance coverage includes

  • Insurance coverage inside the hospital



These include hospitalization expenses, surgeons’ fees, doctors and assistants, anesthesia fees, operating room opening, intensive care, dispensing medicines, medical supplies, ambulance).

  • Out-of-hospital insurance coverage.



(Fees for doctors and consultants in outpatient clinics, medical expenses, physiotherapy expenses, medical expenses of all kinds, prescription drugs from outpatient clinics)



Second: Additional insurance coverage includes

  • Dental expenses.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth expenses (natural – cesarean).
  • Legal abortion expenses.
  • Glasses expenses.


Long-term personal accident insurance

Additional coverage on original documents This type of coverage may be a separate and stand-alone document, a contract to which the insurance company is obligated to pay specific amounts in the case of injury to the insured person with physical injury directly resulting from an accident resulting in the death or disability of the insured.


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Accompanying death coverage in an accident in which the amount of insurance in the case of death is doubled in an accident and this is always an additional supplement to the original document.

Performance of the amount of insurance in case of death or total permanent disability if death or disability is achieved immediately after the injury or during a specific period after the date of the accident.

Perform a percentage of the amount of insurance in cases of partial disability.


Performance of daily or weekly compensation during the period in which the accident is transferred between the insured and the performance of his normal work in cases of total temporary disability from work

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Hundreds of years ago, in some countries of ancient civilization, such as Egypt and India, some groups have cooperated to alleviate the need and deprivation of the family when their breadwinner dies by subsidizing family members, but this aid was often insufficient to compensate the family. The idea of insurance of the head of the family at the time of death and the first life insurance policy issued by individuals in London in 1582 on the life of a person in favor of another person in case of death during 12 months

Life insurance is also one of the oldest types of insurance, such as marine insurance, which is considered the oldest type of insurance, since he believed in the life of the ship captain in the same insurance policy on the ship.

In 1693, a sports scientist laid down a table of life. This table was used in 1755 to calculate fixed life insurance premiums based on the age of the insured at the start of insurance. This has resulted in a major development in the life insurance industry.



Insurance in Arab countries was known only in the late 20th century and early 20th century



Insurance of car


No one knows what might happen in the future. Nevertheless, there is a simple fact that a car accident happens every 18 seconds. So that more drivers that are careful find themselves engaged in one.


You cannot predict the future, but you can be prepared with vehicle insurance for vehicles.


In most states, drivers require minimal insurance, lower car coverage. But many drivers choose more than minimum coverage requirements in order to protect themselves to a greater degree


What is auto insurance?

Simply put, auto insurance is a safety net. It is a contract that you have with the insurance company that you agree to pay the premium, and in the event of an accident, the company agreed to pay for the damage that you have covered, as set out in the policy of private car insurance.


The insurance broker offers special offers to its customers through car insurance


Comprehensive gold insurance

Includes in-house repair without the replacement of the front glass inside the agency. An alternative car is 15 seconds for each accident

Non-recourse 24-hour roadside assistance service

Vehicle Insurance: Do you know what the insurance of vehicles and its importance is?

The increase in the number of vehicles in our country, problems on many levels, this increase led to congestion of roads, our roads have not changed in the Arab world, and most cannot be expanded in terms of supply, only the increase in the long area, and the addition of new kilometers, This increase has also led to a significant increase in traffic accidents, which has become a threat to the communities in terms of loss of life and injury, and in terms of material losses resulting from expenses and treatment expenses. In the event of injuries, compensation for death and disability rates, In this article, I will talk about reducing the material losses as much as possible and reducing them, and what are the procedures for doing so, especially that some have It matters to her, saving the thought of accidents that do not afflict him, and he is protected from them, thus no benefit of the procedure and expenses.


The definition of vehicle insurance is a written contract between two parties, the first is called the insured (the insurance company in general) and the second is the insured (the owner of the vehicle), and under this contract the insured is obliged to reparation and compensate the insured for damages sustained by the contractor as covered by the contract, Premiums paid by the Insured as agreed between the parties (annual _ monthly _ semi-annual). The benefits of vehicle insurance: – 1. The sense of protection: The insurance of vehicles offers a sense of protection from loss, the believer and when he is committed to a contract on his vehicle, feels that any damage against others will be covered and protected under this contract, so feel safe and disappear feeling Concerned, he said overall in need of comfort and security. This does not mean negligence and causing unnecessary accidents. There are those who, whether by the police or the insurance companies, will investigate the cause of the accident, and if it turns out that it is fabricated, there is no compensation for the accident.

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Compulsory insurance on cars, one of the types of insurance paid by any individual coming to buy a car and many do not know the importance or even why this amount paid, and the purpose of protection against road accidents is the unknown source and this is the most important information about him.



Compulsory motor insurance is one of the most important insurance policies in Egypt. It was imposed according to the law of 2007 and is paid in the traffic departments on each car when the license is obtained and obtained by the insurance companies through its approved outlets.


The importance of compulsory insurance in the coverage of damage resulting from accidents of unknown roads to others, and spend the fund Accident Accident compensation for those affected by the amount of 40 thousand pounds in case the driver caused death or compensation in case of total or partial disability.


There has recently been an increase in the amount of compensation from the Fund to coincide with the current economic situation and possibly up to 80,000 Egyptian pounds or more


According to the site of Misr Insurance Company, the insurance covers the civil liability resulting from the death or any personal injury caused by any person from the accidents of the car if it occurred in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the obligation of the insurance company, the value of the amount and capacity of forty thousand pounds in cases of permanent death or disability The amount of permanent partial disability compensation in proportion to the percentage of disability and the amount of damage to the property of others up to the maximum of ten thousand pounds, except for the damage of vehicles according to the provisions of Law No. 72 of 2007.


There are specific procedures to be followed by the insured or his representative to obtain compensation, namely to inform the insurance company of the incident caused by the vehicle within seven days from the date of occurrence, and must take all necessary precautions and procedures to avoid further damage.

The victim shall submit to the insurance company all papers and documents related to the accident at the time of delivery thereof, including correspondence, claims, and warnings.


If the Insured breaches any of his obligations, the Insurance Company may refer to the damages suffered as a result thereof, unless the delay is justified. The accident investigation body shall be responsible for inquiring from the competent traffic department about the name of the company insured on the vehicle and the details of the accident.


The insurance company shall cover the civil liability arising from the accidents occurring in the Arab Republic of Egypt for the vehicle whose data are stated in this document for the period of validity without the need to resort to the judiciary in this regard from the following risks:

c-insurance 4

Death or bodily injury to third parties


Physical damage to the property of others


The amount of insurance in case of physical damage 40000 pounds forty thousand pounds


Maximum physical damage 10,000 pounds [ten thousand pounds


The person shall be considered a passenger whether in the car, up to or from the vehicle.


The insurance company shall pay the amount of insurance provided for in the document in cases of death or permanent total disability, or if the death occurs or the disability is realized due to the accident within one year from the date of occurrence.


The maximum liability of the insurance company for physical damage to the property of others as a result of the incident amount of ten thousand pounds.

Optional insurance policy for the civil liability arising from the accidents of rapid transport within the Arab Republic of Egypt


The Company shall comply with the compulsory insurance policy to pay the amount due to the injured person or his heirs under a final court ruling within the limit specified by the client in the document, which exceeds [40000 pounds]


Is a necessary and necessary document to protect motorists from claiming damages to third parties?

The document provides complete coverage for all passengers inside and outside the vehicle.

The document provides full insurance cover for death, disability and partial permanent disability.

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