Car insurance in Europe

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Car insurance in Europe

In the beginning, there are types of basic insurance during your travel and cover the accidents of the car or any damage and these types of insurance takes the traveler without knowing that he holds insurance


 Car insurance


Some examples are as follows:

Travel insurance: What some call medical insurance is insurance that includes aviation accidents, delayed flights and loss of luggage and not only medical insurance and has many advantages vary from company to company


Credit Card: The credit card provides you with travel insurance and as long as you used it to pay the car rental company, there is an insurance item that applies to the process according to the agreement and is that the credit card company to compensate you, whether Visa or MasterCard American Express



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All the car companies give you a car with a basic insurance combined with the value of the rent that is paid and all that we pay them in the so-called comprehensive insurance and other These are additional types of insurance and are very many and all the extra


All the car companies insurance on the car and even if you assume that you did not take insurance, the company will not require you to pay the full value of the car in case of complete damage because it is basically insurance


When the amount of your credit card is booked, it considered a guarantee but it is refundable if the car is prepared properly. In the case of damage, the amount of the damage is deducted and if the damage is large you will not pay more than you paid in advance



Comprehensive insurance is the amount you pay non-refundable and usually have a value less than normal insurance, but the difference that the normal insurance returned and the mass never recovered


Learn about car insurance in Europe and the difference between them




Example of the most types of insurance:

You rented a car from Europcar or a cost and then an amount of € 800 charged to your card upon arrival. This amount is insurance or mortgage and when the car is returned properly, the money is refunded


If there is any damage, the repair value of the damage deducted from the amount that they have paid them 800 Euros and if the car damaged in full, you will not pay more than 800 Euros ever and this maximum amount is borne




Full insurance

In comparison to the above prices, the total insurance value may be € 200 for the entire period but is never refunded and will not be paid more than € 200 when the car is completely damaged.

The amount you paid in the first place and when you receive this type of insurance, The car only in the case of extension of rent only and you are also supposed not to inspect the car and search for any scratches never because the amount you paid will never recover and even if there was any problem you paid and ended




Supplementary warranty:

This insurance from Rental Car is considered as insurance on the amount of insurance you pay when you reach the leasing company or the amount reserved from your card (ie insurance on insurance) and when an accident or damage is deducted from you by the leasing company, It is wrong and wrong to take this type of insurance from Rental Car and then take a comprehensive insurance from the leasing company, there is no benefit, except to increase your expenses and this insurance only benefits you with normal insurance


 General terms and important abbreviations in insurance:

Theft Protection = TP

Insurance against theft


Personal Accident Insurance = PAI

Personal insurance


Supplemental Liability Insurance = SLI

A third-party insurance and accident injuries


Collision Damage Waiver = CDW

Super CDW often does not have comprehensive insurance but there is a tolerance rate in case of damage


Important Notes

Different names and types of insurance from one company to another and you should read the description of insurance well and know what insurance and limits and the proportion of endurance


Often if you pay for a product or type of insurance, you cannot cancel it after that and you will not be entitled to claim its value. Please pay careful attention before choosing the type of insurance


As for Rental Car insurance, it is considered a comprehensive insurance but at a lower rate than the comprehensive insurance at the office by 50%. When purchasing the comprehensive protection from RENTAL CAR, there is no need to take comprehensive insurance when you receive the car even if the pressure is placed on you by the office


The European Court of Justice in Luxembourg has ruled that cars registered with the authorities should be ensured even if they are not used by their owners


In its ruling on Tuesday, the court affirmed that the owner of the car should be compensated for the damage that his cars may cause to others, as long as they are fit for walking and have not taken off their plates which prove to be officially licensed


The ruling came after the court heard a case in Portugal involving a car owner who no longer used her cars because of her health problems and permanently stopped her in the yard of her house without officially revoking her license


The son of the car owner walked by a car in November 2006 without her knowledge and without her permission and died in a traffic accident while driving the car. Two other people were with him in the car


