Supplemental car insurance

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Supplemental car insurance

First: – Types of insurance contracts for supplementary cars

Insurance policy on a private car

Insurance policy on a commercial vehicle

Commercial license insurance metal plates

Insurance policy on a private car

Issued for the royal car used for domestic and social purposes and for the amusement and in the work of the insured


Except that

the use of the race, the measurement or test of speed or the experience of the force of probability

Use during towing of a trailer unless it is equipped and licensed for that purpose


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Insurance policy on a commercial vehicle

It is issued for cars used for commercial purposes such as transport vehicles, taxis, buses, and rental cars, as well as cars with special types such as tractors, ambulances, fire extinguishers and others


Insurance policy on motorcycle

Whether those are private or commercial, motorcycles (compounded with a refrigerator


Commercial license insurance (metal plates)

Provided that the metal plates are installed on vehicles owned by the insured for those engaged in the manufacture, trade, import or repair of vehicles

It is also required that the car should not have already been removed from the administrative boards of traffic

    Coverage shall apply in the following cases:


Transfer from the place of arrival or factory to the commercial premises

Experience the car after its arrival

Experience the car in front of the buyer

Go to the traffic section of the license

Go to the repair place

 Types of insurance coverage

(Types of auto insurance)

Type I: Physical civil liability towards the property of others


Type II: Fire and theft only


Type III: Fire, theft and civil liability


Type IV: Comprehensive coverage (comprehensive insurance)



Type I: Physical civil liability towards the property of others

It covers the material losses to third parties’ property only if the insured is proven wrong about the accident


The annual installment in case of increasing the civil liability limit:

one per thousand of the amount of coverage required for more than 10,000 pounds (ten thousand pounds Annual installment in case of a request for coverage by a separate document

In the case of requesting third party civil liability coverage only with a separate document specifying the premium rate

In proportion to the amount of coverage required as a whole



Type II: Fire and theft only:

(The car must be raised in a special or public garage)

This coverage applies to vehicles that are idle, are parked in the garage, and cover damage to the car because of fire or theft




Type III: Fire, theft and civil liability

This coverage works to compensate third parties for the losses incurred on their property when the insured is the wrong person. This is confirmed in the police investigations, in addition to the damage to the insured car if it is the result of a fire accident or theft, whether theft or partial theft.

Otherwise, any damage to the car will not be covered



Type IV: Comprehensive coverage (comprehensive insurance)

It is not permissible to insure against fire alone or theft alone or damage caused by road accidents alone

As can be seen from the label, such coverage is comprehensive, including damage and damage to the car because of fire or theft, incomplete or in part, as well as material losses to the property of others

When the liability of the insured for the accident is determined in addition to the damages resulting from road accidents as well as intentional damages from others, the insured is compensated for



Additional benefits

Some additional coverage can be added to the previous coverage in the case of the client’s request is:


Extend the car insurance beyond the limits of c. M. P

It is known that the insurance policy is limited to the geographical area and that accidents outside the GEM are not covered

Nevertheless, insurance coverage can be extended beyond the borders of the Republic in case the customer so requests

Under an annex to the original document and at an additional charge at a certain percentage of the annual premium

According to the required period and this percentage ranges between 12.5% to 100% of the annual installment

The coverage is required outside the following limits:


The original document must be issued for at least one year

The age of the vehicle shall not exceed five years

In the event of an accident that results in a total loss of the vehicle, the subject of the insurance shall be deducted from the amount of the estimated debris estimated by the experts from the value of the compensation due and the rest shall be paid

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The Insured shall bear part of the Compulsory Compensation commensurate with the amount of the Car Insurance other than any optional or compulsory option



Coverage of the risk of strikes, public disturbances, riots, intimidation, and subsequent sabotage

In contrast to the exceptions stated in the document and its terms, coverage may be extended in the original supplemental insurance policy to cover these risks, if the customer so requests, in consideration of an additional premium and under an extension provided that the extension does not exceed the end of the original document


Coverage of the risk of natural phenomena

This risk is excluded from coverage but may be covered at the request of the customer under an annex issued

 Coverage and for an additional premium


Covered by the threat of political violence

The acceptance of such coverage requires that the customer has complementary insurance for the company


Cover the risks of personal accidents of passengers

The civil liability for death or bodily injury to the insured, his family members, the occupants of the insured vehicle or the driver paid for an accident to the insured car may be covered. The compensation shall be according to the degree of physical injury and an additional premium, provided that the number of persons insured is the same as the number of car seats Otherwise, the names of the people to be locked will be selected

Important note

The insurance value of the car

Is the amount of insurance of the car, ie the value of the car was insured and this value must be compatible with the real market value of the car at the time of insurance in order to avoid the application of the condition of relative compensation, which states that in the case of partial damage is paid the amount of compensation owed by the amount of insurance market value That the compensation to be paid shall be in accordance with the following formula

Loss = insurance amount/market value of the vehicle


Importance of car insurance

Car insurance protects you from personal liability you must be in an accident. Apart from legal requirements, this is the main reason for the importance of auto insurance that you want auto insurance. If you are in an accident and you are wrong you can be personally responsible for the costs of medical bills if someone is injured and grand cash prizes if someone is killed. These costs can all but ruin most families



It can mean selling your home, selling your stocks and bonds, or selling other assets in order to pay for the costs. It can also mean years of future payments in case you cannot afford to pay them all at once, which most people cannot do. Depending on the number of rewards, you could spend the rest of your normal life repaid.

