Car insurance steps and instructions

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Car insurance steps and instructions

The program provides comprehensive coverage of the insured vehicle to include third party liability, loss or damage to private cars from accident, theft and fire hazards, as per the terms and conditions set out in the insurance policy.



The coverage value of the comprehensive program

The maximum amount of cover for the insured vehicle at the time of the accident, as well as the civil liability towards the third party affected by the accident, is set at SR 10,000,000 according to the terms and conditions stated in the insurance policy during the period of validity.



Coverage of the comprehensive program

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  1. Loss or damage to the insured vehicle

The loss or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from road accidents, theft, fire or any risks not excluded from the document shall be compensated by the market value of the vehicle at the time of accident or repair of the damaged vehicle.


  1. Liability to third parties

The owner of the car or driver shall have the civil liability to compensate the third party as a result of an accident caused by the insured vehicle. The coverage amount is SR 10,000,000 during the period of validity of the insurance policy for physical and material damage.


  1. Natural disasters

Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by natural hazards from colds and floods due to rainfall and floods resulting from sandstorms.


  1. Emergency treatment costs

The comprehensive insurance covers the emergency treatment fees of the driver of the car or passengers, as a result of an accident involving the insured vehicle.



Additional extensions of the program

  1. Personal accidents

Personal injuries to the driver and passengers are the result of an accident involving the insured vehicle, as well as the remedial expenses resulting directly from the accident.


2- Age expansion

Drivers can be extended to under 25 years of age and have a valid driver’s license for the vehicle in question at an additional cost for the chosen age group.


  1. Repairing the car in the agency

Al Shamal insurance can be extended to cover the repair of the damaged car at the authorized dealer for an additional premium on the basic insurance value.


  1. Non-application of the consumption requirement

The depreciation requirement shall not be applied when compensation for the total loss of a vehicle that is less than 12 months old, against an additional premium.


  1. Provide alternative car

The rental of an alternative car will be paid until the damaged car is repaired or the claim settled, equivalent to SR100 per day, in accordance with the maximum agreed upon in the document.


  1. Geographical expansion

Al Shamil can be expanded to include the insured car’s damage to accidents outside the Kingdom, as well as the personal accidents of the driver and passengers if they are covered by additional expansions in the following countries:

The Kingdom of Bahrain independently

GCC countries “including the Kingdom of Bahrain”

GCC, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria



Advantages of mass insurance

Insurance covers all losses and damages suffered by the insured vehicle because of the accident and not limited to specific losses and damages.

Insurance can cover the losses caused by the vehicle being stolen, whether in whole or in part, in addition to the loss caused by the fire.

Provides free coverage for losses caused by cold, floods or other natural disasters, except sandstorms.

Providing a wide network of approved repair workshops throughout the Kingdom.

Exemption from the insured if the third party liability for the accident reaches 100%.



car 1 insurance 5

Payment in installments

Now you can pay the total value of the insurance at the price of the caps   As follows


Apply for a new comprehensive insurance policy or renew your current document.

The insurance policy must not be less than SR 1500

Pay with your credit card for one of the banks participating in this service, shown below.

Inform the bank of the desire to pay the insurance value within 48 hours from the date of purchase.

Tawuniya is not responsible for activating this service if the customer does not communicate with the bank within the specified period.

The installment will be on 12 monthly payments without additional charges or benefits.

You can use the service to visit any of the branches of the cooperative, or buy online or call 920019990.