The Portuguese Car Insurance Fund paid the deceased’s parents compensation and the owner demanded about 440,000 Euros because they did not meet their obligations under third party liability insurance, while the car owner was not liable for the damages and is not obliged to make this insurance because its cars are parked


But the judges of the European Court of Justice were not convinced of the view of the owner of the car and had to obligate the owner of the car to bear the damage caused by the incident even if it was not responsible for the civil but responsible for the conclusion of insurance

Vehicle insurance


No one is immune from the accident of a traffic accident – God forbid – may result in burdensome financial consequences, and can mitigate the negative effects of participation in the interdependence and cooperation between the sexes in the society in which he lives to distribute those inconveniences. Takaful Al Rajhi has designed the “Vehicle Takaful” program to provide you with the necessary insurance cover against any potential future accidents for your vehicle, or a financial liability system under which you will be liable to pay compensation to others for the damage caused by traffic accidents Has caused them – God forbid. “Vehicle Takaful” programs are designed to suit the different needs of the community segments so that the customer can choose what suits him


Liability insurance

Third party vehicle insurance plan covers you against damages to compensate the third party because of an accident caused by a vehicle insured. It can happen to anyone else at any time. No matter how careful you are, you cannot always avoid these unfortunate events

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The plan gives you a range of benefits and coverage


How can I file a claim?

The Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance claim ensures that you are compensated by the fastest and easiest way. All you need from documents is:


Report the incident of a star or traffic to conduct a vehicle repair

Copy of the Traffic Permit / Star to repair the vehicle

Estimated prices for the cost of repairs and spare parts / Report of the Sheikh of exhibitions

Copy of the form, identity/residence and driver’s license

Original court judgment / legal instrument / medical report/death certificate for third parties (third party) if necessary

Collection request from third parties

Images of third party car affected the third party

The Federal Statistics Office of Germany announced at the end of last February that 3214 people died in road accidents in Germany last year, a decline of 7%, compared with the lowest level recorded for road deaths in more than 60 years

car insurance extra 11

“Germany has the safest route in Europe after Sweden, Britain and three other countries,” Polk said


The EU has set a target of halving the number of deaths from road accidents between 2010 and 2020


“The goal of the EU is that it is not difficult to achieve,” she said, adding that the number of deaths from road accidents in the EU has declined by 19 percent since 2010. “My goal is to avoid deaths in European road accidents by 2050, We will approach this goal through the growing success of self-driving cars


Polk expressed concern about the number of traffic fatalities in the union, saying: “Every day 70 people die in road accidents in the European Union


Asked whether it was necessary to tighten the speed limit on roads, Polk said: “The EU should consider setting a maximum speed limit of 30 km per hour in the center of cities more than ever




We’ll talk about quick points in this article about driving in Austria and Switzerland in a question-and-answer way


Do I need an international license?

In fact, it is important that you have an international license, although most leasing companies licensed by Saudi Arabia, most of the police there only rely on the state license, meaning that the Saudi license is for the leasing office and the ICDL

Are child chairs essential?

Children’s chairs are important and there are two types of chairs for children type is a full chair is for infants and the type is a backrest and it is important that you ask to rent a chair for your child from the leasing company and when you arrive at the office you can ask them for any kind suitable for your child’s weight


What are the limits of speed?

The maximum speed is usually 130 km highways and agricultural roads 80 km


The navigation device will alert you if you exceed the specified speed in any way




Is speed already open in Germany?

Yes, but not all roads and not at all times In the case of rain or accidents change the limits of speed and are alert through traffic signals


 How do I refill my car?

Check your fuel type, diesel or petrol, and you will find many kinds of gasoline and I personally choose the cheapest type and when you arrive at the fuel station, fill your car yourself and after you finish filling with fuel Remember the number of the device that you used to fill your car or remember the place of your car and go To the bakery inside the supermarket to pay the value of fuel


Important: Do not move your car from your place before you pay


Do I need special tires for snow?

Mostly the car company provides all this and often you will not find snow on the way to in winter time.


How do I get out of the way to a subway?

