Honda CR-V 2019 Test

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Honda CR-V 2019 Test, The Changes Have Been Good


Although it may not seem like it, the Honda CR-V is one of the longest-running SUVs on the market. It has been 23 years since the first generation was presented, although this time we are behind the wheel of a fifth that is just months away from reaching the dealers.


Although all we take as a reference of the modern SUV to the Nissan Qashqai, the truth is that Honda takes more time in this of the crossover. The Honda CR-V was born much earlier, in 1995 when that of the Sports Utility Vehicles was not even invented. Today we are already in the fifth generation, the last of them has arrived in Europe this year, at the Geneva Motor Show, although it has not been until now when we have had the opportunity to meet and try it for the first time.


You have to consider this Honda CR-V 2019 as a completely new car. Premieres absolutely everything, From the platform, the same one that uses the Honda Civic, up to the technology, passing of course by the design and a deep revision and update of the mechanical range, Honda has done a considerable job of modernization, and it was time for it to reach the European market, because we must not forget that this same car was launched at the end of 2016 at the Salon of Los Angeles.

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Aesthetically speaking, this is a good jump. The Honda CR-V has always had a quite characteristic style, with elements of generous size. For this new stage, the CR-V changes its style, although it retains that very own touch. Although its elements have changed you know that it is a Honda easily, recognizing it without problems.


It abuses in greater term of the already typical SUV resources, like very marked ribs, horizontal lines, and protections of black plastic that promise to take you where nobody arrives. It is a car designed to please a wide market, both Japanese and European. Throughout the car we see these styles distributed, and the truth is that the balance is very successful, including the rear where the gate ends in a rather abrupt way growing only 1.5 centimeters with respect to the previous model.


If we take a leap into the interior, we see how Honda takes a leap in quality. It is something that all brands, to a greater or lesser extent, are doing in their new products. Just seeing if you intuit that the work done is good, and when you enter these sensations are confirmed in the presence of correctly chosen and willing materials. Being a Japanese car has paid special attention to the finishes, and gives the feeling that the CR-V is well composed, a car that promises to last and endure well over time.


As I said, the exterior keeps the appearance but not the cabin. In this case, the change is much more noticeable. Things have changed a lot in seven years. In 2011 Honda introduced the CR-V with a style according to the era, with a double screen scheme in the center console. In this case, everything is reduced to one, thus leaving a more elegant, clean and refined space


The central screen takes almost all the prominence of the area. In this case, instead of being fully inserted in the console, it has an aspect of being slightly open, leaving the last quarter of the screen free. Its size is seven inches, something smaller than what we usually see today. Its handling is tactile, and as usual, it integrates most of the auxiliary functions of the car, such as navigation, sound equipment, the infotainment system and the provision of state-of-the-art connectivity.

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The panel presents a fairly fluid use, and during this contact, the truth is that no problems of any kind were found. I repeat that something small according to the current schemes, but correct and without any fault. Below it the air conditioning module that is separated from the screen and that uses the traditional system of wheels. Good for Honda. And finally, in the most basal part of the console, the gear lever, A rare place for a European but very common for a Yankee.


But in the absence of a screen inside the CR-V presents two. The second one is found in the instrument panel that is partially analog and partially digital. The surface of this screen is seven inches, and it shows a large amount of information, mainly focused on driving as speed and revolutions, but we can also check the consumption, the stereo, and even navigation if is that we have set a destination. In its favor, the easy reading it presents, against the little variety of design that it can present.


The era in which we live requires brands to include advanced technological levels so as not to lose combat with respect to the competition. Much of that technology is focused on making day-to-day life easier, such as the aforementioned screens, keyless access, and start-up, HUD, or sensors and parking cameras, all included in the new CR-V. However, another important part is intended to safeguard the occupants of the car. In this section, Honda has included everything that is necessary and essential today.


Starting with a new steel and a new structure capable of being more rigid while absorbing better impacts, passing through the system of all-wheel drive, and ending with a huge deployment of assistants to driving that the brand name Honda Sensing Active that includes blind spot indicator, pedestrian and obstacle recognition, lane change warning, adaptive cruise control, full LED headlights and the accident mitigator that acts on the brakes on its own when it detects a possible impact, mitigating the hardness of the same or even avoiding it.


In this way, Honda ensures that the five occupants travel with peace of mind on board. As for the space that these have available has grown with respect to the previous generation. The new platform frees four centimeters more in the distance between axes, arriving, at 2.65 meters. Of course, the front occupants will not have problems at all and the rear ones either, since although the sidewalk is not longitudinally slidable, there is plenty of space for the legs and the head. The fifth passenger will be relatively comfortable since the space for the shoulders is good, although he will have to travel with his legs somewhat separated since he will have the transmission tunnel between his feet.


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The developers have worked to offer more storage space at two different heights. The CR-V 2019 offers a minimum capacity of 560 liters if we fold the second row of seats in a 60:40 ratio through comfortable handles installed in the rear row, or from the trunk. This data position is one of the best in the category. Optionally we can include a third row of seats, that although they do not allow to have a floor of completely flat load, yes that is able to lodge to two adults, of not more than 1.75, with certain with comfort provided the trip is not long.

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Moving below the car will not only find a new platform, like the Civic, I repeat, but also find a new suspension structure, with a McPherson design of lower arm for the front axle and a multi-link for the rear axle. All this will be accompanied by a completely renewed and revised mechanical range in order to comply with the new standards set by the European Union in terms of emissions and consumption.


The range will not be very extensive, as is usual, and the real novelty is that there will be no diesel versions. The diesel engines disappear from the mechanical landscape of the CR-V, giving way to the most modern gasoline blocks, which either will be responsible for driving the car alone, or else they will do it with two electric motors, thus creating the First hybrid CR-V that arrives on the market, which will do next year.


When it does it will do so with a block of two liters i-VTEC of Atkinson cycle. As we said, that engine will be coupled with electric motors as well as a battery. Honda has named this structure i-MMD (hybrid system Multi-Mode Drive). The output power of the set has not yet been specified, as well as the consumption or battery life in full electric mode.


At the time of launch, there will only be one possible option, a supercharged four-cylinder engine and 1.5-liter displacement that develop a power of XXX horsepower. This block can be associated to either a six-speed manual gearbox or a seven-speed automatic CVT type. There will also be a possibility to choose between the type of traction, being able to be unitary to the front axle or to the four wheels, System to which Honda denominates of simple form like Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System.



Honda CR-V 2019 test


The first letter of the CR-V is for Comfortable. With that, the intentions are more than clear. The main, and possibly unique, purpose of this car is to deliver the maximum possible riding comfort. For this Honda, engineers have worked on a chassis that we already knew but which has been added a series of elements and configurations that prioritize the aforementioned quality.


The first is the aforementioned suspension. She alone is responsible for filtering the large number of irregularities that we can find. If we add to this a generous tire sidewall, the result is that only the biggest obstacles on the road will be noticed by the passengers. All this without completely compromising the curve, where the CR-V admits a more demanding treatment than usual for a D-SUV, it also helps its growth in width and in battle.

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