Banks involved in this service are:


Al Rajhi Bank

Samba Bank

Riyad Bank

The Saudi Investment Bank

Arab National Bank

First: Age  Age plays an important role in your assessment by the insurance companies The small 16 to 25 gets a bit high rite And all that provided the age of all the decline of Rite


Second: Social status: Married gets a reduction in the value of insurance car


Third: The constitutional right of the driver you have accidents. The history of your driver reveals which is important and necessary is one of the factors of your assessment, and as most of us do not have a history of drivers in America, it gets a high price and everything that made you a good history of all they have reduced the value of insurance


Fourth: Driving license inside or outside the state: Some young people who move from the state mandate and the insurance license old state gets a high rite (some) times. As well as those who can afford the international license  Look forward to high values compared to the mandate of the state in which it isThe transfer of the license to the new state is easy in general

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Fifth: The neighborhood you live in: The area you live in is also an important factor, so moving from neighborhood to neighborhood sometimes raise or lower the right of the rest… Because you are possible in the area of Minifig .. And therefore raises the price and vice versa, and this also applies to the state and city where you live .. And your move may raise or lower the Rit

So, sometimes the insurance companies ask you to pay the full policy value for six months .. And I try and pay for a year or more the value of the entire insurance, noting that the right appeared to be declining Because you no longer represent a danger to the company .. (means mean)


He has always received this question if Jeet is asking for insurance. If the police already cover you, al-Ray raises your right even if you lie to them because the insurance companies seem to be working with some of them, so do not philosophize and say: “I will go with them and I will go to the second company and play with them.” No one else was cut



Eighth: The quality of the car: Here is the detail: modern cars cost more for coverage  The old cost less

But old cars may lack modern equipment in safety such as alarms and specifications of brake and fire remains. Therefore, and vice versa in new cars


Ninth: The number of miles you shop: If you shop and find the rise and vice versa. So try to delve that the goal of driving the car is to reach the university and between them, it is close to you what is going 2 Miles



Tenth: traffic violations and points on your license .. This play a pivotal role in your assessment. Violations Barran ordinary what you enter but the speed and cutting signals and others, for example, it is necessary to have an arbitrator and Hawk this affected you negatively and strongly.


Police details


Bodily injury liability or physical injury:

This means that if you are not allowed to be shocked, this is the amount of coverage for me that you are shocked by and inclusive of other costs such as a hospital, treatment, death expenses .. and the costs of other diseases or pain caused by the accident.


Property damage liability or damage to property

This is in case God forbid Tseptt in the cracking or destruction of the property of others; it is covered based on the amount you choose in the police. Also includes the amounts of the lawyer in case you filed a case


Comprehensive coverage Overall Coverage:


This is covered in any situation other than the usual traffic accidents Like God forbid fire. Or flood and ruin your car. or anything related to money traffic accidents, it is covered and sometimes the possibility of taking a new car if the damage is strong and this is optional and not mandatory


Collision coverage Repairs:


This is the value of repairs that can be paid by the insurance company in the event of God forbid accident or something



Uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist the captain of a vehicle does not carry insurance:


This is in the case of God forbid you to have an accident and was wrong with you. and that you missed what you have insurance .. Or with his insurance, but the insurance does not cover all costs  Your insurance will give you differences and pay your medical bills and anything else related to the incident




Personal injury protection Personal protection against injury


This is optional coverage against injury in accidents God is enough and you are evil. In addition, pay you your medical bills and others whether you are a sinner or a sinner and you cover the car with you in accordance with your options



This is almost the most important thing contained in the police




Some companies offer discounts for many advanced.. We mentioned some of them such as alarm devices in the car and we will remember the rest

– Some companies offer you a discount as a good student and a minimum of 3.00.

– Some companies offer you a discount if the Kurds Skur your right excellent

– Some companies offer you a discount if you are stagnant drivers

If you buy a full policy and push it full (mean monthly mop), you can get reet down your right with time. Especially if you put it in proper hand

And this varies from company to company and according to the situation of the economy sometimes give you a reduction.. Remember the time of your brother or settle you a discount if you own a house Further to the crisis of real estate

Quito gives you discounts if you are among the six organizations or the Unions and others .. It is different like what we said from the company of the company, try to show the most appropriate for you




How to choose an insurance company


In the event of an accident, the Company shall compensate for damage to the insured vehicle, third party vehicle, property, bodily injury or death, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy


