Car insurance problems in America, Canada

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Car insurance problems in America, Canada, and some European countries

Recently, a wave of complaints by customers and car owners in America, European countries and Canada from insurance companies has escalated due to procrastination in payment of compensation due in accordance with the terms of the insurance policies concluded with the customers


Insurance industry specialists stressed the importance of knowing the good customer conditions of various insurance companies before contracting so that citizens do not suffer difficulties in obtaining the required compensation


The conditions of insurance companies vary from installment to insurance, to insured risk, and to compensation for accidents, including the year in which all insurance companies are involved in a particular company, and apparently the most knowledgeable people, including the invisible, only private owners of experience and practice


The percentage of differences between customers and insurance companies is limited in America and Europe compared to other markets, and 95% of them are concentrated in cars


He added that the insurance market in Europe, America, and Canada is organized and there are parties that take the stand in the differences between customers and insurance companies, the General Authority for Financial Supervision, and explained that there are many mechanisms to protect the rights of customers because the companies are interested in maintaining their customers


He explained that the insurance companies do not delay in paying the compensation as long as the customer committed to paying the installments due, but the problem lies in the lack of awareness of insurance with customers, which raises problems with customers, especially as many of them do not meet the required papers on time, Deductions calculated according to the terms of the documents

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Arifin stressed the need to know the customer conditions of various insurance companies before contracting so as not to experience difficulties in obtaining the required compensation


Arifin, for example, is an example of European cars insured by their owners in transporting passengers. If the car is exposed to an accident, the insurance company will not pay the compensation because the owner used it for the purpose other than the purpose assigned to it. Will not be covered by insurance because they have been used in other than the purpose designated for them as well


Some companies deliberately conceal some information about the client when contracting, stressing the need for companies to be committed to explain the conditions well to the client and provide all the information necessary to prevent future differences

A problem of two insurance documents on one vehicle

There are several observations on this situation as follows:


When the item stated in the insurance policy states that if the vehicle is insured by the same type of insurance from more than one company, it appears to me that the vehicle is insured by the owner of the vehicle itself, and not by another person (such as the former owner of the vehicle). To clarify this point, we can re-read the book “Principles and Practices of Insurance”, which requires SAMA to each insurance worker to study and pass the exam associated with it, we read in the second unit (the principle of participation in compensation) the following text: “If the insured issued my document Insurance to cover the same risk he will have a double insurance, and accepting compensation from two insurance companies is a violation of the principle of compensation. The principle of partnership is similar to the principle of solutions. It supports the principle of compensation and applies only to contracts such as the principle of solutions. ”

The former owner, who insured on the vehicle while under his ownership, would lose his insurance rights after selling the vehicle directly because he no longer has any “insurance interest” in it

In the past, the traffic system gave the new owner the right to the document in force. The new owner is required to communicate with the insurance company and to have an understanding with them to transfer the insurance in his name and thus benefit from the value of the insurance premium.

Together without the need to review the insurance company, and this understanding created many problems for sellers and buyers of vehicles after accidents occur while the vehicle in the name of the new owner and insurance in the name of the previous owner, each becomes contrary to a contract, the former owner is contrary to the insurance contract because it The insurance company of the sale of the vehicle, a fundamental change, the new buyer violated the traffic system, which stipulated that a review of the insurance company transfer insurance in his name

To avoid such a problem, the traffic is required to purchase insurance on the vehicle in the name of the new owner before transferring ownership of the vehicle, so that there is no insurance space on the vehicle. This procedure is not intended to be responsible for providing the required insurance coverage, as this conflicts with the main insurance principles in that the insurance is “personal”, that is, the owner of the insured thing has an effect on the acceptance or refusal or value of the insurance premium, etc. , And this applies to almost all types of insurance and is also in the insurance of vehicles where the owner of the vehicle and the driver is associated with the age, driving experience, etc. This vehicle

Some employees of insurance companies explain that: insurance is dependent on the vehicle and not the person (the owner of the vehicle). This is not clear; because one of the characteristics of insurance, as mentioned above, is that, it is “personal”. The insurance is a house, a building, a car, Such as an Article 3: “Where the Insured submits an insurance application …”, and when the insurance company gives the right of recourse in Article 6: “The company has recourse to the insured or the licensed driver or those responsible for the accident

I do not think that insurance officials do not know the interpretation of such a text, or do not know the principles of insurance, but why insist on continuing such practices is puzzling. Trying to delay or delay settlement for investment does not mean disabling people’s interests and distorting the insurance profession

  1. Is there a specific period in which the insurance company pays me the required compensation?

Yes, the system requires the insurance company to receive your compensation within 15 days of the maximum receipt of the company “full” claim documents if the insurance is individual, and if the insurance belongs to the corporation, the period of compensation is within a maximum of 45 days. If the complete documents delivered for any reason, this period is not calculated, and the calculation of the period begins only after the completion of the documents. The regulatory document for this matter provided in Article 44 of the Executive Regulations of the Cooperative Insurance Companies Control Law, Unified compulsory vehicle insurance approved by SAMA)

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How does the insurance officer reduce the claim?

