Car Insurance in America

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Car Insurance in America

My theme today about car insurance is a very important subject from my point of view and very sensitive and Ikon this subject is very detailed for the benefit of all and the most important and the best companies insurance money and cheaper and more expensive and the atmosphere is your

Insurance on the car is one of the most important issues in America because this is to cover the cases of accidents to become a car, but unfortunately, some Iraqis do not trust the cars Mtlhm and this brings them to positions of solidarity

Naji Hassan on the details of the subject

In order to drive a car in the United States, you need to have three important things

Driving license


 Car insurance

It is our theme for this day and everyday car insurance

The car insurance I and the company according to the insurance but the problem is a bit expensive if you have a history of driving in the state, to be honest, and be expensive if you are 30 years old

In addition, Ikon Gali if the car is modern and you are demanding high quality

Alternatively, even to understand the idea of insurance has been explained in detail focused attention

For example, you have a Camry 2000 model

The type of insurance depends on the distance to the vehicle (Mileage)

The engine of the car if it is 6 cylinder or 4 cylinders and the reason that the car to the engine Jubair Eikon great and in this case the car is more prone to accidents than the car with a small engine

If the car is a Salvage or Clean Titan

I am the basic insurance

Insurance on both sides

It means that you are safe on your car and the car of the person is going to blow God away from us and any of the accidents

This means that if an accident is resolved, God forgives the insurance company and pays you to pay the person to hit the car

Note The Salfit Teitel is not covered by this insurance in most insurance companies and the car insurance secured on one side

Insurance on one side

It is the insurance to trust me on a person’s car to drive a car

I mean, if the accident is settled, the insurance company will pay a fee to the person you are striking, but your car will be connected to you.

Overall, insurance is relatively cheaper than the previous insurance

Your name is:

In addition, the summary of this insurance if you give up the amount of coverage to your liking means it is possible to give the amount to reach 300 thousand dollars and the reason for this insurance and the moment I am losing you

The types of insurance provided in the past amount to cover the amount of 50 thousand dollars in the best case. If you support a person who is expensive and hurt or cause permanent disability, he will give you the damages and the compensation will be deducted. Suppose the amount was $ 200,000 and the case is the insurance company. You pay only 50 thousand dollars and what is the amount of coverage and the rest you pay from your pocket or prison.

Therefore, the white Americans who are being held are guaranteed the highest amount and the amount of coverage is 500 thousand or 300 thousand because they know the film

Hassa Naji is the most important insurance companies and insurance companies for six insurance companies

Enter this nickname all those insurance companies in America

There are many insurance companies but these companies are the most important company and the company is the best and most expensive company but there is a reduction of hotels and airlines to subscribers of this company

Brothers Mercury company from the very cheap companies and I want to gather customers and from the talk on this company I discuss and them and tried to get a discount and to Ismona good driver all I market my country and the duration of the time and tried to convince them I have been getting Khush insurance and Khosh Kvrg and price Very suitable to arrive at half the price of insurance to become more volatile than the rest of the companies and for example

months) Take $ 700 for you because you are new in America

Mercury takes a $ 200 premium and a two-month premium pays $ 50

I recommend the Merca betha but the only negative is that if you take a ticket unit they will increase the price of insurance for you to be weak, be careful, not more

car 1 insurance 12

We conclude from the above

Insurance is very necessary and does not shop for a car without insurance because it puts your life at risk

The insurance companies, I am the cheapest, Mercury Lan Iridon, collect customers and entitle them to discounts on the Iraqi driving license

It is rude to shop your car without insurance but fine if you need a traffic policeman, you will have 330 less Shai in California and you are going up when you rumored to pay $ 200

This is good because you will not be able to work or stay in America properly without a car especially in places where work and shopping are far from the place of residence.


