Review of Mercedes Cars Company


Review of Mercedes Cars Company

Why choose Mercedes-Benz


The name Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with excellence in the automotive industry worldwide. Our award-winning cars combine unparalleled performance and luxury with similar car models, unbeatable safety standards, and outstanding features to conserve the environment


Why Choose Mers Sub Picture

Key Features:

A wide range of cars

From the new dynamic category A-class to the class E- or S-class, we offer a wide range of cars that suit you and meet your needs


Great savings

With high standards and competitive pricing in total acquisition expenses (TCO), our vehicles ensure great savings in all expenses. Many of these vehicles are characterized by a clear reduction in their fuel consumption, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and reduces the total cost of vehicle operation

Leadership in safety

All of our cars are subject to more rigorous tests than the standards set by consumer safety organizations, and exceed standards in European, American and Japanese legislation. Thus, you and your company can enjoy the greatest peace of mind




High selling value

In addition to its dynamic appearance and high performance, our cars are renowned for their quality and reliability, which always contributes to their selling value

Experience and flexibility

We have the ability to combine our extensive fleet management experience with flexible financial offerings through our extensive network of key distributors to meet your needs at all levels

At Mercedes-Benz, we are not only satisfied with traditional safety conditions, but we are also testing cars far beyond the requirements of consumer safety organizations and exceeding the safety requirements of European, American and Japanese legislation


This delicate curriculum is not new to us. Starting in 1969, we established our accident research department, which has since analyzed thousands of real accidents and re-installed them


Nevertheless, we soon realized the shortcomings of the face-to-face collision test, so we were the first car manufacturer to apply the 1979 crash test system


In recent years, we have also been pioneers in the field of virtual crash tests. This enabled us to simulate an infinite number of collision positions, to study safety procedures and to be easy to fix. As a result, a series such as the E class can now be repaired at low cost


These comprehensive tests, combining simulations, crash tests and crash analysis, not only add more innovative safety systems such as PRE-SAFE® but also bring peace of mind to companies who are reassured that their drivers are in good hands

. There are two very useful features that we want to focus on when selling to companies, namely track retention assistant. The track-keeping assistant can monitor the traffic path according to road signs. If the vehicle is about to get out of track spontaneously, it warns the driver by light vibrations in the steering wheel. If the optical direction signal is working before exiting the path, or the steering wheel is still deliberately off-track, the system assumes that the route change was intentional and stops issuing the warning


The dead angle detection assistant based on radar sensors in the rear collision to monitor the blind spot at speeds exceeding 30 km / h. When changing the path, this system can warn the driver of danger if another road user detected in the critical area to the right or left of the vehicle

In 1886, we invented the car, and we have been reinventing it ever since

Every century, we have been expanding the boundaries of automotive engineering, and we are creating truly expensive car models


Today, the development of our brand continues under the direction of Jordaan Wagner, President of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio, who welcomes the challenge: “A Mercedes needs roofs that reflect passion, intelligence, and firmness.” Mercedes should be superior in every part


With this mentality, Wagner encourages innovation and freedom of thought in our advanced design centers in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States. But the basic guidelines remain clear: a Mercedes should always look like a Mercedes, not just for the first time, but for ten, twenty, thirty or even a hundred years


The diminishing differences between the different segments of the car inevitably led to opportunities for the development of new types of new cars, such as the highly successful CLS, the first Mercedes-Benz four-door coupe. Alternative fuels and environmental conservation are putting designers ahead of a new set of challenges

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New concept cars play a pivotal role, helping to help Wagner and his friends explore new technologies and visual languages for car communication. Research vehicles such as the F700, a new fully developed version of the luxury sedan, suggest what the future Mercedes-Benz flight will bring

Heritage of Entrepreneurship

Throughout the world, the famous trio is not only a symbol of quality and safety; it also reflects a legacy of pride and traceability to the first car that Carl Benz patented in 1886


At first, there was competition between Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, both of whom were a powerful inventor who was making his way in the fledgling auto industry. Nevertheless, in the end, their competition disappeared and cooperation replaced instead. In 1926, their work merged into the birth of a giant Mercedes-Benz company


The pioneering spirit of the founders has reflected in every work done by the company since its inception. Many inventions used in today’s automotive industry credited with Mercedes-Benz, from diesel engines to innovative safety measures such as aerobics, shock absorber zones, and anti-lock brakes


Today, innovation continues with new initiatives such as the Night Vision Assistant, which is being continuously developed. Nevertheless, while Mercedes-Benz is always looking forward to the future, we also recognize the value of pride in the past. To prove this, just ask designer Mark Featherstone of AMG, who inspired the doors of the Gullwing wings of the legendary 300 SL to create the exciting new SLS AMG

In February 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a comprehensive report confirming that the concentrations of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere are much higher today than in the second half of the 18th century when the industrial revolution was in its infancy


The report warned that unless these levels of carbon dioxide are reduced, the global warming problem is likely to worsen, which could lead to catastrophic consequences