Leadership in Europe


Note the system they have and I think the picture explains everything easily


Here are some examples

Is there a difference in traffic lights?

Traffic signs in Europe

Note that some of the signals are normal and some of them are different and are divided into several paths according to your direction. You stand in the signal according to your direction either to the left or to right and some paths dedicated to the front and the right at the same time. Also, note that each path has a special signal. The forward path is green and the signal is pointing to the right or left red-side path

Have you forgotten the infantry lines?

Of course, I did not forget that, but I made it the last point until it is established in your mind and it is the most important point in the whole subject

Car insurance against damage and collision in Europe

For a car and a mobile home on a car Try what we have an overview of the cover of the mobile home and Campervan or for the four-wheel drive and lovers of camps Try our deposit box cover for the four-page


When renting a car in Europe there is usually an insurance deposit (also called liability) which is usually equal to the value of the car rental. European countries always require the owner of the car (ie, the leasing company) to cover third-party damage to any other person’s injuries or damage to another person’s car (this is under EC Directive 2009/103


The following explanation is the answer to the question that is often asked when contracting a car: How can the tenant reduce the insurance deposit when renting a car?


These are the main options:

Buy “insurance against damage and collision” (CDW) from the leasing company.

This reduces the potential liability of downloading the full value of the vehicle to about € / $ / £ 1500- $ 3,000


Most tenants also buy either r

car insurance extra 13

“Super Insurance Against Damage and Collision” or Super Insurance Defect Loss and HWA SCDW with covered theft are booked from the leasing company. This reduces the above amount to between € / $ / 0 – £ 500


On the other hand, buy the best choice


“RentalCover.Com” instead of Super CDW or Super Insurance against damage and collision. This reduces the liability to € / $ / £ 0 of the document sold at (unless there is a dispute & special conditions for Alabagar



CDW (also called “loss insurance and loss insurance” if it includes “theft protection


Usually, this is at the price you see online. Note that this “type of insurance” is simply to reduce the deposit from the high amount of any of the full value of the car to between € / $ / £ 1500 & € / $ / £ 3000 depending on the type of car and the leasing company but the reduction may be up to € / $ / £ 10,000 for some sports cars, especially in France


The insurance policy against damage and collision is usually excluded from the safe & glass. Repair and change of frames, roof, insides, windows and side mirrors. The Tenant shall be responsible for the full cost of such repairs. Many companies also rule out theft because they sell a separate insurance robbed robbery

Usually, it is included in the rental price but when sold separately. CDW costs € / $ / £ 10 to € / $ / £ 30 per day. LDW (which is CDW Hwa with extra theft protection) is at the same price

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If the theft protection is not already added, we recommend that all customers get the basic CDW (or LDW which includes burglar protection) when renting any European cars




  1. Super CDW or Collision Damage Insurance (also known as “Discount to Zero Value”, “Deposit Reduction”, “Extended Damage and Collision Insurance


If the CDW has been notified as recommended, the deposit ranges are still between € / $ / £ 1500-3000. This can be reduced with the Super CDW as you can make it up because the leasing companies may also launch this CDW product only but the main thing to be aware of is that this document is a super discount insurance deposit of between € / $ / £ 1500 & € / $ / £ 3000 to about € / $ / £ 0.


This document is sold frequently at the leasing and costing stations similar to CDW (€ / $ / £ 10 to € / $ / £ 30 per day) with hidden exceptions such as (glass, replacement or repair of tires, roof, insides, and side mirror damage). Maintenance costs for these types of damage are calculated at full rates but are limited to a reduced liability between € / $ / £ 1500- 3000.




Rental coverage (also called “insurance deposit coverage”)


Hua is a much cheaper alternative to Super CDW and the variants of the above-mentioned damage also include as. In the event of an accident, you pay to the leasing company for damages and then claim Usually, claims are settled within 3 business days


Some of the above amounts are very high due to the types of cars offered by leasing companies, such as luxury sports cars


With the Cover Cover you will be much better off:


The fee for your claim from will be between € 0 and € 50 depending on your insurance policy with local rental companies, which are usually higher on the deposit for private insurance especially for cheap insurance)

RentalCover.Com ensures that the price is less than 50% compared to the leasing company.