After obtaining your driver’s license and purchasing a car, you will need a car accident insurance card. This is a very simple process that can be done in a very short time. However, will you understand and understand the meaning of every word or phrase mentioned by the insurance company employee or found in the agreement you signed Between you and the insurance company

Words and sentences that you will hear or read when you sign the insurance contract




Bodily injury liability

It will literally give you legal and financial coverage if you injure or kill someone when you drive your car. The insurance company employee will provide you with a series of numbers representing the amount of coverage ranging from a $ 5,000 cover and a maximum coverage of $ 500,000. This applies to the types of coverage below with a slight difference in the minimum price and the maximum price


Medical payments, no-fault or personal injury

To cover the expenses of medicine for the injured passengers and driver in your car, as well as that you injured by a car when you are in a hurry


Uninsured motorist’s coverage

This means that the car is insured in the event of a collision with another car owner does not have Tamina; this applies to incidents where the other party escapes from the scene of the accident; then considered as a driver without insurance or coverage


Comprehensive physical damage:

A cover covers repairing your car in case of damage due to non-collision incidents such as theft, fire, pyramids


Collision coverage:

Financial and legal coverage when the accident occurs, whether with something or with another car, whether it is your fault or the fault of the other driver.

But you have to keep in mind that this type is specific to the financial value of the car in the market; therefore, it is recommended to cancel this coverage if the car is very old


Property damage liability

When you hit a third party or another car and the mistake was your fault, this type of coverage will protect you legally and pay your fees and repair


In addition to the types of coverage above there are other services that insurance companies can offer you to add to the list above; among these services, we recite

Emergency Road Service: Helps you if your vehicle crashes into a mechanical wreck on the road

Rental Reimbursement: If your car is disabled or in a garage repair vehicle after a traffic accident, this service you have subscribed to will give you a free rental car until your car repaired

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance: Covering the mechanical damage of the vehicle

Now that I have read this topic, I have known the meaning of universal coverage and partial coverage. The latter means when you buy only one type or some types of coverage in order to reduce the cost of insurance for car accidents; the coverage is comprehensive and it means what the meaning of the word means buying all kinds of coverage.


There are some other words that you may hear or read about car insurance


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For example, you bought a cover, for example, the collision of $ 25,000 for each incident; and for $ 500 you chose a deductible; this means that the insurance company will pay you or the driver of the other vehicle up to $ 25,000 Depending on the type of losses resulting from the collision and deducting $ 500 as your contribution to the repair costs

The more you choose a big discount, the cheaper the insurance is, and vice versa


Buying a Car from America Tips and Advice

Buying a car from America is a difficult task, which requires skill, skill, and knowledge, so as not to fall into the trap of maintenance and vanity of American cars and luxury. We know that many would like to buy a Ferrari or Mercedes or even purchase a BMW car, but all these types are advised to stay away from it. On the other hand, a new immigrant to the United States of America. In this article, we will list several tips and guidelines for buying the car and what are the best types that we recommend that you buy and not lose in case you want to sell


A new car is certainly a comfort for the ball and a kind of tummy, but this choice is flawed because you do not have any previous financial transactions in America (called Credit History) so you can not get a car by installments and then you get it will be very high interest and not recommended in Start your stay because there are priorities at the beginning of your stay

Used car The cars used here in America differ quite a lot from the name and used car park in the Arab homeland, but sometimes you may think that the car is new and there are no traces of accidents or scratches or what car dealers say it broke the zero

The best types of cars in the US market in terms of price and maintenance and cost of fuel, which is very important because the price is changing every day for that Japanese car and especially Toyota is very needed in America, even the Americans themselves to know the amount of this car and the cost of maintenance fee, as well as non-consumption of fuel such as American cars and we, recommend that you search for cars of these cars with 4-cylinder engine and focus on your research, including the following types


Certainly, there are many types of Toyota but we are the best offer in terms of price and there are tips we provide you when you buy any car, which was the model is the following

The number of miles (miles) and here are using the mileage and not kilometers and as the number of mileage is a little as the car is better, but not a condition because here the roads are mostly highways

The model of the car, the year of making the car tried to search for a car after the year 2000

The machine and the detection with the naked eye Is there any clear oil or water flowing on the car

The car’s fuse, or so-called transmission speed, is usually automatic. It must make sure that it is easy to move. There is no sound when the carrier changes back or forward

Adaptation of the car works well and does not need to be shipped or changed

The light of the car light from the inside of the living room should be lighted and called check engine light



How do I get a used car at a reasonable price?

