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Be careful. Basic conditions must be taken into account before you sign the car insurance policy

When the disaster occurs and your car is injured by a collision or other accident, you do not have the right to compensate for the damage caused to you except the document that you issued when you purchased your car, which you renew every year in good faith without knowing anything about its items. You are subject to many conditions that make you hostage to what the insurance company may set up for you without the right to review it. The contract of the law of contract, the “car insurance policy”


In order to know the concept of complementary insurance and the most important conditions that must be taken before making this insurance coverage and writing the document of their own, said Walid Abdul Aziz Insurance expert: car Insurance The complimentary insurance on cars is a car insurance is comprehensive insurance on cars of various types provides insurance protection, The Insured shall have the value of material losses arising from the loss or total or partial damage to the insured car and its accessories and spare parts resulting from the risks of accidents, accidents, mechanical breakdown, fire, theft and burglary car Insurance


In a special statement to the “seventh day” to take advantage of supplementary insurance and to obtain appropriate compensation, the client must first choose the company with good reputation and financial solvency and known as payment, car Insurance by inquiring through the Financial Control Authority, which provides an annual statement the number of complaints to companies Working in insurance cars, and the fewer complaints was evidence of the strength of this company and its ability to pay compensation without procrastination


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He added that the client must take this matter in addition to reading the entire document before contracting and reviewing all the items, whether public or private where the determination of the percentages of endurance, car Insurance which means how much the customer will bear a percentage when the repair and maintenance of the car after an incident, which varies As well as any exceptional clauses guaranteeing their full rights.

The client must ensure that the agreed terms are written in the document and that no oral provisions are taken into account, because the law does not know any unwritten requirements, the customer signs the insurance policy and all the general conditions And so on As well as the preview of the car report before the release of the document, even though the car was “on the Zero


Abdul Aziz explained that insurance coverage for cars is divided into 4 basic coverage starting from the insurance of civil liability, which is limited coverage includes only the payment of any damages caused by the client when accidentally collided with another car without receiving compensation for his car Insurance, and the second cover is the insurance against Fire and theft, in the case of leaving the car for long periods in a private place, and the third coverage combines civil liability and the risk of fire and theft and remains the fourth coverage known as comprehensive coverage, which brings together all the previous risks, in addition, to compensate the client for Death any damage may occur when any car collision occurred as a result of an accident which is the most widely used

Insurance policy

The insurance policy is defined as a document detailing an agreement between the insured person and the insured person, a contract whose purpose is financial protection. It also has a specific policy between individuals and insurance companies through which the individual obtains financial protection or financial compensation from the insurance company, The insurance policy is used; to limit and prevent the loss of risk: small, large, knowing that the purpose of the insurance policy can be life insurance, or motor , Or health , Or home; In the United States, for instance, we find that individuals have at least one of these insurance, and auto insurance is considered a legal imperative and is worth mentioning that each insurance company has its own policy in respect of bills of insurance issued by

The insurance policy is also an official document of the insurance company for the insured so that the indemnity cover becomes effective for the insured. It is a legal guide to the insurance agreement, in which the conditions covering the compensation, such as the amounts paid by the insurance company, are determined. Car Insurance the insurance policy can be issued as soon as individuals agree to the insurance process, which contains all the conditions; in addition to that, all insurance data are specified

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Insurance policies vary according to the subject of insurance: the insured thing, the purpose of the insurance, and the risks covered by it, knowing that there are insurance documents issued for the insured person itself. These are individual insurance policies, including life insurance policies. His death, in addition to the fact that there is a type of insurance policy called the composite insurance documents, and this type of documents covers more than the kind of risks, such as comprehensive insurance on the car, this type is more economical than individual insurance policies covering one risk, As there are documents of collective insurance that covers a group of people have the same conditions against hazards, such as: workers, students and peasants

Car insurance: There are many countries that require people who own cars to ensure on their cars, as well as in the case of buying a car by borrowing, in this case, is the insurance in two types: liability insurance; it covers damage to the other vehicle in In the event of an insured accident, collision insurance covering the damage to the insured vehicle, and most car insurance policies cover death due to traffic accidents if the insured is legally liable, The higher the insurance coverage, the greater the amount paid in installments


An insurance contract is a binding contract for both parties, meaning that both parties are committed to the other. The insured is obliged to pay the premium against the risk to the insured that is committed to cover the agreed risks by paying the insurance amount when the disaster is realized.

