Test DS7 Crossback, The Quintessence of the French SUV

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Test DS7 Crossback, The Quintessence of the French SUV


The French design and quality meet under the same body, the DS 7 Crossback. The first SUV designed by and for the reborn brand based on the design it’s main purchase argument although that may be its main disadvantage.


The French design and quality meet under the same body, the DS 7 Crossback. The first SUV designed by and for the reborn brand based on the design it’s main purchase argument although that may be its main disadvantage.


When we say that the French have a unique style to develop cars, you just have to look at their automobile history to realize it. The first time we saw the acronym DS was in the year 1955 when they were associated with 19, or more popularly known as Shark. You have to put yourself in the situation of those years to realize the breakthrough of the design of the DS 19. So much so that on the first day in his exhibition at the Paris Salon he accumulated more than 12,000 orders

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That imprint stayed forever in the DNA of DS, and today design continues to be the first thing for them. The DS 7 Crossback is a vivid image of it, and it is clear that he does not want to leave anyone indifferent, and he succeeds thanks to a presence that attracts attention. Throughout the car combine the elements that blend the typical style of an SUV with other more elegant away from that atmosphere jacket.


On the front there is a large number of elements, such as the huge grille finished in a lacquered black that provides an extra brightness, the large chrome blocks, and the optics, both the main ones and the daytime lights, which not only serve to illuminate the road but also bring that touch of refinement. Everything is highlighted and topped by this successful yellowish copper color that DS called Gold Byzantine.


The side has also been very worked, although it is the least creative area. It has typical features of all crossovers such as the use of black plastics in wheel arches and heel pockets. This is also where one notices the dimensions of a car that belongs to the D-SUV segment, 4.57 meters long by 1.9 wide. The nose is very high, like the body line that marks the waist of the car. All this serves to generate that sense of packing and robustness.


The back again abuses elements of generous dimensions, such as the bumper, something excessive, and the boot lid. Once again the chromed touches, like the mask that unites optics mark, the refined style where it is possible to highlight some headlights that are impressive both day and night. By the way, the French, so much that they boast of design, have copied the Germans at the time of getting rid of the exhaust pipes. Those that you see do not lead anywhere.


Surely you all have ever heard that of French luxury. French manufacturers always claim to be premium and although many may not be crossed out as such, the question is that DS is, or at least pretends. From doors to inside the environment that is perceived is of quality, and only with the smell, you notice it. Special attention has been paid to the materials used; these being of good taste and with a better touch than we see in many other models. Soft surfaces are combined with skins and leathers of the highest quality, such as that of the test unit that brought Opera inspiration, the highest of its range, whose price is above 2,320 dollars.

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As I say everything is perfectly made, with very good settings that end up transmitting that feeling of quality. However, I think designers have gone very far with prioritizing the way they have left aside the issue of ergonomics. In honor of the truth is something typical of DS, it always has to give that discordant touch, like the rear windows, or rather the absence of them, the DS 4.


In this case, we are not facing something like this, but we can see that not much attention has been paid to being ordered when placing the buttons. An example, the windows, they are in the central tunnel, something atypical and that causes me a lot of confusion because my natural tendency is to reach for the door. However, I do not think that this is the worst, because it simply takes time to get used to it and that’s it.


For me, the worst are the buttons that are hidden behind the wheel. They hide without wanting to hide them, but the result is that. Since they are placed behind the wheel, these are practically invisible to the driver that of not knowing the placement of each one will force to deviate the look with the known danger that it supposes at the time of circulating. A similar case is the control of the cruise control that is once again practically hidden behind one of the spokes of the steering wheel. A danger that is already common in almost all French brands.


Where I can not put any stick is in the technology and equipment section. You can not say anything else that comes with everything you need and much more. It should be noted a number of elements, such as a large number of driving assistants including a semi-autonomous driving system, called Connected Pilot, adaptive cruise control, 360 ° camera, charging by induction, and as well as the attention signal to driving that alerts us when we are not sufficiently focused on driving. In fact, the equipment is so wide that only one HUD is missing, places to ask


As a good car of its time, the presence of screens is prominent. In the central console, it is possible to emphasize the presence of one whose size oscillates between 8 and 12 inches. Its handling is tactile, and through it, we can manage the entire car, from navigation, connectivity equipment, and air conditioning. Since there is no proper module to adjust the temperature, it must be done by clicking on the screen. On the one hand is something negative, since it forces us to look at the panel instead of the road, and on the other, we must recognize that since it is always visible, the performance is much faster than in other models that copy this format.


But in the absence of a screen, what better to put two. The other is found in what was formerly the instrument panel. The presentation is very similar to what we see in other models of the PSA house, especially in Peugeot, although in this case the design of the graphics has been changed to look different. The amount of information that can show is incredible and its quality does not present any complaint, although it is not up to the standards of other models such as BMW or Audi.

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Given the premium category that is sought, what is sought is to offer maximum comfort possible in each trip. Carefully designed front seats are in charge of this. Its design is the first thing that catches your attention, but it is your comfort that has just conquered you. They do not attach especially to the body, but the truth is that they are ideal for long trips. They are also heated, ventilated and have five different messages.


Obviously, the two front seats will be those that enjoy more space, but the truth is that behind is not going bad either. With the driver’s seat configured for a height of 1.75, the space left for the legs of the rear occupants is more than enough, as for the head. The ideal capacity is for four passengers, but a fifth will not be at all uncomfortable since, as 4×4 versions are not considered, the ground is completely flat.


Although its size can coast catalog, DS 7 Crossback, it may well be the largest of the C-SUV as the smallest of the D-SUV. The issue is that it offers a good volume of boot that has two heights. The minimum volume is 555 liters, and the maximum of 1,752 is achieved by folding the second row of seats in a 60:40 ratio maneuver that can be done both from the boot and from the seat itself,


Test DS 7 Crossback BlueHDI 180 HP

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Going into the field of mechanics and dynamics, say that the range of the DS 7 Crossback is not especially wide. The offer consists of two gasoline blocks and another diesel. The powers oscillate between 130 and 225 horses with gearboxes that are mostly automatic eight relations. In our case we have been able to test the variant that a priori seems to us as more favorable both for performance and consumption; the BlueHDi 180 hp with eight relations EAT box.


Having said that, we must be very clear about the general approach of the DS 7 Crossback, that approach is none other than offering the maximum possible comfort in each displacement, This means that it is a car configured to be especially soft reactions. On the one hand, we have a suspension, which is associated with the Active Scan Suspension system. Through the camera, located behind the interior mirror, it scans the condition of the asphalt to preconfigure the suspension before reaching a pothole or an obstacle, so that the occupants notice it as little as possible.


The question and the truth are that it shows, although of course the whole system is associated with a suspension with a clear road character, very soft and clearly comfortable. Sincerely is that in this aspect you can not put any hits, as long as we do not leave the comfort zone of the car, where clearly the DS 7 does not feel especially comfortable. Neither chassis nor suspension is designed to work in a cheerful driving.

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