Car insurance in Canada

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Car insurance in Canada

How to buy, register and insure on a car in Canada

Buying a car is a big step towards the financial obligations that must be studied and information collection and planning well

In this article, we will show some information and tips that may be helpful when buying a car in Canada


When buying a vehicle make sure of the following

First: Identify your needs. Do you want a family car, a 4WD or a small car

Second: The budget. How much can you pay for the car and will the car financed through the bank or will you pay the price in cash

Third: Do you own a driver’s license and have the skills to drive in Canada

Fourth: before signing the contract make sure you read the terms, understand well, and make sure that you have the right to return the car or change your mind after buying a certain period

Fifth: After buying the car you must register, license and insurance

Car insurance

The secretary on the car is necessary under federal law and before placing the number, plates on the car or renewing the car license you must ensure it

I ensure cars in Canada

Third-party insurance: It is compulsory in Canada and covers a certain limit for any damage caused by your fault towards the property of others

Collision insurance: It covers damage to your car when the fault is your fault

Comprehensive insurance: protects against theft and vandalism


Papers and documents to submitted when insurance of the car

Canadian Driving License

Name and address

Vehicle Information: Model, date of manufacture, registration number and more

Information about insurance companies that you have already dealt with or are currently dealing with

An official letter from an insurance company prior to your recovery from certain claims

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How to find a good and inexpensive insurance company

You should compare the prices of insurance companies in your area and you can ask for help from insurance brokers and can also search through internet sites

In the event of an accident, God forbid, you must call the insurance company as soon as possible. Under the law, insurance companies must be aware of any collision reported to the police or will be claimed under the insurance policy

Some companies set a period of seven days from the accident

The insurance company must provide with all necessary details and documentation within 90 days of the accident

Do not forget to celebrate car repair shops


Car registration

You must have the following documents in order to register your car

Driving License

As well, a license plate number, odometer reading, and safety inspection number


Where to go for a car license

This link helps you find the nearest place for you to register your car


What is the Master number

Is a 14-digit number that contains the first five letters of your name, day, month, year of birth, and three digits of the computer?

What is the Vehicle identification number?

It is a card identification number that is longitudinal and gives information about the manufacturer of the car, the date of manufacture, the driving force, and others



These are some useful sites

Car insurance prices are rising in Ontario and the finance minister recommends caution when renewing an insurance policy


The Financial Services Commission noted that 14 companies representing 30 percent of the Ontario market had raised their insurance rates by 0.33 percent in the second quarter of 2016. ACE INA had reduced the value of the basic insurance by 6.33 but did not own the marketing market share in Ontario 2015, the only company that reduced the value of insurance to more than half a percentage point

 Some companies have raised the value of their basic insurance as they do, others like

In 2013, the Liberal government promised to reduce basic auto insurance to 15 percent by August 15, but Ontario’s Prime Minister Kathleen Win has announced in a statement that the government has promised to reduce its insurance coverage to 15 percent by 15 August. Earlier this goal will be extended

. The Financial Services Commission in the province said the value of basic insurance had been reduced by about 10 percent since 2013, including a drop of 3.07 in the first quarter of 2016. Ontario’s Finance Minister Charles Souza called for caution Auto insurance, and comparison of company prices because there are companies that have lowered their insurance rates

Amending the New Brunswick Auto Insurance Act

Consumer insurance lawyer Michel Platier urged the New Brunswick county government to review the insurance law to prevent a crisis like Newburnsweek in 2003 when car insurance fees rose wildly in the province


Peltier suggested that the insurance law be reviewed in depth every 10 years in the first annual report submitted to the government


Peltier gives an example of Nova Scotia, which has decided to review the insurance law every seven years, which means that insurance policy protections can be added to consumers

Insurance premiums in New Brunswick have risen dramatically in New Brunswick in recent years, pushing insurance companies to an extent that is unlikely to revisit insurance policies. Here we see increases of 9%, 10% or 12%, up to 15% It is, therefore, necessary to develop frameworks according to her opinion

