Subaru XV Test: Little Offer But Better Product

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Subaru XV Test: Little Offer But Better Product


We put to the test the new Subaru XV with the motorization of 2.0 liters and 156 HP. This new generation is characterized by being more technological although there is little to choose from. Only two thrusters (gasoline) and all associated with the Lineatronic and AWD traction change.


The Subaru XV is one of the SUVs of the C segment that is not as popular as other Asian proposals but that nevertheless probably fulfill with greater success, the SUV purpose. The previous generation already pointed out ways because if there is something that Subaru knows how to defend tremendously well is in the traction systems. Something has to do with learning the racing cars they make; pure machines and object of worship among motor enthusiasts.

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It is special in mechanics too. There are not many brands that bet on the boxer engine, except Porsche and some BMW motorcycles; a very residual context compared to the whole automobile sector. It is a mechanic that is reliable as well as balanced and Subaru has served to study the location of the propeller under the hood. It is in a low and delayed position which results in improved weight distribution and center of gravity and an extra in safety thanks to the linearity of all the elements. This means that in the event of a frontal collision, the mechanics descend below the vehicle and the occupants. Extra point


As we have told you in the Subaru Impreza test, the brand has decided to use a common modular platform and therefore, both the compact and the new SUV are quite similar in terms of aesthetics. To tell the truth, getting off one and riding on the other has a little special. Only the driving position and minimum details are what differentiate both models.


The Subaru XV has two mechanics available. A 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 114 hp and a 2.0 engine, gasoline also, which develops 156 hp, Both are necessarily associated with the inverter gearbox that is internally called Lineatronic.


For the new generation of the Subaru XV, there is no longer a diesel mechanic available, but the previous model with a diesel option and manual transmission continues to be promoted through the official website. It also has an attractive price that starts at $25,259 dollars, subject to a series of conditions. The new generation part of $25,404 dollars with the 114 hp engine and the basic finish and reaches up to $23,712 dollars with the 2.0 engine and the most attractive finish, called Executive Plus.


It is important, however, to know that these prices are promotional and that currently enjoy 1,700 euros discount for all finishes and engines except for the entry whose discount is 1,400 euros. Additionally, in the small engine, LPG can be installed for $1,972 dollars more.


For the XV of 2018, there are three finishes in the starting engine and two in the 156 HP engine. As our test vehicle was the high motorization is where I’m going to focus. The price difference between the two finishes for this engine is $2,330 dollars and make the jump brings sunroof, beam assistant, leather seats, the electric seat in 8 positions, smart access key, start button and detection of rear vehicle and blind angle. Here is a matter of taste but with the initial finish (the test, called Sports Plus), the car is more than well equipped.

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Yes, I would recommend it, without a doubt, if the system that brings together the whole security package (EyeSight) was optional, but in this case, it is not and it is excellent news since Subaru has done a good job including a first level technological load serial.


With respect to the previous generation, it is four centimeters higher, two more wide and one longer. In context, nothing at all, but visually it shows by its new and muscular image, motivated by the design exercise and the common platform. The front is now very attractive with sporty, horizontal and descending shapes pointing directly to the front with a character that recalls the sports of the brand. For measurements, the Subaru XV is currently 4.46 meters long, 1.80 wide and 1.61 meters high.


It Costs Between $25,404 Dollars and $32,712 Dollars and There Is No Diesel In This Generation. Currently Enjoys Promotions


On the side, the accent line is also descending with more stylized shapes and 18-inch wheels (17 for the 1.6 engine), newly designed and double tonality Here there are no options. The long suspension travel lets you see some generous wheel arches, very appropriate for an SUV that aims to be used by light tracks and even something more daring.


In the rear, very attractive but the mouth of load takes us into a hollow trunk of 385 liters. Nothing of the other world, although we can fold the seats in proportion 60/40 To improve, a 40/20/40 cast would make a fable because when traveling four passengers with many packages, the two occupants behind should travel side by side if we need to hold a seat to maximize capacity.


Where there are new and quite daring options, it is in the color palette with a chromatic range with three very bright colors and the rest more discreet, some of them with a small additional cost. The one in our unit is certainly discreet though nice and the interior has orange stitching. Contrast to perfection but the detail of the seam is reserved for high motorization.

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Inside, the improvements are clear. We miss a start button, so typical of the brand, the times and the technological load of the Subaru XV, which is wide with two display screens and an 8-inch center for multimedia tasks. Subaru has decided not to include a home browser or option, which seems logical because to offer something not very good, better to use the mobile and its possibilities. It sounds incongruous; maybe too modern, maybe it’s a step back. Here there will be detractors…


However, the quality of materials, which are similar to those we have already told you in the Subaru Impreza, have undoubtedly improved compared to the previous generation. Yes, there are links to the previous generation spread by the car, such as the instrument panel, which is certainly similar. Nor should we forget the display that presides over the central screen, with onboard computer information, so typical and classic of the brand that it does not spare, although the information it provides could be destined to the other two screens, which are more enough to take care of this task.

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The steering wheel contains a lot of buttons. Among other things, because it has to manage part of the systems that have been incorporated into the Eyesight, such as adaptive cruise control, Nothing very far from what is styled today although the trend will be to simplify the interiors.



The seats are not made of leather since it is not the top finish and the adjustment is manual. Despite having a mixture of materials, the ergonomics of the seat does not change in the highest finish. It has good grip for rocking in curves, although the rigidity of the new platform is completely different. In fact, one of the strengths of the Subaru is precisely its driving dynamics. A note for the generous rear seats: there is no air conditioning outlet in the central part which penalizes the experience in the second row of seats and that seems almost essential in a car of this size.


The central tunnel is elevated due to the integral traction, but it is a minor handicap compared to the good performance of the 4X4 which is positioned as one of the best in the SUV category of the segment. In fact, it has some virtues very oriented to the SUV with 22 centimeters of free height to the ground.


On Going


The first thing that surprises releasing the keys of the Subaru Impreza and taking the Subaru XV, is that it is almost traced in all the aesthetic aspects. Four details here and there, but in summary, it’s the same. However, where I expected less understanding with the direction and less response due to the character SUV of the protagonist of the test, my surprise is that not only is it more reactive but it is more enjoyable to drive and informative. I like the Subaru XV because they have managed to unite the virtues of driving a compact in one of the best proposals of the segment.

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However, in this case, the key is conventional and does not have a button start. Personally, I do not value this mechanical process negatively or positively. It is like that and it is not a drama. The engine is nice to drive, but more on the first 25% of the accelerator pedal than squeezing more thoroughly. It is not fortuitous to talk about the accelerator load percentage, because the revolutions increase the more you demand the car due to the variator. And the problem with the variation is that it makes the driving unpleasant when you step on it as the engine literally screams in the high zone of the tachometer while the vehicle picks up speed progressively.


So when you face a variation, and I have to say that the Lineartronic is one of the best I’ve tried since it ‘simulates’ a staggering of gears so that an average user would believe that it is in a conventional gearbox, the recommended it is to be gentle with touches and to step on the floor only if necessary.


It is curious that the car still has some cams to give that feeling of ‘conventional gearbox’ that I mentioned before and you can change the ‘gear ratio’. A detail that is fun but the usual is that the user takes little advantage of this element.



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