Review of Ford Motor Company


Review of Ford Motor Company

About the history of Ford Motor Company

One of the oldest and most important car companies in the world, especially in the United States of America

Founded in 1903, it is the second largest automobile company in North America and is the world’s fifth-largest automobile company. Headquartered in Michigan in the Detroit area of Dearborn. The company’s founder is Henry Ford


Henry Ford 

Henry Ford founded Detroit Automobile in 1899 with the help of three investors. Nevertheless, the company failed in 1901. Then Ford reorganized the company and renamed it Henry Ford Company. But in 1902 Henry Ford left the company to investors and brought Henry Leland to modify the equipment and equipment before the sale of the company, but Henry Leland insisted on continuing the company, investors agreed his opinion and changed the name to the company known today Cadillac, Leland is the founder of Cadillac, which was sold to General Motors in 1909. After the creation of Ford in 1903, Henry Ford did not invent the car, but he produced the first affordable middle-class car in North American society. This achievement revolution in the world of continuity And caused the establishment of agencies in North America and major cities in the remaining six continents. Henry Ford became one of the world’s most famous and famous men


Ford introduced its first model A in 1903 and made its first engine with removable cylinder heads. In 1930, Ford introduced the first car with front glass, Model A. In 1932, Ford produced the first eight-cylinder engine at the lowest price. It introduced the first child protection door lock in 1957, and in the same year, Ford produced the first six-seater convertible. It produced its first months Mustang in 1964, and the following year, Ford introduced a safety belt alert that is present in all cars today. What companies did Ford have? Since its inception in 1903, Ford has owned companies from the European market and established its own companies. Beginning in 1922, Ford bought Lincoln Luxury Cars, founded by Cadillac founder Henry Leland. Who had to sell the company to Ford for $ 8 million due to bankruptcy? As we know, Lincoln is still underway and is dedicated to the US market and the Middle East only

In 1939, Ford created Mercury and continued until 2011 when it was stopped because of its low sales. Ford created Edsel in 1958 for the US market only, but because of its low sales, the company stopped in 1960. In 1985, Ford introduced Merkur. The company was bringing Ford Europe’s production to the US market, and only two cars delivered. In 1989, the company failed and Ford announced that it had stopped altogether. In 1989, Ford bought the Jaguar Land Rover Company, which continued in 2008, and Aston Martin, which continued with it during 2007. During the Ford era, Jaguar made no achievements and profits and was sold in 2008 to Tata India. The head of the UK’s Prodrive bought Aston Martin racing company for 475 million euros in 2007. Volvo was another company that Ford bought in 1999 and continued within 2010 when it was offered for sale by Ford and bought by Geely of China. In addition to the cars, Ford produced pickups, which began in 1908. They also produced transport buses during the Second World War, which stopped in 1950. They also produced tractors for the farmer, beginning in 1919, and finally selling them to Fiat in 1993. Did you know that Ford produced aircraft? Ford 4AT Trimotor Yes, in addition to cars, Ford also produced aircraft. Ford entered this area only in World War I and ended after the war. Then it returned to the aircraft field in 1925 when Ford bought Stout Metal, which it owns so far. One of the best productions of Ford Aircraft Company is the Ford 4AT Trimotor, which first flew in 1926.

Ford entered the world of motor racing and won the World Sportscar Championship three times in 1966, 1967 and 1968. She won the World Rally Championship three times in 1979, 2006 and 2007.

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Ford is one of the most important international companies of American origin. The company specializes in the manufacture of various types of large or small cars and trucks. Henry Ford is its founder. The first car in Dearborn, Michigan, Ford is one of the world’s top ten automakers, with most Ford cars popular in various parts of the world, and the Ford Crown Victoria is the most popular. Ford cars have evolved over time, buying many brands in the field of cars such as the Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercury, Lincoln, Aston Martin, and Volvo cars, and in 2005 Ford’s income was $ 1,180 billion, Ford’s grandson today is William Ford and is assisted by Joseph Hinrichs, his deputy. Since the nineteenth century, Ford has been operating since 1896, when Henry Ford, the founder and founder of a small quadricycle called Latino, designed and installed a four-wheeled vehicle. Initially, the distribution of acceleration was uneven in size, For the rudimentary consistency and all become one size. Today, Ford is an industrial company specializing in the American multinational automobile industry. Ford founded the company on June 16, 1903, and today has a small stake in Mazda in Japan and Aston Martin in the UK. Having purchased several brands Ford sold in the UK Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors India in 2008, and in 2010 sold the Volvo brand to the company Jelly, and stopped the Mercury brand after the exit of the 2011 model. Ford Motor Company is the second largest automaker in the United States and the fifth largest economy in the world, based on their annual car sales in 2010. In 2010 Ford became the fifth company in Europe, and in 2007 Ford received quality awards Of the JD Power study, which ranked fifth on Ford cars, and fourteen Ford cars ranked first. Ford Motor Industry Ford has major plants in most of the inhabited continents. It has branches in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, the People’s Republic of China and South Africa, as well as the mother country of the United States of America.

