Review Of Mini Countryman Cooper S 2018

Mini Countryman Cooper S 2018 3

Review Of Mini Countryman Cooper S 2018; Good, Nice But Expensive


Mini, the legendary English brand that has become an object of desire for young and not so young, grows in every way, and the Mini Countryman is the least “mini” of them all. An SUV for the SUV era, Is a MINI a MINI regardless of size or shape? You are right. The English brand lives a sweet moment, a second youth since it became part of the BMW Group. Since 2001 successes have been happening, although there have been some strange inventions behind, such as the MINI Paceman. In 2010 they made the leap to a segment that already pointed out ways to become important, the SUV. It was then when the MINI Countryman saw the light, which is without a doubt the MINI minus MINI of the house.


Well, to tell the truth, size is no longer so remarkable in the models of the house, not least as Mr. Alec Issigonis conceived it in the middle of the last century. The size of today’s MINIs is ostensibly much higher than that of their predecessors, but that has not been removed for the essence to be maintained. They say that the big fragrances are sold in small bottles, but in the case of MINI it does not matter what the format is, the essence is the same.


The Countryman is the representative of MINI in the competitive and commercial compact SUV segment. Its measures of 4.3 meters long and 1.82 wide position it in the lower part of the premium rivals table, where we find models such as the Mercedes GLA, the Audi Q3, the new Jaguar E-Pace, the Volvo XC40, and the BMW X1, with which it shares many elements that are not visible to the naked eye. All have different forms and formats, but it is clear that in terms of style the Countryman wins on the street.

Mini Countryman Cooper S 2018 3

In fact, MINI designers know perfectly which way to look. The design is the main positioning weapon of the MINI Countryman and of any other product of the house. In spite of its dimensions and its volumes, the MINI figure is known and recognized. Beware of this because it is no-nonsense because the main reason for buying a car is the design. So we already have the first characteristic of the most rural house: it’s beautiful.


One of the advantages of the MINI design is that it ages beautifully because it barely changes from one generation to another. The first one we met in 2010 is very similar to the one we are dealing with today, which already includes the restyling valid for 2019. This year the brand took the opportunity to slightly wash the face of the MINI Countryman, there are only four details, such as the bottom of the headlights, a wider color palette and especially the insertion of the new logo of the house, cleaner and simpler.


So if the light has been the change on the outside inside is not that there is much to mention. It is still the same MINI Countryman that we presented to you on video last year. That means that it continues to present the same design structure, it’s so timeless and known as always. Certain elements have been altered, such as the seat upholstery, the fuel level gauge or the button with the driving modes that are no longer at the base of the gear lever, but on a single button in the center console.


Neither does it change in relation to the excellent qualities and space offered. Thanks to the 20 centimeters more that were gained from the first to the second generation, the Countryman is able to show much more interior space, although the rear seats are still somewhat narrow to access. Now it is more suitable for four passengers since a fifth will be much more uncomfortable for a harder square, an intrusive transmission tunnel, and limited shoulder space. As I say it is an ideal car for a couple alone or with at least one child since the luggage compartment of 450 liters can be a little short if we expand the family.

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The MINI is a car with a clear youth focus, although not many young people can afford to pay so much for a car. This means that in addition to the style a lot of technology is included that is suitable for millennials as well as for those who are not. LED Matrix headlights, last generation infotainment system, central touchscreen with up to 8.8 inches, Head-Up Display, as well as a wide range of active and passive safety elements, are a good example of everything this car Can you offer?


There is something that can not be overlooked, personalization. The Countryman can adapt its design to suit each consumer. The color palette is wider than in the past, the same as the wheelsets, but we can add a series of elements, all of them optional, with which we can alter the style, including very original and personalized details until the marrow. We can even ask MINI to print out certain body panels in 3D, and we can include in them the details we want, such as our name. All at the service of personalization


Of course, when we enter these areas it is better to have the portfolio prepared because we are going to raise the bill at a scandal rate. There will be those who want to bring a touch of sportiness to their Countryman, and for that, they are designed accessories John Cooper Works, which like BMW does with its accessories M Performance, what they get is to bring a more powerful touch to the style of the car. They do not alter the performance of the same unless we opt for the particular version, such as a Series 4 M Performance or an M4. Do not confuse.