There are many online sites in addition to Ablexen Mobil you can download it on your own mobile and I will review some of these sites in addition to some of the e-Link Mobil, which helps you to search for a car in your state or your region site

Of the famous and good sites to search for a car, but the disadvantage that most sellers are traders and not individuals so you find the price is higher than the market price, so we recommend that you take the idea only to know the price of the car you want to know that the cars classified as follows


Clean title

It is a clean car that has never had an accident before and of course, its price is high for its quality


Salvage title

It is the second type of car that has exposed to a minor or minor accident

car 1 insurance 15

Craigslist site

Is a famous site in America and outside the United States also, but in the recent period is no longer a site with confidence and many fraudsters and advised to be careful, whether in the purchase of cars or other


OFFER UP location

This site is more than excellent and very secure, where all registered in it must be photographed their identity, which is also a public site displays cars, appliances, and furniture used and new and has tried by many and advised, in addition to the mobile appellation you can get it from here


What are the buying steps and how do they work

After settling on the car and agreeing on the price you must get the car license and this is a very important condition and is called in America Tetel, which is one of the most important questions that should be asked to the seller that the car with its own title any car license is a paper mechanic certificate The seller writes his name and signature From the back and give it to the buyer and through this license you will go to the traffic to transfer ownership in your name

The metal plate is not the right of the buyer and the seller to remove it and you will get a new plate of traffic and receive the price of the car and it is always advised that you do not carry money with you when you see the car and ask the seller to be delivered in the bank and this is customary here for security And the precaution of the parties

What after buying a car?

After you have finished buying the car and registering it for your property, you must ensure on the car. Here, compulsory insurance is unavoidable. The value of insurance varies from one car to another, in addition to the model of the car and the year of manufacture, in addition to the period for your driving license. Most of the insurance premium is higher than it has experience and there are many types of insurance, which is comprehensive and not comprehensive and the best insurance companies and cheaper is a company

Buying a car from America is a difficult task, which requires skill, skill, and expertise, so as not to fall into the trap of maintenance and vanity of American cars and luxury. We know that many would like to buy a Ferrari or Mercedes or even purchase a BMW car, but all these types are advised to stay away from it. Or a new immigrant to the United States of America. In this article, we will list several tips and guidelines for buying the car and what are the best types that we recommend that you buy and not lose in case you want to sell

America’s money and fraud industry: the closest way to be a millionaire


Insurance is like a clan

Insurance in America is the same as the laws adopted in the constitutions of the remaining countries is the insurance of money and life together, and is a clan and the League of parents in the event of a human incident is a specific obligation to the clan and the League to pay blood to the victims of the victim whether the crime of death of the other or the wounds and fractures that require compensation And payment of treatment expenses and other matters that help the victim or his family to obtain their financial benefit as a result of that crime and the incident and so for the Auchurns in America is the family and clan of the resident individual and the ordinary citizen or the newly arrived refugee United States The US both



Break your ribs or your backbone or kill your baby as he becomes a millionaire

The game of collecting money quickly be through the occurrence of fractures of the spine or ribs or paragraphs may reach things in some incidents fractures in the skull bone and the more fractures eloquent the greater the financial compensation, the process is in accordance with the insurance law, and most of the injuries caused by car accidents in The United States of America is large compared to other countries such as Britain and other countries of the world and the greatest rewards in the case of abortion and abortion during pregnancy when the creation of a collision with another car or the impact of the electric pole or collision with a tree or even in the wall of concrete compensation start Up to a million dollars sometimes

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If you want substantial compensation, do your accident in an industrial state

The law in America for compensation varies from state to state, for example, the law in California, differs from the law in Chicago, New York, as well as in Kansas, Florida, and Georgia, from other states. The more sophisticated, developed and advanced state at all levels, Of the states that are characterized by the nature of rural and agricultural so some of the expatriates ignited the incident after traveling to one of the industrial states to ensure the greatest amount of financial compensation. As happened with Mr. Rashid Iraqi, who became a millionaire after losing his wife and her son who did not see No After the accident in New York State where the amount of compensation amounted to one million and two hundred thousand dollars returned later to open the largest auto show in New Mexico


Types of insurance in the United States of America

It is well-known that immigrants and indigenous people know very well that insurance in America is divided into two parts:

“Which is the first section of the Assyrians and is called in Arabic as a cow full coverage”

This section is the source of the industry of money and fraud in America and in this section the Ansurns compensate the person who drives the car and with him about the price of the original car as well as other amounts of money amounting to tens of thousands of courses if the injuries are eloquent in addition to paying all the expenses of treatment, Or the doctor of massage or nerves in addition to paying the expenses of the drug and the participation of companies in the Ashura by paying a monthly amount of insurance companies may not exceed the $ 100 sometimes for a month and may reach $ 200 in other cases and according to the profile of each individual regarding compliance with the rules of In addition to this, all the departments of fraud involve insurance companies, whether through car accidents or the most common or burning. Houses and shops and amplify their damage during storms, floods, rain, hurricanes and other contagious situations through the destruction of property by property owners during natural disasters or the burning of their shops in order to compensate financially. The second section of the anthrax Kafr Balloon called it out in question because the compensation system in which differs from this section.


