Test Audi RS 5 Coupé, angel or demon

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Test Audi RS 5 Coupé, angel or demon


The Audi RS is the maximum exponent of each model. They are acronyms that inspire sportsmanship and if we join them to a coupe concept the effect is magnified. The Audi RS 5 Coupe has the face of a good child, but do not be fooled, when you want to behave like a hooligan.


The Audi, unlike BMW, have always been considered as good children. Simpler cars in their handling and whose features were easier to control, Today Audi has managed to remove part of that mask of good-natured thanks to models such as those that make up the RS range. They represent the most extreme lineage of the brand, and in its portfolio, we find the model that today occupies our test, the Audi RS 5 Coupe.


Although today sportsmanship is expressed in different sizes and concepts, in the purest and strictest sense of the word are the coupes that best represent it. The line of these is difficult to match, whether compact, saloon or SUV, which lately is associated, wrongly, with this concept. They are the most beautiful, pure and sporty sports cars, although depending on the time we could also say the same for the Cabrio.


The aesthetic factor is fundamental when it comes to creating a presentational coupe. It’s not something that affects performance, but the image says a lot about a car. While some look for the most inhospitable corners to put some spoiler or a briefcase or any other plastic element that add to the design, Audi has decided to do it discreetly. He has taken the base of the Audi A5 and has added details, counted, and ready.


Personally, I like the style, although I do not know if I prefer it to other rivals who abuse more of that hooligan and rough point, as is the case of the BMW M4. Those from Ingolstadt have looked for another way of doing things, it does not mean that it is better or worse, because after all design is a matter of taste. I think that in this case, it has been possible to place the RS 5 in a medium term, something more discreet than its more direct rivals.


Obviously, we see elements changed with respect to a normal A5, such as the front and rear bumpers, the sills, the rear spoiler, the double exhaust and the rims of a particular design. But beyond that, not many new details are noticed. Of course, the material with which they are made some of those own pieces changes, maybe in some cases carbon fiber. A detail that I repeat does not add performance but gives that touch.


The truth is that there is a lot to play with when setting up the Audi RS 5 Coupe. Audi allows you to play with a multitude of options so you can make a car to suit you. The color palette is very extensive, even if your painting is not among the list you can request the one you want from the factory, the Exclusive division will be responsible for creating and applying it. But be careful what you want because your ego may spread checks that your wallet cannot pay.


We are talking about a premium brand and that is noticeable in trifles like the price. Let me deviate a bit from the road, but I want to make it clear that the main problem with this car is the price. Its base cost is almost 117,000 dollars. That’s a lot of dollars, not just for this car, almost for anyone. And that’s just the starting price, because as you leave the hand adding trinkets the budget may have no end.

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Well, following where I was going. The RS 5 shows a good sporty appearance on the outside, but not so much on the inside. I had the chance to try several units of the A5 and the truth is that in all of them I felt “practically the same”. It is clear that the RS unit adds its own elements, but these do not transfer you to a purely racing atmosphere. At the end of the day, everything resides in the details, which, as with the exterior, are made up of more sporting materials, such as carbon fiber once more.


That does not mean it is a good place to be. If there is something to recognize Audi is the quality of its interiors, superior to the average of great execution. The RS 5 has all the equipment you need and imagine. Audi has a motto; “at the forefront of technology” and that is evident in all those gadgets that flood the cabin, such as the digital instrument panel, the Head-Up Display or the most advanced infotainment equipment.


The truth is that no case these elements affect performance, rather the contrary, because they add a valuable weight. However, they make life on board more comfortable and simpler. That allows the RS 5 Coupe to get its good side, its GT character. The RS 5 has that point of great tourism that allows you to travel great distances without excessive inconvenience. It is not a sports car of the old days in which everything was hard, rough and heavy. In this case, we are facing a reasonably comfortable car, well insulated and even with front seats that can give you gentle massages.


The only ones who will have something to say against the long routes will be the occupants of the second row of seats. As it happens in all the models of similar dimensions and the same shortage of rear doors, the later travelers will hardly have space to sit down or even to move. Just to access these places is somewhat tedious, so if we think about using them, it is better for children. Although now we are in luck since Audi has decided to launch the Sports back version.


But who buys a sports car for its livability and interior? Surely the minority, what matters here is performance, and for that, we have to talk about mechanics. The RS 5 Coupe employs a turbocharged V6 engine manufactured entirely in aluminum with 2.9 liters of displacement that develops a maximum of 450 horses and 600 Nm of torque available in a very wide range of revolutions, from 1,900 to 5,000 laps. A jewel of impressive value that is associated with a Tiptronic automatic change of type converter of the pair with eight relations and to the well-known Quattro traction.


On paper, the performance figures are similar to those of big sports. From 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds, and peak speed limited to 250 km / h. obviously, there is a problem, consumption. Official data announce an average expenditure of 8.9 liters per 100 kilometers, and in a real world, consumption is between that figure and infinity because it depends largely on who drives, how to drive and where to drive. So, in this case, the consumption figures hardly matter.

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Test Audi RS 5 Coupe


The RS 5 Coupe is entered, by performance, into swampy terrain where the Porsche 911 is the undisputed leader. However, and being entirely fair, it is not the main rival of the Audi, because that’s what the BMW M4, the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe and the Lexus RC F are. As I said above, Audi is looking for an approach that well it is not extreme in the aesthetic or housing; yes it results in the presentational.


Long ago I had the chance to try one of those cars that leave an excellent taste in your mouth, the Audi S5 Coupe. During that test, I remembered many times the 911. A tremendously balanced car with 354 horses makes you do not need more. However, Audi thinks that it can give more, and for that reason, we have in our hands a RS 5 that is able to take those sensations and take them to a new limit.

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I will obviate the fact that this car, like any other Audi, has been designed to be functional and versatile. This means that the RS 5 is not a car that is clumsy. Its driving is very simple either in a traffic jam or at high speeds. In fact, it is a car that you can pose for the day, except for consumption, there is nothing that is especially annoying or that provokes rejection. During the week of testing, I have tried it in all kinds of situations and I have not felt uncomfortable at any time.


But it is clear that this car is not designed to suck the typical morning traffic jam. This car asks for open road shouting. For the same reason, I’m also going to jump at one stroke the different types of driving that it presents: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual. I think it’s clear enough what role each one plays, so I’m going to go directly to the sporty mode, the Dynamic, which should always be on.


With it on, the car becomes what it really is, demonstrating how radical it can be. It must be said that Audi has used the same chassis that has a conventional A5, so there are no changes of any kind except a new stabilizer bar. It is a platform that makes you very clear that it can withstand extreme rhythm. He does not care how fast or followed the changes of direction; he faces them with complete ease, without disheveled.


The RS 5 Coupe is like all powerful Audi, it goes through the site. That is the true bulwark of this car, which can be driven by anyone. You quickly get to him generating a very pleasant sense of control and security. To put it another way, it’s not a car that wants to kill you on every turn. And that has a lot of good, but also something bad since it reduces emotion. In a way, those who seek this type of behavior also seek to explore their limits as a driver, and the RS 5 Coupe has the limit so high that it leaves you behind.

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