Leasing companies exclude many common types of damages including glass, tires, roof, general damage, damage caused by driving at night, arriving at animals, delay fines and more

The first option is to ensure the car in case of theft means if the car is broken because of theft. The second insurance is comprehensive insurance against thefts in case of damage to the car or accidents in case of damage to the car (comprehensive insurance) and prefer to choose the second insurance (comprehensive insurance) Europcar company exploits customers with these options means to absorb the customer’s money and the company SCST does not have these two options only there is insurance against damage to the car, whether in the case of theft or in the event of accidents


Conditions for car insurance in Europe


It is possible to find those who recommend the independence of public transport such as metro, bus and other means of transportation to save but you will find that the option of renting a car in Europe is the best solution for many reasons, the most important is the privacy that will give you the car, especially if your family With your family member, you will definitely need a car to travel freely throughout the European country you have decided to visit

Renting a car will save your time and effort. All you need when renting a car in Europe is a GPS device and then you can go anywhere you want. Therefore, through this article, you will be able to find out all about the terms and steps of renting a car in Europe for more ease when you do this step

Documents required when renting a car in Europe

You should make sure that these documents and papers are available with you before going to the car hire company

Passport copy

A copy of the international driving license does not accept the local license of any country

A valid driver’s license is an important condition that you have obtained at least 3 years ago

Car insurance conditions in Europe (general terms)

The lessee must be at least 25 years of age

Please ensure that your driving license and credit card are valid so that no problems occur when you receive your vehicle

You must return the car to the same condition you rented it (without scratches or accidents)

You must return the vehicle in the place and time agreed with the charter company

You will be asked to check the water, tires, and oil while renting the car, and you promise not to let anyone else drive the car

car insurance extra 12

In the event of an accident – God forbid – immediate contact with the police and immediate contact with the car insurance company to take responsibility

In case of injury to any person, the ambulance must be contacted immediately and the place of the accident must not be left until he attends the traffic and performs the necessary procedures

Do not use the vehicle to pull or push any car or other objects, so as not to scratched or accidents

To undertake not to use the car in races or fun leadership

Cut off the crown by not driving the car in rough or off-road

The pledge not to drive by desert safaris

Do not use the car in driving instruction, so as not to be exposed to accidents

Leasing tips do not allow someone else to rent the car

Beware of driving under anesthetic or alcohol

You must undertake not to use the vehicle for illegal activities such as drug transfer

It is a general condition to undertake not to use the car in any profitable business such as transporting persons or goods

Car insurance in Europe

Rental costs include registration, maintenance, replacement, assistance, and insurance for 24 hours, and comprehensive insurance advised with coverage of personal accidents

Rent a car in a daily or weekly package, calculated on a 24-hour basis, with a maximum of two hours. In case the customer delays more than two hours in returning the car, an additional day’s rent will be charged

Monthly rents calculated according to the Gregorian calendar method. If the customer returns the car before completing the first month, he is required to pay a full month’s rent at a minimum, but from the second month a relative rent is applied

Most car rental companies in Europe rent cars with a manual transmission. If you want a car with an automatic transmission, you should ask for it and you will probably increase the cost.

You should make sure that the car insurance is comprehensive even if it requires additional payment, and make sure the amount you are supposed to pay when accidents occur

You should make sure that the car is not limited in kilometers. Because if they are specific kilometers the cost will increase significantly

The cost of renting a car does not include fuel. The renter must return the car at the same level of fuel as it was at the time of receipt. If the lessee returns the car and the amount of fuel is less, he is asked to pay for the fuel

Tenant bears losses and damages (accidents and traffic violations)

Baby chair and GPS devices at an additional cost

The keys to the rental vehicle must be delivered personally to the rental and car inspection office in front of the employee concerned


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