This is clear from the definition of the various legal legislations of the insurance contract where it has been shown that the insured (the guarantor) is obligated to pay the insured (the secured person) or the beneficiary a sum of money, salary income or any other financial compensation in case of accident or risk, Any other payment made by the Insured to the Insured. Nevertheless, some jurists questioned the reciprocal nature of the insurance contract and argued that since the insured does not pay the insured in return for insurance unless the risk is realized, this means that the insurer’s obligation is not realized or performed, but is dependent on the condition that the risk is realized. It is not proven that in cases where the risk will not be met, the insured will not be obligated to pay the amount of the insurance. Therefore, the insurance contract, in this case, will not be binding on the insured car Insurance

This view has been answered in several respects. On the one hand, it is not necessary to ensure that the risk is not realizable. The danger may be realized in itself, although it is not realized in the date of its occurrence, such as a death in life insurance.

On the other hand, the condition that is said to exist – which is the risk – is not, in fact, a condition for the insured’s obligation, but rather a condition for the implementation of the obligation. In other words, the insured’s obligation to cover a particular risk arises once the insurance contract is concluded, if the risk is realized, payment of the insurance amount and if it is not achieved, it does not affect the existence of the obligation. The insured cannot recover the installments that he paid for it in return for the insured’s obligation to bear the burden of danger and grant the safety and security to the insured throughout the contract

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Insurance the simplest concept is that a party contract with an insurance company until it compensates for a certain loss if it receives either a third party or a third party called the beneficiary for a fixed premium or periodic installments extended for a period linked to another. It is clear from the above definition that the beneficiary of the insurance either The owner of the insurance shall be the person who believes in the property of his house against the theft, and is either a third person as if he is insured against his car against the damages caused to others. car Insurance

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The definition also clarifies that the insurance is in case of damage only, Insurance, and the definition clarifies that such insurance requires payment of a premium Such as paying insurance to ship goods across the sea, or to be in extended payments related to the subject of insurance if the vehicle has to be paid as long as the vehicle is still licensed for the path, and if the life insurance, for example, must continue to pay for the life of the person and in such The case notes that the beneficiary is not the owner of the insurance contract but his heirs legitimate


An insurance policy is a very important safety component, which provides a lot of trouble when the property or vehicle is insured for emergency damages, which could cause huge financial losses if the insurance is not insured


As soon as you sign the insurance policy and get coverage, it is somewhat reassuring, but perhaps in the midst of mixed emotions and a sense of distress with a problem, many people forget the steps to get the insurance value


The amount of insurance specified by you based on specialized experts’ advice shall be equal to the value of your insured property in the document at the time of the accident


Notify the insurance company immediately as soon as the accident car Insurance occurs or notify you by fax or mail, with continuous telephone follow-up


Prepare your claim for compensation with great accuracy, supporting the documents and papers necessary to prove the occurrence of the accident, whether police record, prosecution decision, criminal laboratory report, incident report, nature of losses

You must cooperate with the insurance company well and positively by enabling experts to conduct the required inspection, accurately identify the losses, and to inform them of the records and documents supporting your claim, taking into account that the breach of these or the submission of documents involving fraud or fraud, The value of these documents


If you do not obtain your rights under the terms of the document with the insurance company, in this case, you can resort to the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority, as it is in accordance with the law is concerned with the protection of the rights of the policyholders

There are specific procedures to be followed by the insured or his designee to obtain compensation, which is to inform the insurance company of the accident caused by the vehicle car Insurance within seven days from the date of occurrence, and must take all necessary precautions and procedures to avoid further damage


The victim shall submit to the insurance company all papers and documents relating to the accident at the time of delivery thereof, including correspondence, claims, and warnings

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If the Insured violates any of its obligations, the Insurance Company may refer to the damages suffered as a result thereof, unless the delay is justified. The accident investigation body shall be responsible for inquiring from the competent traffic department about the name of the company insured on the vehicle and the details of the accident

The importance of compulsory insurance is due to cover the damage caused by accidents of unknown roads to others. The Accident Accident Fund pays compensation to the victims of 40 thousand pounds in case the driver causes death or compensation in case of total or partial disability


There has recently been an increase in compensation from the Fund to coincide with the current economic situation


According to the site of car Insurance Company, the insurance covers the civil liability resulting from the death or any personal injury caused by any person from the accidents of the car if it occurred in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the obligation of the insurance company, the value of the amount and capacity of forty thousand pounds in cases of permanent death or disability The amount of permanent partial disability compensation in proportion to the percentage of disability and the value of damages, which are caused to the property of others up to a maximum of ten thousand pounds

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