Nevertheless, what about you? What if you hit by someone you do not have insurance? If you do not have insurance either, chances are good you will face with your medical payments. You can, of course, sue someone else but what if they are destitute and cannot pay? The importance of auto insurance and your auto insurance usually helps with those payments. So why is it important?

Perhaps it is already very clear to see why the importance of auto insurance and having auto insurance is very important. If not, then look at it this way:



  • You protect your cars, one of the biggest investments you make in your life


  • You are able to pay medical bills in the event of an accident


  • You do not have to feel the bulk of a lawsuit related to the accident


  • Protects assets that you have worked hard for those who are lost due to a lawsuit


  • Protects you from these drivers may not have their own insurance


  • Not only pays weather-related accidents and incidents, but also pays for sabotage and theft


  • You know you are protected every time you press the road



However, the importance of auto insurance this brings another point. It is very important that you review your insurance policy and make sure you understand all that because each policy is different. Depending on the financial situation of the person, they may choose a certain type of coverage on another for a variety of reasons. This can be because they want to lower their premium costs because they simply cannot afford to cover up or for some other reason that they find they do not need extensive coverage. These things should be considered carefully because you do not know when one accident may be an event that leads to the loss of many of your assets in order to satisfy the cost of settling a lawsuit.

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No one knows what might happen in the future. However, there is a simple fact that a car accident happens every 18 seconds. So that more drivers that are careful find themselves engaged in one


You cannot predict the future, but you can be prepared with vehicle insurance for vehicles


In most states, drivers require minimal insurance, lower car coverage. Nevertheless, many drivers choose more than minimum coverage requirements in order to protect themselves to a greater degree


What is auto insurance?

Simply put, auto insurance is a safety net. It is a contract that you have with the insurance company that you agree to pay the premium, and in the event of an accident, the company agreed to pay for the damage that you have covered, as set out in the policy of private car insurance


The insurance broker offers special offers to its customers through car insurance


Comprehensive gold insurance

Includes in-house repair without the replacement of the front glass inside the agency. An alternative car is 15 seconds for each accident

Non-recourse 24-hour roadside assistance service


c-insurance 3

 We have a post-insurance service

We are in a time of rapid pace and its daily developments faster than our absorption at times, and in some situations we discover our ignorance of the events that are happening around us, which leads us to losses in some cases are significant losses God Almighty, and to avoid the occurrence of such things we must be careful to follow everything new And better and faster to get the desired result with the highest efficiency possible


An example of this is insurance at present, and the importance of insurance now is the extent to which we are surrounded by events that may cause you some damage either on your property, buildings, your car, or on your life, and the life of those who love you. In addition, its potential in all areas of life and all domains of work and therefore it is one of the necessities of the present time and is becoming more important as time progresses


All of us have heard about what insurance in general but many of us do not know what details should be known and very important to take such steps, and in the next few lines we will address a simple explanation of insurance and types may be useful for some of those coming on that important step or draws attention from Think about it and have what is important and needs to ensure it and keep it from any circumstances treacherous and volatile and avoid the concern and insecurity


 Definition of insurance

Insurance is a process through which the party seeking insurance to seek the company responsible for providing the insurance service, which in turn collects and inventory information related to the risks and calculate their ratios, and set the value of material compensation for this risk when it occurs to the first party in exchange for the party wishing Insurance coverage by paying a series of premiums agreed upon and their value through the legal contract between the parties under the laws governing these contracts.

The existence of complete risk management systems, both at the individual level of taking individuals to safety precautions in their lives. Or at the enterprise level through their risk management departments


The role of insurance is post-risk, not prevention. Accordingly, the risk is assessed and divided into categories according to the probability of occurrence, and thus designing multiple plans and alternatives to avoid or to deal with them safely or to reduce their losses to the lowest levels available


There are definitions and basic principles that you should know when you turn to the insurance step for your property

Insurance contract: A contract in which the insurance company is obliged to lead to the insured who held the insurance in his favor an amount of money (ie financial compensation) in the event of a loss in respect of installments performed by the insured to the insurance company

The amount of insurance:

This is an amount that the insurance company undertakes under the insurance contract to pay to the insured or to the beneficiary that the insurance amount means when the insured accident or accident occurs in return for the premiums paid by the insured

Insurance premium: This is the premium that the insured pays for the continuation of the insurance contract and the insurance company’s continued commitment to pay compensation when the insured risk is realized

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