Test Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, The Sweet Crisis of The 50

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Test Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, The Sweet Crisis of The 50


At 18 you desire to get your license to drive anything, at 30 you pose something sportier, at 40 the first cravings appear to have a Cabrio, but at 50 what you want is to have it all, and the Mercedes Clase E Cabrio meets a lot.


In this life, everything reaches its time. The process is unalterable, and at every moment of our life, we ask for something different from the previous one. Something similar happens with cars. Once the maturity arrives the requirements begin to be others such as comfort, quality or refinement. All these attributes are present in today’s test car, the Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet. The ideal vehicle to celebrate from 50 onwards


And is that over the years our body asks us something different, we went from the bicycle to the Vespino, from the Vespino to our first car, which is asked for a spoiler, which makes a lot of noise, a good stereo and little else. From that symbol of freedom we passed to the first family car, and from then on we reach the crisis of the 40s and 50s. In the first of them, we started looking at the sporting rafters with special eyes, while in the following decade we need another type of tastes and demands.


It is curious that in all this process we are refining our tastes about what a car should be like. Obviously, although I have not mentioned it, we want our car, regardless of the time we are in, to like it, to get our attention. The design is the main factor of purchase and if in the tenderest adolescence we seek to be pimps, years later we look for elegance. Elegance like the one that Mercedes exhibits in the E Cabrio

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For a few years, the brand of the star has come up with a design philosophy that everyone liked. A design that will withstand the passage of time and that in a way remind us of those models of the late 90’s that are still pretty today. It must also be said that more recently Mercedes has changed that line and that concept of design for something more daring and risky. We have seen it in newer products such as the Mercedes CLS or the new Mercedes Class A 2018, which we have already put to the test.


Personally, I like the design of the Mercedes E-Class Cabrio, I like it for its balance and for its touches of class and refinement. There is nothing in the whole car that attracts attention, it is the whole that does it and I like that. Striking at the same time that discreet and elegant, all this enhanced by a palette of colors something short but in which we find tones like the blue cavansite or a spectacular Rubellite red. After all, at that point in life, the orange and the bright colors have already passed to a better life.


If you cut is the color palette for the body more is that of the fabrics of the hood. Mercedes only gives us the possibility to choose one of the four possible shades: black, blue, brown and red. Of course, we let each combination put it as we want, to our liking. The same goes for the body packages; we can choose a sober Avantgarde or a sportier AMG package that will be ideal for those who have not forgotten their time.

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Of doors for inside and the thing is not so sporty, or at least we are not allowed to configure something sporty, since in this area what has been sought is to have a lot of quality. The word is class because that innate quality that is supposed to Mercedes is not so clear since in some parts materials are used that have little to do with the nobility. Among them, the hateful Piano Black stands out, of which I will continue complaining until the last day of my life because it is terrible because of how much it gets dirty and how much it is scratched.


A year ago I had the opportunity to try the Mercedes E-Class for the first time, and at that time I said that the Germans seemed to have paid more attention to technology than to quality. To this day I reaffirm myself in these words, but I also recognize that the processes have improved. However, no one can deny that the main focus of attention when developing the new E has been technology. The display that he presented at the time of its launch has provoked a war between premium brands; Audi-BMW-Mercedes.

If you want to know down to the last detail of what the E-Class has inside, I challenge you to enter your configuration and take a look. The list is practically endless, and talking about everything would cause this reading to be longer than Don Quixote. So I’m going to highlight those that in my humble opinion is the most interesting.


The first one is the driver assistance package. Its price is just over 3,016 dollars and incorporates a high number of attendees, such as the traffic signal reader, speed control, the jam aide, the obstacle detection camera, the active lane change assistant , the lane maintenance assistant, the blind spot indicator, and the adaptive and intelligent cruise control that actually is not as much as they say.


Another recommendation is the LED Multibeam headlights, I do not think it is necessary to explain why, but they simply increase the visibility, and with it the security, once it is done at night. The last package to select is the so-called technological package, 3, 30 dollars extra. With it, we will have a Mercedes of the last generation with a large number of screens. Add a HUD, two large digital screens, the COMAND Online system and ambient lighting with 64 colors. The latter is mandatory, so no; you can not get rid of it.


The rest of the options are present to increase comfort on board, so we can find heated front seats with massage, Burmester sound equipment, and some other trinkets that are not really going to change the behavior of the car, except for the pneumatic suspension, named by Mercedes Air Body Control. I will talk about it in the dynamic part but advance that you can already book 2,016 dollars to add to the final purchase invoice.


Those who want a Class E Convertible over other options such as the BMW 6 Series Convertible, is because it seeks above all comfort. The comfort concept has been associated with Mercedes since ancient times and today the manufacturer is still betting on it in its larger models. The four passengers that fit inside this car will travel in the most comfortable way imaginable. The seats are perfect for long trips, and only if we go with the hood removed the air will weigh the quality of the trip.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse Coupé ( C 238 ), 2016

Not even the front passengers will have to suffer from the excess of air at the time of circulating with the hood removed. The bezel locks very well on the front seats preventing the aerodynamic flow bother, and can be conversations at a really low tone. Of course, the rear occupants “swallow” all that air but not that it is something especially annoying as long as we do not drive at high speeds. Recommendation: always wear a pair of beanies in the glove compartment…


The reality is that that comfort is not compromised with anything. Nothing in the E Class Cabrio 220 d incites you to excesses. The idea is to get from point A to point B with a lot of class and elegance and without a hint of haste, and that despite having a short mechanical range that will never be below the 194 horses of the unit tested, with a maximum of 299 if we choose the only version of gasoline, the E 350. All versions have 9G-Tronic automatic change and only the diesel variant is capable of mounting a 4MATIC all-wheel drive, something I do not see at all necessary.


Test Mercedes E Class 220 d Cabrio


I have already said that from a certain age it is not necessary to run; at least you do not want to run. And in the Class E 220 d Cabrio nothing prompts you to do so. Given the significant emission restrictions planned by the European Union, manufacturers are increasingly committed to complying with them. The problem with all this is that there is only one way to get it, and it is “capping” the engines, limiting their response quite considerably. For this reason, the 194 horses of today do not yield the same as the 194 horses of a few years ago.


Since I first got into the E-Class controls, I saw that the faster I got the better the car behaved. The four-cylinder, two-liter turbocharged engine is developed with the main purpose of being a saver and complying with current and future regulations. Despite having correct performance data; from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds and a top speed of 237 kilometers per hour, these do not seem to move from paper to reality.


The aforementioned power does not seem so, and to say it somehow the car takes it quite calmly when accelerating. The eye that with this I do not mean that it does not have power, that it has more than enough, but it does not seem that there are so many horses that hide under the hood. Despite having several driving modes: Eco, Normal, Comfort, Sport, + and Individual, only from the most sporting mode of all begins to notice certain verve in the response of the engine and change. In the rest of them, the behavior varies between extrapolating and soft, being the Eco mode the most desperate of all for the response that it offers.


At the time this was classified as something negative, however now does not seem to bother me so much because once you discover the hood it does not matter if the car takes 7.7 or 8.5 seconds to accelerate. You do not want to run; on the contrary, you want the trip to last a long time in order to enjoy a pleasant spring day, an invigorating breeze and a feeling of absolute comfort. If you want to run this is not your car.

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