Compensation for comprehensive insurance customers

In the event of an accident of the insured vehicle used for personal or commercial use, the company shall compensate the damage caused to the vehicle by repairing it at the approved workshops or agency according to the conditions of the document, if the loss is considered partial. If the loss is total, such as theft, the company compensates the insured with the insurance or market value according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, while the maximum compensation amount to SR 10,000 for the holders of Sanad Plus insurance policies

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Third-party compensation

If the car is insured under the comprehensive insurance policy, bond or bond, and whether a private or commercial vehicle is caused by an accident that caused damage to the third party’s vehicle or any of its property, the company will pay the compensation in cash whether by check or bank transfer At the expense of the third party. Compensation also includes the specific value of bodily injury or death as determined by the Court. The maximum compensation for this section is SR 10,000,000 for one incident or total accidents per year.

Procedures at the time of the accident

In the event of an accident of the insured car, immediately contact the company star on the number 920000560 and follow the guidance star in dealing with the incident, in the presence of the representative of the star or the presence of traffic to inspect the incident.

A star or traffic representative will attend to inspect the incident and report on the incident.

The customer will visit one of the centers of the program “assessment” to inspect the vehicle and assess the value of damage if the residents of the city of Riyadh. However, if he is outside Riyadh, he must obtain the vehicle’s appreciation from the approved workshops from the traffic or from the Sheikh of the exhibitions.

The Estimate program sends a report on the damage of the vehicle electronically to the company.

The customer or third party affected by the accident shall visit the compensation center with all the documents required to file a claim for damages.

Based on the report of the “Appreciation” program for damages, the company determines if the damage of the vehicle is a partial or total loss.

If the damage is considered a partial loss, the company baptizes one of the approved workshops to repair the damaged car if it is covered by the Shamil document or pays the cash in cash to the third party or the Sanad Plus document.

If the loss is considered to be total, the company pays the customer the value of the vehicle (in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy concluded) by transferring the bank account.


car 1 insurance 7

Conditions for vehicle compensation claims

Vehicle accidents shall be compensated in accordance with the terms and conditions and exceptions contained in the insurance policy and after completion of the required documents, and no incomplete claim will be considered for the terms and documents.

If additional documents are required, the customer or third party shall be notified of them.

Vehicle assessment is available at any of the “assessment” centers currently available in Riyadh and will be located in the rest of the major cities later.

The traffic accident report must be signed and stamped by traffic and/or by a star company, and all fields must be filled with the required data.

The payment of compensation shall be in a maximum period of 15 days from the date of completion of all the required documents, or in accordance with the conditions of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency.

Any amendment or deletion in the data makes the accident report null unless it is signed and signed by the issuer.

The origin of the vehicle form and its ownership document must be submitted to match the image.

Fill out an incident report form including a detailed explanation of the driver of the vehicle as to how the accident occurred.

For customers outside of Riyadh, the damaged vehicle must be brought to the nearest compensation office or identified for inspection and imaging (if possible).

Receipt of the claim is no longer acceptable to them, and the company will pay compensation after ensuring the safety of the accident procedures and its conformity with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Tawuniya pays the amount of compensation by bank transfer to the customer’s account.

To facilitate the exchange process, the customer must provide the cooperative with its 24-digit IBAN number.

In the case of injuries and deaths, the origin of the legal instrument must be provided.

In the case of a request to transfer the amount of compensation to the account must attach a copy of the bank account card, indicating the number and signing the final clearance in advance.

If the vehicle is stolen, call the police on 999 and attach a copy of the police report with the claim documents.

If the vehicle is sinking (due to floods) or fire, call the civil defense number 998 and attach the report of civil defense.



A report on the repair value of the vehicles of Sanad Plus customers or the third party of one of the centers of the program “Estimation” inside Riyadh, or from workshops accredited by traffic or from the Sheikh of exhibitions for customers outside Riyadh.

Legal instrument of injury or death from the court in case of injuries or deaths

Estimating the value of the repair of the insured vehicle is comprehensive in case the third party conviction rate or a percentage of the accident on the insured vehicle

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