Comprehensive / supplementary car insurance

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Comprehensive / supplementary car insurance


Additional Coverage:

Insurance premiums for rental vehicles, distribution vehicles, high-value vehicles, and sports vehicles shall be given after obtaining prior approval of insurance.

The amount of the exemption shall be 250 dinars if the driver is under 24 years of age.

The amount of the exemption shall be 10% of the value of the insurance in case of theft and/or total loss.

Add JD 125 as an additional premium if the Agency’s repair clause is added (only for vehicles not older than 5 years old)

Addition of 25% of the premium as an additional premium in the case of exemption from the consumption ratio on spare parts and a minimum of 150 JD (only for vehicles not older than 5 years)

The addition of 100 dinars as an extra installment in the case of coverage of incidents against unknown to 1000 dinars under the police report and the annual ceiling 1000 dinars

The addition of JD 50 as an additional installment in case of damage due to natural disasters.

The addition of 100 dinars as an additional installment in the case of covering the cost of an alternative tourist car and a maximum of 350 dinars annually.

The addition of 25% of the insurance premium as an additional premium in the case of coverage of mechanical damage to the vehicle and a minimum of 150 dinars without prejudice to the condition of consumption, 6% for each year of life of the vehicle and a maximum of 36% from the first year of manufacture

Coverage of incidents against unknown by 50% of the cost of the incident under a police report.

Raise the price of insurance on vehicles that caused accidents by 10% of the value of the accident and a minimum of 50 dinars.

Increase the amount of compulsory insurance on vehicles (bus) in the event of an accident.

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 In addition to the roadside assistance service include:

Qatar service and/or shipping the vehicle in case of breakdown for any reason and from any place in the Kingdom to any place chosen by the subscriber.

Car battery service and operation throughout the Kingdom.

The repair of the fennel and/or spare wheel throughout the Kingdom.

The service of fueling the vehicle in case of road exhaustion and a maximum of three and a half liters throughout the Kingdom.

The service of towing the suspended vehicle in sand or mud swamps throughout the Kingdom

A call center for subscribers including an on-road guidance service).

Vehicle Licensing Service on behalf of the Subscriber, including the Infringement Service *

Subscriber indemnification after prior approval of the Road Assistance Service for the costs incurred by using the Services covered under the Third Party Software (provided original invoices are provided).

For vehicles not more than 10 years old and inside the capital Amman, for private saloon vehicles and vehicles for vehicles with a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons

Many do not know that compulsory motor insurance cannot compensate the car owner for any loss of the car due to accidents on the road, other than complementary insurance where he is entitled to compensation after the company to inspect the value of losses.


Waleed Abu Hajar, an insurance expert, said that compulsory motor insurance, which was imposed by law, is paid on every car when the license is issued or renewed and obtained by the insurance companies, through which car owners can obtain any compensatory value when they suffer any losses as a result of accidents. And the fact that this insurance has been approved for the benefit of pedestrians, where they or their relatives to get the value of compensation by 40 thousand pounds in the event of causing the driver in the death of his car to an individual, for the benefit of his heirs or 15,000 pounds when he suffered partial or total disability.


The company pays the insurance companies when the vehicle data is in the prosecution record. In the event of death registration in an unknown vehicle, the government fund to cover the damages resulting from the accidents of the express transport vehicles inside Egypt is paid and all those who were in the car and injured have the right to compensation.


As for the complementary insurance on cars, Hajar explained that this type of insurance, which is given compensation in the event of a customer accident in his car, must be taken into account to determine the rates of endurance, which means how much the customer will bear the percentage of repair and maintenance of the car after an incident which The customer should make sure that the agreed terms are written in the document and that no verbal provisions are taken into account because the law does not know any unwritten requirements and the customer signs the insurance policy and all the general conditions And private As well as the report of the inspection of the car before the issuance of the document even if the car “on the Zero

Supplemental insurance on cars

Traffic accidents are an inseparable part of the life of any driver on the planet. Even the most cautious drivers must be exposed to at least one accident in their lives that may result from the fault of another reckless driver. This road collision often causes many problems for drivers. Maybe late for their appointments or lose their jobs or even be injured, God forbid, in addition to the damage to their cars.

According to a statement issued by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS), the total number of road accidents in 2016 increased to 14710, compared with 14548 accidents in 2015, a rise of 1.1%. These incidents resulted in 5343 deaths, 18646 injuries, and 21089 damaged vehicles.

Compulsory insurance is in compliance with Law 72 of 2007 issuing the Compulsory Insurance Law on Civil Liability arising from accidents of express transport vehicles. Article 1 stipulates that insurance for civil liability arising from vehicle accidents The company is licensed to operate in accordance with the provisions of the Traffic Law. The insurance includes cases of death and physical injury as well as physical damage to the property of third parties, except for vehicle damage, in accordance with the provisions of the issued insurance policy In addition, the supplementary insurance covers any damage to the vehicle caused by accident, theft, partial or total fire, and for the purpose of completing the benefit, the leaflet will be limited to explaining the supplementary insurance on cars and Snawali in the following bulletins Explanation of compulsory insurance significantly of the extension.

