Comprehensive car insurance in America and some European countries

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Comprehensive car insurance in America and some European countries

In the beginning, before starting to talk about comprehensive insurance in America and the European countries (compulsory + supplementary), I would like to point out that there is a common mistake among the majority of people who deal with insurance, whether comprehensive or compulsory insurance where they believe that the term or term comprehensive insurance Means that the auto insurance company is responsible for compensating all damage to the insured vehicle in America and European countries, regardless of the cause of the accident or the value of the damage that occurred.

They believe that the term comprehensive insurance” means “including everything

In addition, the correct here is that the word comprehensive means simply a comprehensive error and not all-inclusive as will be shown in this article. To clarify the concept and meaning of comprehensive insurance, it is necessary to refer first to the types of insurance contracts for the three vehicles that fall into the kind of insurance that is recognized by European law

(A) Insurance of civil liability resulting from traffic accidents, or what is known as compulsory insurance

  1. Insurance of the body of the vehicle, or what known as supplementary insurance

C – Insurance of the driver causing the accident, or what is known insurance of personal accidents

So that the owner of the vehicle can purchase the minimum insurance, in order to meet the requirements of the Traffic Law when registering or renewing the license of the vehicle or what is known as mandatory insurance, in order to protect others from an accident that causes damage to others, Of the insurance (compulsory + supplementary) to be called in this case (comprehensive insurance), where the owner of the vehicle and this situation has met the requirements of the law of traffic when registering or renewing the license of the vehicle by providing compulsory insurance to provide protection to third parties for any accident committed and Damage to the As we stated earlier, and also have provided protection for the body of the vehicle belonging to him when he is causing the accident, ie, that the error is the fault insured vehicle (vehicle owner) and not third parties affected by this error incident

It is also possible for the insured (owner) to purchase the third type of insurance, which is known as insurance of personal accidents so that the insurance company to cover the expenses of treatment to the extent of what is agreed between the insured (the owner of the vehicle) and the insurance company or pay compensation agreed in the case Death, when the driver is the cause of the accident (that is, when it is not covered by the compulsory insurance scheme), this type of insurance (I, II and III) is called comprehensive insurance


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Sources of the provisions of each type of insurance described above:

Compulsory insurance

The provisions of the first type of compulsory insurance are provided for by the compulsory insurance system of civil liability resulting from the use of vehicles, which means that the insurance company and the insured do not have the right to make any amendment to the conditions stipulated in this law, whether in terms of increasing these benefits In which case the insurance company may agree to conclude a separate contract between the insurer and the insurer, under which it increases the coverage of the insured (his / her civil liability) according to the agreement specified between them, such as raising the death compensation value from $ 12,000 to $ 50,000 or 70 thousand dollars or any other amount agreed (Insurance company and insured) for an additional premium, but it should be noted here that the provisions and provisions of this increase are subject to the provisions of the contract between the insurance company and the insured and not to the provisions of the system

Comprehensive insurance and excellent insurance:

The terms and conditions of the first part of the compulsory insurance policy are listed in all the insurance companies’ documents operating in the Kingdom without any increase or decrease in accordance with the provisions of the compulsory insurance system, so that no Is different from any insurance company to another not in terms of price, compensation or even coverage because the provisions of this type of insurance (mandatory) have been received under the legislation and in the form of a system based by the State and includes under the instructions of the Council of Minister’s obligations of insurance companies and premiums that She must fulfill them

The second part of the comprehensive insurance policy is that the insurance company undertakes to repair the vehicle of the insured (causing the accident) The insurance company will compensate all physical damages and compensation for bodily injury and death to the party (or the damaged vehicle) in accordance with the compensation schedule issued under the compulsory insurance system (the provisions of which are S But the state, not by the insurance company, as we have previously explained), ie the third party (the injured party in the accident, which does not have any errors) and the insurance company will also compensate for all bodily injuries and deaths of passengers who were in the vehicle causing the accident also, Compulsory insurance is also mandatory, but does not include compensation (bodily injury or death) for the driver (unless he has physical injury insurance or so-called personal accident insurance), which is known as comprehensive insurance, which covers the driver who caused the accident Covered by the provisions of the insurance system Zami) in case of death or medical expenses or even permanent and temporary disability in accordance with the agreement between the insured and the insurance company