Of course, the purchase of cars will be in two ways, new or used

 First: Used Cars

It recommended buying used cars for the big price difference and because the used cars are often in a reasonable condition that satisfies the duration of the student has stayed. The easiest way to buy a used car is to buy a car for a home-based scholarship. The other way to search magazines (such as Bargain Finder and Auto Trader) can obtain from business centers, or from websites (eg, and It is very necessary to check the car at the General Check to check the condition before buying and not to buy a car that needs some repairs as maintenance is expensive due to the high price of maintenance workers on average $ 65 per hour in addition to spare parts required. It is necessary to complete the examination at a mechanic accredited by the agency or certified by the Alberta Automotive Association. If you buy luxury cars (Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc.) it is advisable to go to the agency to check them and not any normal workshop, the power of attorney usually costs about $ 100 to check and tell you any problems in the car. Of course, the purchase of the car is registered in the Registry Office to extract the car numbers and car license (this step is taken after the extraction of insurance)

Second: New cars


In case you want to buy a new car to go to the car dealers and exhibitions can be purchased in three ways

1 – Purchase in cash: is to pay the value of the car and taxes in full one payment

2 – Purchase in installments Financing: is agreed with the Agency to make the purchase amount of the car over several years and prefer to pay a certain amount as a down payment to help reduce the value of the monthly installment

3 – Lease ending in ownership: The payment of an agreed amount of money monthly and at the end of the period of installments is a choice between returning the car to the company or pay the rest of the value of the car to own it. However, it is important to note that this method is often not available to the applicant because there is no registered income in Canada and they do not have a social security number (SIN number), but in return are available to doctors who are paid a monthly amount from the hospital

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Car insurance

Car insurance is legal and the car is not safe for traffic violations. It is not possible to extract plates or renew a form without it. The best way to secure a car is to look at the phonebook under the title (Automobile Insurance). It is advised to search and contact different companies and search for the best price and not rush because the difference may be very large. You can also get a price online through if you have the required documents. The cost of third party liability insurance is only $ 80 to $ 150 per month for local license holders and $ 120-200 per month for ICD or Saudi license holders. Of course, in the absence of traffic violations or accidents, the price can be reduced. Additional comprehensive coverage can be obtained at a higher price that covers the entire car, compensates and compensates the other party, as well as the car insurance against theft or intentional damage

As we mentioned in advance the maintenance cost is somewhat high. One of the reasons for the decline in the price of American cars is that after the warranty period of 60,000 kilometers, the car requires more attention to spare parts. Therefore, we recommend that you first pay attention to basic maintenance, for example, regularly changing oils, filters, etc. to avoid paying expensive futures in the future. It can be explained that most workshops and workshops require a reservation for the simplest business such as changing oil or changing covers. The time-out period can take up to a week. There are two main places you can go in the early morning without an appointment but take orders in order of arrival namely CanadianTire and WalMart. Yellow pages can also be used to search for other companies.


How to choose the right insurance company


When it is time to do any insurance, it is normal to inquire about the prices and insurance conditions of the available companies, and the prices of some offers are expected to be lower than others, but it is also important to compare these offers in terms of quality and quality, The level of post-insurance service provided by the company concerned


Insurance for your accommodation or vehicle is a necessary issue, but the question remains: which insurance company can get the best offer with the best service?. In this field, has representation and branches in most parts of the country to provide the best offers. It has a professional team specializing in vehicle and property insurance, providing services that exceed expectations


It is clear that our company wants to be the company chosen by you, and by us, so we think it is very important to provide decent and comprehensive coverage


What to do when an accident occurs?


Getting a driving license, buying a car, and securing it are different stages in a driver’s life. In contrast, facing an accident is not something we prepare for. So what should be done when it happens unless it is taken into account? These are tips and tricks for the prevention and management of car accidents with insurance (TJT)


Accident: how to deal

The incident includes any material or physical damage followed by compensation. When an accident occurs, you must activate your insurance and your contract



Theft, broken glass, an incident for each incident its actions


In which case should the friendly inspection use? Always. Always ensure that your vehicle properly serviced, so that you can report the incident. Always make sure you have a copy in your car and in your home to avoid any emergency


have a few days to declare an accident

There is a certain period for declaring an accident that must be respected. Five days is your time to inform the insurance company of all information related to your accident? In the event of theft or attempted theft, you must declare them within two days after they occur


In order for you to be compensated quickly, you must provide the insured with some information. Provide the following data as accurately as possible

Date, time and location of the accident

Names and personal information of both the insured and the persons involved in the accident

A description of the circumstances of the accident and the resulting losses


The friendly preview will help you provide basic data


Be careful; never embark on the necessary repairs to your damaged vehicle. If you are not responsible for the accident, you must prove the loss by an expert who evaluates it



What do you need to know about friendly inspection?