Despite Being Part of The BMW Group, MINI Uses Its Own Special Platform To Have Front-Wheel Drive


We are facing a process of European change in terms of restrictive pollution measures. The WLTP approval cycle is at the door and MINI already has the range ready for the occasion. The offer consists of two diesel variants, Cooper D and Cooper SD, with 150 and 190 horses respectively, and two variants of gasoline, One and Cooper S, with 136 and 192 horses respectively. In addition, we have to add a plug-in hybrid variant, the MINI Countryman E S All4 that we have already had occasion to try.

Mini Countryman Cooper S 2018 3

This time we borrowed the most powerful gasoline unit of all, the MINI Countryman Cooper S, a variant that brought with it an automatic gearbox of eight speeds of torque converter type and a total traction All4 that guarantees a better aplomb and better grip in situations of low grip. The performance figures of this MINI so little mini are quite good, with an acceleration of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 7.5 seconds and a top speed of 225 kilometers per hour.


Test MINI Countryman Cooper S


If you want to have the Countryman more cane, rogue and camper than all there is in the market, this is yours. More since the update the JCW unit has disappeared from the market. At least it is the most powerful version there is, with the exception of the hybrid unit that surpasses it by just under 30 more horses.

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When we think of MINI we do not usually associate it with sportsmanship, although it is a very common mistake. The MINI has always had that playful point that those who drive them like so much. Its set-up is quite characteristic, although in this case, it is so much since the focus of the car is clearly different. The rigidity and hardness of the smallest of the house are opposed to this SUV, which in addition to performance seeks to obtain high levels of comfort and comfort.


The suspension is neither so hard nor so dry, well in honor of the truth is neither one thing nor the other. The Countryman suspension is softer, with a greater capacity for absorbing obstacles. The only hardness comes from tires with little skin and excessive diameter. But that is the price we must pay to win the aesthetic section. As for comfort, it is the only one I can put on, but it is not so excessive as to call it a failure.


Obviously said tires will prevent us from tackling terrains outside the asphalt with the assurance that once we return to the asphalt path, they will continue in the same condition as when we entered. In spite of having 18 centimeters of free height with respect to the ground and a total traction, that although it can with obstacles of medium difficulty, it loses capacities by the lack of adherence of tires not thought for such exercises. As it is said, there is total traction, but it is not focused on the off-road self


The All4 system, standard and mandatory with the S units, will be of great help on conventional roads when the asphalt or weather conditions are not ideal. It will also make these SUV 1,540 kilograms more precise in the curve, where it leaves clear evidence that although its appearance is far from the classic MINI, it has a very similar driving. At the end of the day, it is in these areas where a MINI goes from liking and molar to falling in love.




The good and the beautiful always come out expensive, or at least in most cases. This is no exception, and the Countryman, despite its shape and size, is proud to say that it is a MINI with all of the law. Its design appeals to everyone, to some less and to others, as well as its interior, which comes loaded with technology and qualities. Space should not be a fear either because with the new generation that problem was corrected. And finally, we have to talk about performance.


The Cooper S is the option you must choose if you want to have the most hooligan of the Countryman in the garage. Its 192 horses can leave behind many cars, and when it comes to a twisty stretch you’ll see how it moves with ease thanks to the all-wheel drive. However, you better have a few tickets ready. Of first the Countryman does not leave cheap, the S much less, but it is that neither is it as far as efficiency, where exaggeratedly high consumptions will force us to happen through the petrol station with more frequency of the wished one. Everything cannot be had in this life.




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