Car Reviews

Car Reviews

Motorists can now have the latest car prices, reviews, guides and market news in the palm of their hand – thanks to the UK’s second-biggest consumer motoring website.

Parker’s Online has launched Pocket Parker’s – an innovative service that allows motorists to download information onto handheld computers.

Parker’s has been helping Britain’s motorists pay the right price for their cars for 30 years.

The car price experts now offer car buyers and sellers the chance to download information directly from its website giving them as much information as possible to choose the right car for them.

Anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a stylus, Parker’s comprehensive, data-packed car reviews and up-to-date prices for cars from 1993 to 2002 can be downloaded.

Dana Rodericks, electronic publishing manager at Parker’s, said:

“In this fast-moving marketplace, British motorists need immediate access to timely, accurate car data.

Our PDA application uses leading-edge technology to improve public access to that data.