Ford is a global American company specializing in the manufacture, design, and development of cars and is one of the top 10 companies in the field of the world, founded by Henry Ford in 1903 in the state of Michigan, America; Ford cars are very popular around the world because of the unique features.


Ford began as a small company in Michigan that produces a few cars a day based on pieces obtained from other companies and ended up being one of the largest companies in the world where it has merged and incorporated many companies to it and owns shares and shares in other companies and reaches Its income is $ 178 billion a year and is currently headed by William Ford, grandson of founder Henry Ford. Location Ford has been established in Dearborn, one of the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, and still has its headquarters in the city to this day. It has branches all over the world, serving more than 164,000 employees among engineers, experts, and designers. Who has been instrumental in bringing the company to its current success? Henry Ford was 40 years old when he founded the company. He had previous attempts at manufacturing, cutting and assembling cars. He was part of Cadillac Automotive in 1901. He has shown interest in cars, internal combustion engines and mechanics since he was a child. He worked in a specialist shop when he was 12 years old.

At the beginning of the company and in the early years were producing a few cars a day where the pieces were collected from other companies and Ford later realized that the production of pieces in his own factory would be much better than the collection of pieces coming from other companies and the proportion of production and sale later And the company has become one of the most important reasons for raising the prosperity of the US economy. Now, nearly 112 years after the founding of the company, which began with a small dream and great hope, it has become one of the largest and most powerful companies in the world economy. It is the second largest car manufacturer in the world and the fifth largest company in the world because of car sales. Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, the People’s Republic of China and several other countries

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The Ford Motor Company, owned by the Ford Foundation, is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its first factory in Germany in Berlin. In 1925, Henry Ford opened his car assembly plant in Berlin in his famous phrase, “1925 will be a powerful new engine for the 20th century.” With his car, the Model T, the Ford production line, which has so far exceeded 30 million cars, Which was ranked first among the world’s cars, only surpassed by the German “beetle” when Volkswagen broke the record in the early seventies

In early October 1930, Henry Ford laid the foundation stone for his company’s automobile factories in Cologne, in the presence of the city’s mayor, Konrad Adenauer, who later became an adviser to West Germany


The Kowloon factory began producing Ford cars in mid-1931, with two new models of the Model A, dubbed Cologne and Rhineland, before Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party seized power in Germany in 1933 and were seized by factories for armaments and World War II


After Germany’s defeat, occupation and fragmentation of the war, Ford Motor Company set up a new car factory in its old location in Cologne, where a small car called Taunus, carrying several engines of varying power, was produced before the Granada and Capri models The Escort, the Vista, which sold several million in Germany and Europe, and the medium-sized Ford Focus is now one of the most successful and best-selling cars in the German market


Ford has announced that it will increase the production capacity of its cars Vista, FOX and C-max in the German factories Saarlouis and Cologne for a large number of requests. Where Fox and C-max are among the most popular Ford cars in Europe


Starting this week, Ford will increase its production capacity for Fox and C-max at Saarlouis by 240, bringing the total number of cars produced per day to 1,770.


Ford will also increase its production of Vista by 300 cars to 1,850 cars per day. Fiesta continues to be Ford’s best-selling brand in Europe for three consecutive years


“We are now in the process of increasing the production of our best cars in terms of sales to meet our customers’ demand,” said Jeff Wood, vice president of manufacturing in Europe


Ford’s sales in Europe increased by 7.3% in 2013, meaning that Ford’s share in the European market rose 8%, the biggest rise since 2011, making Ford the second largest automaker in Europe


This year will be good for Ford because it will offer more than one category for the C-max, and will offer new categories of Mustang, Wrangler and the new Edge


Henry Ford is one of the first and most famous American industrialists. He is the founder of the Ford Motor Company. Ford is famous for its development of industrial assembly lines in factories, thus creating an industrial revolution in the production and manufacturing of cars in America and abroad

About Henry Ford

Henry Ford was born in Michigan, America. With his passion and passion for the industry, Henry Ford invented the “Ford T” in 1908 and developed the methods of assembly lines, thus revolutionizing the industry. Henry Ford was able to establish the Ford Motor and Motor Manufacturing Plant and because of its development of assembly line and automobile manufacturing, Ford was able to sell millions of cars, not only that, but Ford had an impact on various technological developments and infrastructure in the United States


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