• Supplemental insurance on the car

In the name of the fixed customer, he shall be named in the insured driver’s license and in some cases, he shall be in favor of the bank lending the customer to the car loan “if any”. This means that in the case of compensation, the name of the bank named in the car license and the document or company giving the loan of any kind In some cases, some banks allow partial compensation to be paid on behalf of the customer directly, and only the compensation resulting from the total loss of the vehicle resulting from the total theft, total fire or serious damages in the name of the bank is required.

In order for the document to be properly issued, the customer must explain his ownership of the vehicle. In the case of cars (zero), insurance is provided under the letter of release issued on behalf of the power of attorney, which in turn sells the car on behalf of the customer. In the case of used cars, the document is the license or contract of sale documented in the real estate month On behalf of the new owner or the agent of selling the car documented in the real estate month.

    Insurance coverage of the supplementary cars document: –

1. The value of the partial damage that needs to be repaired or changed for any part of the car as a result of an accident occurring for the insured car.

2. The value of the damage caused by the car as a result of partial fire or theft.

3. Compensation of the insured for the full value of the car as a result of a fire accident for the whole car and therefore is not useful to repair or a serious accident resulting in the vehicle is considered a total loss.

4. Covering (third parties), which caused physical damage due to the mistake of the driver of the insured vehicle, which was called “civil liability”.

5. Coverage of personal accidents of passengers of the insured vehicle.



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Partial theft of a part of the car, such as cassette, spare tire or external mirrors. This part of the vehicle must be part of the car parts, meaning that the luxury parts and not the car are not included in the insurance coverage unless the document includes insurance coverage and is inspected at the time of issuance. The insured must review the insurance company in the parts covered by this coverage or not. In the event of theft, the insured must release a police report of the theft. The police shall inspect the vehicle of the accident and prove the quality of the stolen parts and their place in the vehicle. Whether or not violence has been used and the insurance company’s maximum obligation is the value of the parts lost by the agent or the value specified in the document.

Or the total theft of the entire car. The client must release the police record of theft of the vehicle in full. The police and further confirmation shall notify the vehicle anti-theft unit of the incident. The insurance company shall issue a letter to the control unit of the accident and send a similar letter to the traffic unit issued by the vehicle license So you reserve the file of the car and arrest anyone who is applying to deal with this file.

The insurance company is obliged to pay the full value of the car (the insurance amount or the market value whichever is less at the time of the accident so that there is no profit to the customer from insurance), if more than three months after the theft of the car without finding it.


The fire of the vehicle as a result of a short circuit, the leakage of gasoline from the fuel circuit, the intentional act of a third party, or the occurrence of a serious accident resulting from collision and friction with any other object.


In this case, the customer must notify the police immediately to inspect the vehicle at the scene of the accident. This will be followed by sending the accident to the insurance company to carry out the vehicle inspection procedures and attach a cost estimate to the repair costs and the police record. The vehicle will be considered a total loss by the insurance company, Agreed upon.


In the event of a collision or a coup that results in damage to the car, in this case, the customer must notify the insurance company of the accident and send the car to the repair party, which is preparing a price quote determined by the price or value of each item by the quality.

The cost of repair is large. The vehicle is considered a total loss and the company is notified by the customer of the value to be paid to him, which is the total insurance amount or market value (whichever is less).

Required documents in case of total loss resulting from fire/accident:

1. Original delivery receipt of metal paintings.

2. Copy of the data certificate.

3. Original letter of the institution in case of driver insurance.

4. The contract of transferring the ownership of the car is authenticated by the real estate month.

5. Origin of the insurance policy in the case of car insurance with a separate document.

6. Delivery of the wreckage to the insurance company.

. Car key

Also covered by the insurance policy is the coverage of (civil liability). Here is any physical damage to any person who is not insured as a result of the fault of the driver of the insured vehicle while driving the car and causes physical damage such as damage to an electric pole on the road or part of the bridge Or the facades of the shops or the car of the third party etc. The insurance company is obliged to pay the cost of repairing this thing or more in one incident within the amount of (ten thousand pounds) and the insured can receive coverage greater than (ten thousand pounds) for an additional premium paid to Insurance company.

The role of the Egyptian Insurance Federation

In the belief of the Egyptian Insurance Federation of the importance of spreading the awareness and culture of insurance citizens, the Union and insurance companies to identify insurance cars in newspapers, magazines, radio articles and television programs, for example the press release issued by the Union in cooperation with the General Authority for Financial Supervision to educate customers to review the value of the insured car With insurance companies to avoid carrying part of the risk (relative condition)

In order to achieve the Federation’s objectives of ensuring that the insurance industry plays a leading role in protecting the national wealth and citizens and their property, and the importance of spreading awareness and culture of insurance, the Union will develop a page on its website aimed at spreading awareness and culture of insurance to the car insurance policyholders. Whether for the car or for passengers or passers-by as well as for the property of others

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