At the time of the incident, calm must be maintained, and in all cases careful to fill the record (and if the loss of sample material). In case of physical damage, the security forces will complete a report added to the inspection


Friendly inspection is a final document, that is, once it is completed by the parties

* Cannot be modified

* Binding to the parties. After which no party can claim that the reality is contrary to what established in the inspection that he spent


Check carefully and re-read it carefully before signing it


A well-filled preview facilitates the work of the faithful and speeds up processing of your file


Basic elements in the friendly sampling



Three basic elements make up the preview

The intersection marks are good for determining the responsibility of each driver

Drawing that can provide additional information If no mark is placed in the boxes

Notes that provide additional clarification and describe the nature of the dispute

Identification information (name, address), which is important for believers, must also be provided.

Some Friendly Preview Tips



The method of employing the test should be read

The sample must be filled, at the scene of the accident, by a ballpoint pen so that each party gets an easy-to-read version

Witnesses should be mentioned, if any, with their personal information identified

Indicates the number of cells marked for each driver

It is necessary to answer all questions

The drawing must execute carefully (if there is a discrepancy between the drawing and the indicated cells, the intersection marks are precedence

Both parties must sign the inspection

Fill the corner of the notes (in the event of disagreement with the opponent, refer to this in this window)

The preview should never be modified once the copies are detached


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Documents that you must have

During the process of checking documents by a sworn agent, the driver of the vehicle is always required to submit the original copies of the following documents

* driving license

* Gray card

Certificate of Insurance Yellow Card

* Technical inspection document for vehicles over five years old

If these documents are not available, the driver will be subject to criminal penalties



What should be done in the event of a traffic accident?

In the event of a traffic accident, you have five days to inform the insured of the accident by telephone or by written communication or in person. The exact date, time and place of the accident must be determined


You should also work as much as possible to minimize the consequences of the accident. Clear the insured objects and make sure to maintain them afterward


Whatever the size of the losses, physical or physical, fill out the friendly inspection. This document is necessary to ensure


Rapid accident settlement. Always keep a blank copy in the car


When the insured receives the inspection, he appoints an expert to assess the number of repairs. The experience is generally conducted within a week or two after the incident is reported. The insurer generally determines a certain amount that can make repairs to the car before sending the experience

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If you insured for damages, whether or not you are responsible for the accident, you will be compensated for all costs incurred to repair the vehicle, within the commercial value of the vehicle in question. In some cases, a believer can monitor the value of repair beyond commercial value. If it is your own, this will indicate in the general or specific provisions of your contract

If you do not subscribe to a damage guarantee and your liability for the accident proven, you will not benefit from any compensation. If you do not register for damage and do not prove responsibility for the accident, you will be compensated within the value of the replacement

Compensation for physical harm always preceded by medical experience

The value of compensation relates to the extent of moral and physical harm. Persons transferred by the owner of the vehicle onboard are also compensated at the time of the accident. This means that the civil liability insurance of the car owner ensures passengers


Tips to take good care of your car

What was the last time you changed the engine oil of your car? When will you change wheels, brake pads or combustion candles? Do you find it difficult to give a specific assessment since the last visit to the reform workshop

To avoid staying on the left side because of a malfunction in your car, it is best to take care of it. Whether it’s a two-seater, a big car, a family car or a convertible, whatever your model, you should lose the following

Wheel pressure, cooling fluid, braking fluid, oil level, battery charge


Car maintenance and repair

The maintenance and repair of your potential car can cost your budget for the car much, although it is necessary expenses. Car service professionals, whether a workshop owner, a car dealer, a gas station or a technical inspection center, will know how to inspect your car, from glass parts to the engine through the lights of the signal, to detect the repairs to be made and the pieces to be changed


