Subaru Impreza 2018 Test: Sweet Incongruity

2018 Subaru Impreza 1

Subaru Impreza 2018 Test: Sweet Incongruity


Only one propeller, one gearbox (Lineartronic) and one AWD drive. Two finishes and a technological package without equal, interior space and all for less than 29,000 dollars, Of course, if you are here thinking about sportsmanship, then you are looking for the WRX STi.


A year ago, we began to tell you all the news of the Subaru Impreza of 2018. If this is your first reading about the car, do me a favor. Forget what you think you know about the model. Because you will not find more than a sweet incongruity, Incongruence because the Impreza has skipped a generation in America (being this the fifth), to reach the dealers, not in a radical format or prepared to compete in rallies but quite the opposite. All the weight of sportsmanship is now in the hands of the Subaru WRX STI of which we have spoken so much. Incongruence because it is still called Subaru Impreza and it is a name and surname with so much weight that even, even to me that I have tried the current model, it is my job not to think about the radical variant of the brand.


Sweet because Subaru understands that C-segment models are an important market in countries like ours. Sweet because the mechanical offer is extremely simple to understand because there is only one: a 1.6-liter petrol boxer propeller associated with the Lineartronic automatic transmission (CVT) that develops 114 hp and a maximum torque of 150 Nm at 3,600 rpm. And if you want GLP, they install it for 2,000 dollars more.

2018 Subaru Impreza 3

The simplicity also comes to the finishes: Sport (26,664 dollars, adding a promotional campaign of 1,624 dollars that is currently in force) and Executive (26,912 dollars, with the campaign, in this case, 1,972 dollars). There are 3,248 dollars of difference that in my opinion are justified by the equipment.


The complete list can be found here, but to highlight some elements, the Executive includes LED headlights, dual-zone climate, 17 “wheels (of 16 in the Sport), leather steering wheel and lever, 8” screen and 6 speakers (opposite). a simpler screen and four speakers), reversing camera, LCD screen for onboard computer and rear vehicle detection system in terms of security. I still do not understand how parking sensors are not included in this list, which should be standard. If you want, as an accessory you can install the rear sensor for 353 dollars.


Precisely, it is good for the sensors to speak at this moment, because the Impreza is not exactly a small car. In fact, it is a compact car of generous size, partly motivated by a unique platform for the new models of the brand. It measures 4.46 meters long and 1.77 meters wide without mirrors and a height of 1.48 meters. This translates into two conclusions: A very spacious interior, being one of the positive points of the vehicle and some complexity to introduce the car in the narrower garages. However, it helps with good visibility to maneuver and an acceptable turning radius between walls. By the way, the traction of the Subaru Impreza is integral, or as it calls the brand Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.

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Security before everything


A few years ago, Subaru presented Eyesight, collecting the main driving aids and safety systems. This has led the Impreza to postulate according to EuroNCAP as the safest model in its category. In the model, it agglutinates the warning and braked before a frontal collision, the adaptive cruise control, warning of an exit of lane and permanence in the same, function of control of the accelerator, notice of skidding and detection of advance of the front car. All of this as standard


By having the Executive version in trials we also have blind spot detection composed of powerful LEDs in the mirrors, one of the most visible of all we have tried (others remain in a few covert lights). The rest of the systems are operated through several pushbuttons distributed by the car, which could be grouped in a more orderly manner. In fact, the Impreza abuses the keypad.


For example, the multimedia system and the onboard computer screens or the display above the central screen have various forms of interaction. The large 8-inch screen is tactile and intuitive to operate, but it is the least informative in relation to vehicle data. Rather it serves as a multimedia showcase and applications to make this Japanese, a more technological car.


The central screen has risen in an impressive way, using a capacitive touch panel of the real ones. Not so many years ago, the Japanese had really mediocre screens and now they are up to the expectations of cars of superior ranges. However, they have some task when it comes to reducing buttons because only on the steering wheel (and behind it) there are 13 buttons and two levers and you have to get used a little. Additionally, there are another half dozen pushbuttons for security systems.


Design Exercise


I am pleasantly surprised in the design exercise of the Subaru Impreza both exterior and interior. I like the personality of the front, which is very sporty and how the exterior lines converge in a behind with a lot of personalities, presided over by three-dimensional rear pilots that stand out from the body. The lighting is run by LEDs thanks to the Executive finish.


One of the elements that draw more attention is the huge and reclined front windshield. It translates into a bright interior with a lot of visibility. The width of the set inside is very well used and preside front seats with fins marked to hold well to the occupants. At the wheel, an excellent visibility is perceived from any angle, and to a park, the camera has a good resolution although the fisheye distorts the image a bit and the objects approach too fast to what a sensor would be the ideal complement in this case.


The dashboard and the central console are V-shaped, passing from a horizontal line descending at both ends to be presided over by a vertical arrangement of the elements. The air conditioning outlets on both sides of the central screen allow it to be placed in an elevated position.

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The climate control module and all the buttons have an excellent touch and the surfaces are covered with padded plastics with a level of finishes certainly good. It is curious that he has opted for a lacquered fiber finish molding for the front doors, but that in the rear doors loses the lacquer.


To tell the truth, the good sensations that are perceived in front, are lost, partly in the rear seats. It also enjoys a lot of space for the legs and head, although obviously, the all-wheel-drive offers less comfort for three passengers through a high central tunnel. I consider it important to offer an air conditioning outlet to the occupants of the second row of seats from this segment of vehicles and more by offering a dual-zone module in the Executive finish. They are, in my point of view, the least comfortable points of the car. Additionally, the trunk has a volumetric capacity that is not bad but does not stand out: 385 liters, with a regular space in forms but divisible seats in 60/40 proportion.




The car has a push-button start and electromechanical parking brake. They are no longer new in the automotive sector and provide comfort to the user. In cold and stopped, the Subaru Impreza raises the revolutions to take the temperature. Fortunately, the propeller does not emit an unpleasant sound. The lever moves and is not electronic as we begin to see in the new automatic changes.


No driving modes, although it does not sell what it does not intend. Neither is Sport nor is ECO. It is balanced

2018 Subaru Impreza 2

The CVT or Lineatronic is an old acquaintance already. The car thanks to the variation does not give the sensation of being slow, especially in the first 30% acceleration load, where the Impreza progresses progressively. The Lineatronic change is very comfortable because it has no slips or jerks and is suitable for the city. A sweet inconsistency that the worst part of this gearbox is accentuated the more loads we ask.


If for example, we need to have power for an exit in incorporation, the change revolutionizes the car to the limit of the regime and the thrust is progressive, giving a feeling certainly unpleasant and a slow response. I agree that this level of demand is made in a timely manner but I am sure that an offer in manual or with a change of torque converter, would improve this aspect and delivery feeling. It has an ‘L’ position, which serves to give it greater retention, for example in mountain passes.


However, the car is very suitable for day to day. The steering is noble, being comfortable and looking to please the driver. In part, it helps a very high visibility, motivated by a very inclined and large windshield, which favors the front visibility. The rearview mirrors are large, and thanks to the Executive finish, the Subaru Impreza can boast a technological display worthy of premium cars. Thanks to the Eyesight, the car is constantly warning of possible dangers and interacting with the user.

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