Buy modern car game

This game, for example, through the purchase of a modern car and the value of the value of the company produced $ 20 thousand dollars and when the car is a minor accident, especially if the cars belonging to the companies of airports and rental cars for domestic travel or across the United States after the incident the company offers for sale half of its value Almost here, the owner of the game “fraudster” buy for $ 10 thousand to work a second accident leads to the destruction, which leads to the result of the service and in this case, the company is compensated by the company compensation financial value of the original value of the purchase The insurance company pays him $ 20,000, even though he bought it for $ 10,000. In addition to all the compensation mentioned earlier, he won by destroying one car to buy two cars, except for treatment costs ranging from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 sometimes in regular injuries


car 1 insurance 16


Catch the victims

Mr. Qusay Salhi from Florida was a victim of a fraud where he met with the benefactor Haji Imad and asked him to help him through a resurrection arranged by a modern car belonging to the owner of a car show. He is a friend of Ihsan al-Mamouri and asked him to bring his children and his wife with him. Of the family members and actually met with Mr. Ihsan, who seemed to say if you were by Haji Imad did not give you this assistance because dozens wish to have such an opportunity that will change their lives later and achieve stability, but I have conditions to provide you this service is to give me all A family member As the amount of $ 2000 after compensation, which may amount to $ 10,000 thousand per person and perhaps more The more severe injury the greater the amount and then said: And if Haji Imad did not pay the amount until the incident because it is supposed to pay the full amount from the beginning, but this help me Mr. Qusay al-Salhi answered yes, we do not need these drugs, and he asked me and my family members to pretend to have pain in the neck and back after the accident until you acted for them.

The most powerful types of painkillers, which will be sold later in accordance with an organized process. After that, Mr. Qusay al-Salhi will receive the compensation that qualifies him to open any project later after an incident that Mr. Al-Maamouri sees as simple and that he has killed people who may be aware of death at the time of the collision. Maamouri later, $ 100 for each person involved and bring him to ignite the incident

One person is behind two incidents


drove a modern Jeep towards Ohio and near a gas station that had driven towards it. The place agreed upon between the two sides.

The horrific collision took place when Abu Khalid, a Somali, launched a 2010 Honda car to hit his car with the front of the Jeep, breaking the front of the cars almost completely with screaming For children and panic for mothers as a result of shock, both cars in fact owned by one of the owners of car shows, an Iraqi origin, named Muthanna Massoudi, but registered in the name of two different gives each one of them a thousand dollars after the incident and all their role is to register cars by their names only to be the owner of The insurance company will compensate both parties, and the fact that the compensation will reach the owner of the exhibition through these two persons after deducting the amount of one thousand dollars agreed to each of them the number of accident, and under the system of insurance, “Ful Kafr”, the insurance company will pay compensation For both parties and compensate for both cars because both cars are protected by the system “Bean Kafr” and in two different companies of insurance companies and in all circumstances compensation guaranteed either from the first or second company does not matter who is the cause of the accident and who is wrong What is important at the owner of the exhibition is to get compensation The Booty Expected



Earn two cars by smashing one car

The most expensive of four cars is the destruction of two cars. For example, a car bought by a person who wants to circumvent the law for $ 12,000 will be compensated by the insurance company $ 25,000, ie, at the price of leaving the company. In cases of compensation, the car is treated as completely new.

This allows the mafia to circumvent the law. Which is a profit of 100% in addition to the two thousand dollars that will be taken from the victim who provided him this humanitarian assistance, as claimed in addition to get the grain up to 180 love according to the prescription for the disposal of the casualty of the accident will sell these grains There are types of cereals up to 40 or 50 dollars in the black market for one person, but in many cases there are more than one person in cars, especially cars that can accommodate five or six Such as a jeep or a family van

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