In addition, the insurance company (will include) in compensation the insured’s fault, and as a result compensate him for all physical damage to his vehicle under the (supplementary insurance) contract in accordance with the limits and coverages contained in the comprehensive insurance policy or even separate from him There is a compulsory insurance contract concluded with another insurance company) agreed upon between the insurance company and the insured in accordance with the general provisions and principles contained in the provisions of the Civil Law in force, like any other insurance contract whether that is a marine or air insurance contract or fire or even theft, Where the agreement between the insurance company and the insured on These Terms and Conditions and so that (the contract law of contractors), and so narrow and widen the responsibility of the insurance company for this in accordance with the agreement of the parties, according to the amount of the value of the premium that the insured wants to pay the contract.

This coverage may be specific to a specific risk or risk such as the risk of fire, a risk of theft, risk of shock, the total risk of loss, or any other risk agreed between the insurance company and the insurer.

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The insurance company will not pay the value of the vehicle if stolen for example, but will pay the value of the vehicle in case it was exposed to fire and regardless of the fault of the culprit (even if the owner) Unless the act is deliberate by the owner, as is the case, for example In this case, the insurance company will not repair any partial loss of the vehicle such as an accident that led to a break in the siphon or wing and the like, and that the insurance company is only committed to paying the value of the vehicle in case of total loss only (ie write off) Vehicle)

The other type of coverage is known as coverage (all risks) so that the insurance company pays the compensation for any risk (unless it is explicitly excluded in the insurance policy), meaning that the difference between the first coverage and the second is that the first type has identified the insured risk, the second coverage identified the risk excluded.

It should note that most of the vehicle insurance policies in the Kingdom and even in the world are specific risks.

The insurance company undertakes to cover the specific risks mentioned in this document (shock, theft, fire, total loss and partial loss) Examples of these exceptions are most common in the supplementary insurance policies, shock hazards caused by storms or snow, as we find that most if not all the vehicle insurance policies in Jordan excludes such type of hazard, ie, the risk of impact from or Because of the scents Or snow or even avalanches, knowing that it can be added to this danger document supplementary insurance under a special supplement after payment of an additional premium for the insurance company agreed upon between the parties

Accordingly, it is clear that there is nothing in insurance, whether in Jordan or even in any country in the world, that the insurance company is obliged to pay all the risks and damages resulting from the accident under comprehensive insurance, Accident or compensation is provided for in the insurance policy in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions and exceptions specified in the agreement based on the agreed installment value.

The insurance contract is usually written in simple, smooth and uncomplicated language so that the ordinary reader can understand it easily and without any problems. However, the problem of not reading the contract, whether insurance contract or any other contract is a global problem and does not belong to the Jordanian people themselves. In all insurance policies issued to write all coverage in the case of notification called red line, as well as all the exceptions in the event that the insurance policy covers all the notification red line or what is known as the world (Red Hand Rule) to facilitate the insured in case of failure His desire to read the insurance contract concluded between him and The insurance company has to consider what may be considered the most dangerous contract texts which are exceptions

In the end, it must be noted that the insured alone knows all his insurance needs, and the insurance company is not supposed to be aware of this, the insurance company believes what the insurer is required to ensure, provided that it is legally permissible, not the insured but that And to review his insurance policy with the insurance company to be aware of all his rights so as not to fall under the common mistake (comprehensive insurance covers everything


The European Insurance Agency reported that there are five cases that are not covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance, most notably accidents in Europe, accidents in areas outside the public road, such as desert areas, as well as accidents caused by natural disasters such as floods, volcanoes or tremors Floor


New benefits


Traffic Safety


That the Ministry of Interior’s traffic safety strategy aims to reduce the mortality index to 5.5 deaths per 100 thousand population, as well as reduce the accident index to 14 accidents per 10,000 vehicles, raising the rate of beneficiaries of awareness programs to 6500 per 100 thousand population


In detail, the new benefits included in the consolidated vehicle insurance policy will not benefit the holders of documents purchased prior to the date of the new system specified in early 2017, indicating that the insured will have the choice between completing the term of their document and then contracting in accordance with the new document or Payment of an additional premium as determined by the insurance company insured to benefit from the new document

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This came during the International Car Insurance Conference in Europe organized by the Commission in America

The five cases


And that there are five cases not covered by insurance against loss and damage and civil liability, known as comprehensive insurance, the insured must pay attention to, and include accidents that occur outside the state, requiring that the insured holder of the orange card to extend the insurance coverage of the European countries to travel, As well as accidents occurring in areas off the highway, such as desert areas, as well as accidents caused by natural disasters, such as floods, volcanoes or earthquakes.