There is more than one formula, which may be negotiated with the claimant, or an objection to the claim amount


What is meant by negotiation?

Negotiating here means putting pressure on the claimant to reduce their value as the employee gives you the impression that the accident excluded (for example) because the insured driver was in a hurry or interrupted a signal etc. Nevertheless, he (the employee who is talking to you) will help you and convince his boss if you accept Reducing the claim by 25% (for example, the ratio may be more or less). In many cases, the insurance company asks the claimant to bring the price of the opposition sheik. The company is entitled to do so only by addressing the traffic and only if there is a doubt that the repair value is equal to or higher than the market value of the vehicle before the accident. Some people accept the offer for one reason or another. They may believe what the employee says, their quick need to get the required amount, or lack of knowledge of the system and their feeling that the insurance company is stronger than “insured”, creating the impression that the company will eventually do what it wants

What about the objection technique?

It is intended that the insurance company objects to the cost of the claim and considers it excessive, that there are spare parts that should not be included in the estimate, that the repair cost is higher than the market value of the vehicle, The insurance company if its objection is justified), and this objection extends the settlement period and then delays the process of disbursement amounts, which means a longer period to invest the amount for the company


However, is it right for an insurance company to negotiate a claim provider?

Systematically, the insurance company has no right to press claim provider, but the reality is different. The insurance system emphasizes the importance of fair settlement of claims among all parties, but if the insurance company can reduce the claim (this reduces its losses and then raises its profits) and with the consent of the claimant, this is for the parties



If I disagree with the insurance company to settle the claim, who will I take to take my rights?

If you disagree with the insurance company to settle the claim, you have the right to sue the insurance company at one of the committees “Separation of disputes and insurance violations” near your place of residence, and there are three committees at the level of America and Europe: These committees independent judiciary and a problem of the guardian and follow the committees only the secretariat Which is affiliated to the European Foundation. These committees are specialized committees


Q / What do I need to file a claim with one of the “Dispute Settlement and Insurance Offenses” committees?

To file a claim with one of these committees you need the following:

  • Visit the Secretariat Branch of the committees and fill out some forms for the prosecution
  • Providing the “General Secretariat of the Committees for the Settlement of Disputes and Insurance Violations” with all relevant documents such as accident report, damage pictures in the vehicle, repair pricing from three workshops (handwork) approved by traffic, a value of spare parts from the agency after deduction … etc. Mentioned above

You will give an appointment to consider your claim in the presence of the defendant (insurance company) or its representative agent

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What can I claim against the insurance company?

You may claim full compensation for losses incurred by the accident, which may include:

The cost of repairing the vehicle, including


Spare parts after discount from an agency

Transportation expenses

Fees for obtaining repair prices



Compensation for the vehicle by market value difference before and after the accident (if it is not repairable or the repair value is equal to or higher than the market value of the vehicle prior to the accident)

To compensate you for the delay (if there are delay and procrastination), and to prove your right to this compensation you need to prove the following:

A document attesting to the submission of the claim and the date of the claim

Photos of all documents

Proof of completion date of documents

Proof of the insurance company’s response to your claim


Is it my right to claim the cost of medical treatment if the accident causes me hospitalization?

Yes, medical treatment costs are one of your important rights stipulated in the compulsory insurance system. These include all treatment expenses as long as you can prove these expenses and that these expenses related to the incident in question. If treatment outside of America and Europe, you must prove that the treatment is not available in the country by a medical recommendation


Am I entitled to compensation if the accident causes permanent disability?

Yes, you are entitled to compensation for disability or permanent injury. This compensation requires you to obtain an instrument from the court. In this instrument, the specialized judge will study the official medical report of your health status to determine the permanent damage caused by the accident and will determine the compensation for each affected part


Will you pay me the insurance company once the committee issues the judgment?

Some companies accept the judgment and pay compensation directly to the plaintiff, but there are some companies that object to the ruling. In this case, the respondent company will not be forced to pay until after the decision of the Court of Appeal, which may confirm the decision of the Commission, may be revoked


Insurance companies in Switzerland offer insurance policies for everything from compulsory health insurance to vehicle insurance and even personal liability protection


Supplementary health insurance (optional insurance) can provide additional services not covered by basic compulsory health insurance, including the right to a private hospital room, dental treatment, and more effective health coverage in case of an accident, which also takes effect when The insured person is located outside Switzerland

In addition, special groups often provide their own insurance to cover potential accidents that may affect their members. For example, outdoor enthusiasts can participate in an insurance policy that covers the costs of a rescue helicopter from the Alps


The health

Federal law requires everyone living in Switzerland to have access to basic health insurance covering many health conditions, from birth to visits to doctors and serious illnesses


All health insurance companies must provide the same services covered by the basic insurance policy, but may not cover optional services. To learn more about the benefits covered by the law, please visit this website from the Federal Public Health Office website


