Test Skoda Fabia 2018, The Triumph of Good Sense


Test Skoda Fabia 2018, The Triumph of Good Sense


The restyling of Skoda Fabia is already on sale and we have tried it in his homeland, the Czech Republic. The renovation of the restrained Czech utilitarian proposes a fresher image but without wanting to be a provocateur. It also updates its engines and brings new features in equipment.


The restyling of the third generation of the Skoda Fabia has reached the American market and we have already been able to drive it to see what and how it has changed. So far, 4,183,500 units have been sold since the launch of its first generation in 1999, proving that it is one of the most successful Skoda models. Notoriety achieved without raising the voice, because the Fabia has always been a car with a very discreet and even anodyne design.


It seems that the designers of the Czech brand would have been inspired by the words of the British writer Charlotte Bronte when she pointed out in her famous novel Jane Eyre: “My reason is solid and will not allow feelings to surrender to their disordered passions. The passions will be able to bellow and the desires to imagine all kinds of vain things, but the good sense will always say the last word on the subject and will emit the decisive vote in all the determinations “.


With these parameters set to fire, the Fabia is extremely sensitive to the point that some might dismiss it as boring. Unlike other models of the segment, the Czech does not offer tires of a crazy size to imply a non-existent sportsmanship, there are no unnecessary details of inspiration SUV following the fashion but that has no use, does not equip a multimedia system with a striking but little effective gesture control. It is a car without excess, without unnecessary additions.


With this restyling, the Fabia 2018 aims to stop going unnoticed by being more dynamic and appealing. In the aesthetic section change front bumper, which integrates the new fog lamps and a new radiator grill in the shape of honeycomb? The calendar has a three-dimensional effect and now both the headlights and the pilots can be LED, a novelty for this model. Behind you can appreciate a bumper redesigned with integrated catadioptric.


There are also six new models of alloy wheels between 15 and 18 inches (previously only up to 17 inches) and 15 colors for the body with the possibility of having the ceiling in contrast tonality in white, black or gray. The wide range of personalization options is focused on a young audience. All these modifications are also transferred to the Fabia Combi family version.


The interior of the Fabia 2018 has also been renovated. New moldings are used, the new Swing Plus multimedia system (intermediate between the already existing Swing and Admunsen), a new interior light for the center console compartment, a slightly altered instrumentation for a fresher design and cozy new seat Invoice that can be dressed with a wide range of upholstery.

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The Skoda utility does not have luxurious finishes and there are excessive hard plastics but it does convey a good feeling of durability. Of course, the Simply Clever details abound with solutions such as support for tablets, the double-sided carpet in the cargo space, the integrated USB ports in the rear armrest or, in the case of the Fabia Combi, the LED flashlight removable from the trunk.


There are no changes in terms of habitability, which remains one of its most outstanding values in this urban car. It is very spacious front and, as usual in this segment B, the rear row of the Fabia is more suitable for two passengers than for three limited by the level of width, although in length and height welcomes adults of 1.80 m Height without problems.


The hatchback is only 4.00 m long but offers a good boot of 330 liters, which can be extended up to 1,150 liters by folding the rear seats in a 60:40 ratio. The Fabia Combi increases its size to 4.26 m, a growth that goes entirely to the cargo space to offer a large boot that goes from 530 liters to 1,395 liters.


The Fabia 2018 range consists of six finishes called Active, Ambition, Like, Color Concept, Monte Carlo and Style, as well as the Business version specifically designed for fleets. The basic Active and Ambition finishes have a series complement too poor so it is worth investing the higher levels.


The two new Like and Color Concept finishes are interesting for those who have a very tight budget but do not want to do without anything fundamental. The Like level is equipped with LED daytime running lights, 15-inch wheels, rear camera, and rear power windows. The Color Concept level also includes several customization options for bodywork, mirrors, roofs, interiors or rims that result in a range of 124 possible color combinations.


The Style finish is the most complete and offers elements such as the Easy Start keyless start system, the adjustable height passenger seat or the front center armrest with storage compartment. It also has front fog lamps, leather multifunction steering wheel, black optical groups, and hill start assistant, among others.


For its part, the Monte Carlo finish is the one that presents a more dynamic image using several specific design elements with an eye on the Fabia R5, the most successful racing car in the history of Skoda. In this version, the utility has a black grille, black sills, black rear deflector, tinted rear windows, black 16-inch wheels, LED rear lights, an identification plate on the B-pillar, door thresholds, steering wheel and specific upholstery, aluminum bracket and decorative inserts in simile carbon fiber.


The mechanical range consists of three gasoline engines of 1.0 liters and three cylinders, both atmospheric indirect injections (MPI) and turbocharged direct injection (TSI). They are the MPI of 75 CV and the TSI of 95 and 110 CV. At the end of the year, the offer will be extended with another version of 60 HP, which a priori will be somewhat scarce.

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All of them have been revised to comply with the strict WLTP consumption protocol and have included a second catalyst and a redesigned engine management system. In addition, the MPI thrusters have modified the oxygen sensor to improve the ratio between fuel and air and the TSI engines now have a gasoline particulate filter.


Regarding the transmission options, the three lower-powered engines use a five-speed manual transmission, while the 110-hp version can have either a six-speed manual

gearbox or a new automatic double-clutch DSG 7-speed transmission. Relations



The 95 HP TSI is the best choice in terms of price, performance, and versatility. The 110 hp costs $ 992 more but it may not be worth the disbursement because the difference at the dynamic level is very low. It does not show a great push but it does move with sufficiency to the Fabia benefited by the low weight of the whole. If you want some brio is necessary to stretch the marches.


Skoda has not made any changes to the steering or cushioning so it’s still as comfortable as ever. The suspension has a comfortable tarado, which is appreciated when going through bumps and bumps and not for that the body shows a large swing.


Being a restyling there has been no change of platform so we will have to wait for the fourth generation of the Fabia, which will arrive in 2020 so that the model adopts the MQB A0 base that the new Ibiza and Polo already enjoy. Anyway, the current model is an easy car to drive, with a noble and predictable behavior. In addition, the soundproofing is very successful and only some aerodynamic noise is perceived at high speed.


It is easy to find a driving position and always have good visibility in all directions, something that appreciates the urban environments that will be its main field of play. In addition, its square exterior shapes allow better control of the ends of the car in parking maneuvers or moving through narrow streets.


Although this third generation already had in its possession the five stars in the Euro NCAP tests, the Skoda update has also served to increase the safety equipment. The 2018 Fabia releases elements such as the Dead Angle Assistant, the Rear Traffic Alert or the assistant short and long lights.


The new Skoda Fabia 2018 is already on sale at dealerships for a price starting at $ 17,342. A very contained cost that supposes a magnificent relation price/product, characteristic that is the seal of an identity of all the range of Skoda. Although the performance is far from exciting both in its image and in its driving it is still one of the most reasonable options of the B segment and the increase in equipment and personalization options will capture the interest of those pragmatists in whom good sense says the last word

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