It is clear that this report has had a profound impact on the automobile industry, as automobiles eventually contribute to about 5.8% of the CO2 emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere


In addition, thank God We at Mercedes-Benz we were two races in the move to shoulder our environmental responsibilities. We have committed ourselves to environmental issues with the same pioneering approach we have committed to issues such as safety and technology. In 2006 alone, we invested € 1.7 billion in research and development projects aimed at reducing our impact on the environment


Our vision is to achieve the principle of sustainable movement through three stages:


Drive access to optimal performance

Development of alternative fuels

Introduction of zero-emission fuel cell technology

Will accept the automotive industry

Our goal at Mercedes-Benz is to achieve sustainable mobility, and we plan to do this by First: make the internal combustion engine as environmentally friendly as possible. Second: Encourage efforts to develop alternative types of fuel and high quality. Finally, fuel cells are maximized so that they can drive without emissions

The overall approach

We intend to reduce the environmental impact of our vehicles throughout their lifetime, including the production stages of these vehicles


It starts at the production plants. All Mercedes-Benz production sites worldwide meet the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management. All of our production sites are also heated by natural gas, a low-carbon source of energy. We even have a site that uses used wood residues as a source of heating fuel, which is almost carbon dioxide free


In addition, our Redhead gearbox boasts a large roof of photovoltaic panels. These cells generate 490-megawatt hours per year of solar energy and prevent the precipitation of 453 tons of carbon dioxide per year


We are also keen to review the materials we use. In the 1990s, we pioneered the use of water-based paints, reducing the solvent residue by 70%. In 2004, we were the first manufacturer of fiber-reinforced cars to produce the exterior parts of the car


In fact, up to 80% of the materials used in Mercedes-Benz cars are recyclable, and we have successfully tested the use of recycled raw materials to produce about 10% of the plastic used in our cars


Thanks to that comprehensive platform, the S-Class became the first car in the world to win the prestigious TÜV certification in 2005 and then in 2007, followed by the new C-Class car that achieved the same achievement thereafter

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Mercedes-Benz cars produced by Mercedes, one of the leading companies in the automotive industry, which offers a great variety of items produced by the different versions of Mercedes with all the requirements of users, and distinguish the Mercedes cars from other strength and durability and accuracy Manufacturing, since it is rare to issue a class with manufacturing defects, and here we will learn the most important features and disadvantages of a Mercedes-Benz


Features Mercedes-Benz



Mercedes has various engines of relatively large capacity and power that is proportional to the size and weight of the car, allowing it to accelerate and reach maximum speed as low as possible

What distinguishes the engines of Mercedes ability to bear large speeds of rotation (Dugan?)


Suspension and safety


Mercedes uses all categories with its best safety systems

Provides airbags in the cockpit at various angles to protect the driver and passengers during traffic accidents

As for the suspension, there are sensors on all wheels of the vehicle to adjust and redistribute pressure to avoid slipping or deviating from the track

As well as an anti-lock system, snowboarding, and snowboarding system


Cabin and Extras


All Mercedes categories have an elegant, luxurious and easy to handle compartment

Inside the car, there is ample space for the driver and passengers

As for the additions, the different category varies among them and depends on the request of customers

In general, Mercedes provides its users with the latest and best additions such as front, rear and side cameras and high-quality screens, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect different types of personal devices

Driver support systems, motion sensors on the vehicle body and technical sensors to detect faults

The other aspects of the Mercedes Benz are not related to the car’s quality or specifications but are associated with their high price compared to other types

The cost of maintenance and additions is very high, causing a burden on those who purchase them

The large power of Mercedes engines is robbed by economic consumption, so when comparing each category with other cars, Mercedes is consuming more fuel




The company founded both Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz, where they obtained the patent for the industry’s first oil-powered car. This was a great achievement and was in 1886


Because of this great invention, cars have become an essential part of our daily lives. It is a means of comfort for everyone who has a car and security for those who have not yet owned a car. Mercedes is one of the most prestigious manufacturers of cars, but what does Mercedes mean and why?


What is the name Mercedes and why is it called by that name?

The choice of the Mercedes name comes from a very wealthy businessperson named Emile Yelnik. This man was the founder of racing cars in this period and you have a daughter named Mercedes Emil Jelnik


The word Mercedes means blessing or grace in Spanish, and since the man was always optimistic about the name of his daughter, he used to call his cars participating in the race by that name and was always winning


So the best-known car that always wins cars is Mercedes cars, hence the name of the company has not changed so far

Logo and logo

The company’s triple logo is not just a simple slogan or meaningless, but it has a great meaning. It came from a machine that operates in three directions. This means that the company says they are available wherever you are by land, sea, and air



The company is working under the slogan so far says the best or nothing that the company is working to be the best or not exist from the ground because it will not have a role


Evolution of the company

The German Mercedes-Benz has developed so much so far that it is the initiative in many things related to cars and buses. This began in 1890 when the first four-cylinder engine invented

It did not stop, but the company developed a great deal through the year 1905 when the first water cooler invented for cars and is the first bus built in the world

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