Many people seek additional health coverage through supplementary insurance, which can cover almost all aspects of health care, including dental care, the use of a special room in the hospital, or illness when the insured is outside Switzerland

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There are several insurance models, including the HMO (Health Maintenance Organization in English), an alternative form of compulsory health insurance, in which the insured undertakes to seek a medical clinic for this system first in case of illness. There is also a general practitioner/family doctor form or a Telmed form. These models require patients to follow certain procedures when seeking health care in return for a reduction in premium information


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Visible data

Differentiated prices for identical services

Tour in the “bush” Swiss health insurance premiums

By Duk-Quang Nguyen

Since the adoption of the Swiss basic health insurance system in 1996, insurance premiums have risen markedly, with the benchmark price more than doubling while not rising


Persons who have just arrived in Switzerland and intend to live there must join an insurance company within three months of their entry into the country


Individuals in Switzerland pay health insurance fees in the form of monthly premiums, as well as a contribution of 10% of the cost of treatment and medicine to 700 Swiss francs per year. The insured must also take a personal share of the therapeutic costs ranging from 300 to 2,500 francs per year for adults and between 0 and 600 francs for children. Health coverage may be limited to the canton where the insured lives, with exceptions for emergencies


Basic insurance does not necessarily cover injuries to an individual because of an accident, so separate accident insurance is required. Any person who works for the same employer for at least eight hours per week covered by this type of insurance automatically – including exposure to accidents outside work – does not need to purchase an accident insurance policy


For a list of frequently asked questions in this area, and to learn more about how the Swiss health care system works, please download the “Your Questions and an External Officer” document from the Federal Public Health Office website


In this regard, the private website [Comparison of the costs of insurance companies of all types in Switzerland] is a good source for finding the prices of the various policies offered by many insurance companies. It also provides a calculator to find out the optimal discount rate for the person


Personal Liability Insurance towards Third Party / Home Insurance

Many Swiss and foreign residents alike have the option to participate in optional home / private insurance to cover themselves in case of fire, water damage, and theft. Make sure you have purchased an insurance policy that matches the value of all your existing purposes. Landlords often require tenants to participate in this type of insurance


Sometimes, personal third-party liability insurance and household insurance are included in a single package and cover the policyholder in case of physical injury to a third party or his property. There are formulas for securing families against personal responsibility. is a good starting point to learn more about these types of insurance policies


Car insurance

Every person who owns a car, motorcycle or motorbike must be covered by insurance. Optional insurance policies can be obtained to cover the costs of damage to the insured’s car and occupants


Here, you can also use’s website to compare the types of car insurance offers


The beneficiaries of the vehicle subscription service are “External Mobility”, which is covered by third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance for the passengers of the company itself


The scandal involving German automakers in manipulating car exhaust tests has become an electoral issue, forcing the German government to invite carmakers to an emergency summit on Wednesday to restore confidence in the German auto industry ahead of a general election next month

The summit includes government officials, trade unionists, and car bosses to discuss the future of diesel-powered cars following a scandal involving the use of complex computer programs to reduce diesel exhaust emissions during tests compared to the actual quantities emitted during normal operating conditions, German cars have been clandestine since the 1990s.

How do I pay traffic fines in Europe?

You may get a traffic violation, but it is not easy to understand the content of the violation because you do not know the foreign language, so we advise you to keep the violation with you and go to the nearest post office or the bank to pay the value of the offense, and some irregularities are collected cash by the policeman and you submit a bond to pay




How do I pay the value of violations and I am outside Europe?

There is a draft law authorizing leasing companies to deduct the value of speed violations from the customer credit card directly, but in some cases companies face legal problems in this procedure, especially with irregularities that are not related to the speed and are sent to you in your country and therefore when you receive any violation Translate it well and look for contact numbers, e-mail or bank account and deposit the amount before it is multiplied

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Is it true that I will prevent from entering Europe if I do not pay the traffic violations?

In most countries there is no checking in this respect, but personally I know a friend who was prevented from entering Switzerland via Zurich airport because he did not pay a traffic violation and the problem is that you can not pay it at the airport easily, and there is someone else who has not been issued a Swiss visa because of a traffic violation It was not paid and was notified of the payment of the violation first before the end of the visa procedures.

Therefore, this matter should not be tolerated, especially with Switzerland, although the rest of the countries may not emphasize much but do not guarantee that the laws will be tightened at any time

Important driver information in Austria, Switzerland and all Europe

All the car companies give you a car with a basic insurance combined with the value of the rent that is paid and all that we pay them in the so-called comprehensive insurance and other These are additional types of insurance and are very many and all the extra


All the car companies insurance on the car and even if you assume that you did not take insurance, the company will not require you to pay the full value of the car in case of complete damage because it is basically insurance


When the amount of your credit card is booked, it considered a guarantee but it is refundable if the car is prepared properly. In the case of damage, the amount of the damage deducted and if the damage is large, you will not pay more than you paid in advance

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