Proper vehicle maintenance reduces the risk of crashes, even accidents because they respond better to difficult situations

On the other hand, regular maintenance enables you to maintain your wealth, as your car maintains the high value




How can I take care of the car engine??



the engine

The oil level should check frequently, at least once a week. To do this, the vehicle must be in landscape mode and the engine must be parked for a quarter of an hour before. On the oil standard, the optimum oil level is near the maximum, but should not exceed it by any means


For some cars, low oil consumption is normal. Following the instructions in the factory manual is welcome


Generally, the oil change had done every 7,500, 10,000 or 15,000 km, depending on the type of vehicle. The oil filter, which works to hold the dirt, must be changed with each oil change (for the diesel engine) or when the oil changed twice



A gasoline engine or diesel engine

Whether your car is equipped with a petrol or diesel engine, it is best to check your car every 8 months. Regardless of the technical inspection or the usual oil change process, there are several things to keep in mind: change the oil filter, dust filter, check battery status, monitor brake fluid, check distribution belt and tubing


At the end of three years or a distance of 60,000 kilometers, the combustion candles must be changed in gasoline engines and diesel filters in diesel engines. It should be noted that the dirty filter or the old combustion candle could lead to high consumption of fuel and damage your car engine and your budget


Pay attention to the first signs of your engine’s weakness: it may be time to visit the mechanic’s workshop to do a check-up


Frequent monitoring of the refrigerant level is necessary, which must be located between the minimum and maximum markings on the expansion vessel. Do not hesitate to refill it to the desired level, when the engine is naturally cold

The coolant level inspected directly in the radiator if the vehicle is not equipped with an expansion port. Again, the engine must be cool



Pipes Dorit

The cracked pipes must be changed without delay


Ventilation belt

It must be properly clamped and should not be torn or torn



Combustion Candles: It is advisable to inspect her condition regularly. It is necessary to replace every 20,000 km with new candles of the same type. If the handicrafts do not appeal to you, it is best to leave this job to a specialist.


Battery: The internal fluid level should inspect regularly, and it recommended that the battery filled with the battery. To avoid problems with the operation of the vehicle, it recommended cleaning the terminals of the battery from time to time


Glass scanners

It recommended changing the glass scanners every year at the onset of winter, and generally, once they start to leave traces on the windscreen. Glass liquid scanners should be inspected regularly


System springs

It should be inspected almost every 20,000 kilometers and preferably on a private platform



In addition to continuous monitoring of the level of brake fluid that can detect brake damage or leakage, the brake fluid that begins to damage over time should regularly change. This process needs to done by a specialist



It should not show cracks or tear. In particular, they inspected the corrosion of the rotation bar, which must be flat. Otherwise, it will cause an imbalance of the affected wheels, both front, and rear


Wheel pressure

You must check it every 15 days. Tests and repairs should be performed when the wheels are cold. Do not hesitate to over-inflate a little (about 200 g) when the vehicle is loaded or when you pass a long distance on the motorway


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What to do when an accident occurs

 the car body


It must be taken care of continuously. Regular and thorough washing of the chassis increases the age

In this regard, we advise you to wash with a steam jet which has become common in the major stations and in the maintenance workshops approved

If you detect the impact of gravel collisions or the appearance of cams on the structure, they should be repaired quickly to avoid permanent rust formation


Lighting and vision


Lights: They should be inspected periodically, especially background lights. Do not hesitate to change the lamp with a faulty, such as a lamp that does not shine well. On the other hand, it is recommended to change the glass of cracking lights without delay, because the water leaks rapidly and oxidation occurs that harms the good performance of the lights of the car


It is right to always have a tray of spare light bulbs on the cardboard

Some very simple tricks


The high quality of modern vehicles, coupled with regular maintenance, ensures comfortable driver driving. However, there are processes that are easy to accomplish and that can avoid some small problems


Battery: If your car is parked for a long time, it is recommended that you disconnect the battery to avoid charging. Basic glass: To prevent steam from forming inside, simply wipe the glass with a household detergent or shampoo with a piece of cloth

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