He added that one of the exceptions to the insurance coverage is “invasion, acts of war, popular unrest, nationalization or confiscation” and, finally, accidents that occur to the insured or the driver of the vehicle or persons working for the insured, if injured during and because of work, Additional coverage under an annex or other document.




Conference proceedings


The conference began with a preliminary session on the experience of European countries in the insurance of vehicles, which reviewed the stages of this experience, the legal framework governing this type of insurance in America and Europe, and the position occupied by the insurance sector in the international market, On the vehicles, issued by the Insurance Authority last September, and the new benefits contained in the documents of civil liability insurance and loss and damage, and the legal framework governing it, and updates and efforts made by the Commission in preparation for the implementation of this system early next year

The insurance of vehicles is of special importance among other branches of insurance, for many reasons, most notably the insurance of vehicles with a very large segment of the community, and the seriousness of the effects resulting from the use of the vehicle, in addition to the large share of car insurance premiums in the total premiums. He added that the reasons for the issuance of the unified document for vehicle insurance are the economic and social development in the countries of America and Europe, the importance of the vehicle insurance sector, as well as the many changes that have taken place in the decision during the past 29 years, in response to the state of the market, All complaints and amendments in the new document were collected. In addition, most of the complaints were concentrated on the vehicle insurance sector. The percentage of complaints received by the Commission from the policyholders in the vehicle insurance sector reached 92% of the 5111 complaints received during the first nine months

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Differences between compulsory and comprehensive motor insurance


It is useful to have enough information before you sit in front of the insurance company employee when you want to buy the insurance policy on your car. Most of us resort to insurance because he is obliged to be compulsory in his country and did not ask him to believe in it so the employees of the insurance companies take advantage of the need for him and marketing other insurance documents, such as comprehensive insurance policies, are not impaired. However, some of us do not care when we hear what the employee is saying about the benefits of insurance. Here we will review the difference between the compulsory insurance policy and the comprehensive car insurance policy

Compulsory motor insurance policy

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This policy covers the damage that your vehicle may cause in the event of a collision with a third party, whether you collided with a person or his property from a vehicle or vehicle. House or otherwise, but this mandatory document does not cover damage to your vehicle or damage you when you are driving

The insurance company from which you purchased the compulsory insurance policy will indemnify the injured party for all damages caused by you and the company will not pay you any compensation for damages that have occurred to you. Or to your car, and you have avoided stopping at the police stations and you have any claim from the injured party, all you have to do is to show the passage of the mandatory insurance policy

Comprehensive car insurance policy in America and Europe

The comprehensive insurance policies are divided into two types, the first of which covers the damage to you and your passengers, as well as your vehicle. The document covers damages to other parties in the accident and to their vehicles as in compulsory insurance

The second type also covers damage to the car in circumstances other than collisions, such as fire, theft or other accidental accidents. Some documents may even give you an alternative vehicle for your vehicle covered by the document. The second type is different from an insurance company And is subject to negotiation with the company for the best benefits

In the event of a collision or a coup that results in damage to the car, in this case, the customer must notify the insurance company of the accident and send the car to the repair party, which is preparing a price quote determined by the price or value of each item by the quality


The cost of repair is large. The vehicle is considered a total loss and the company is notified by the customer of the value to be paid to him, which is the total insurance amount or the market value (whichever is lower)


Required documents in case of total loss resulting from fire/accident:


Original delivery receipt of metal paintings


Copy of the data certificate


Original letter of the institution in case of driver insurance


  1. The contract of transferring the ownership of the car is authenticated by the real estate month.


Origin of the insurance policy in the case of car insurance with a separate document


Delivery of the wreckage to the insurance company


Car key

Also covered by the insurance policy is the coverage of (civil liability). Here is any physical damage to any person who is not insured as a result of the fault of the driver of the insured vehicle while driving the car and causes physical damage such as damage to an electric pole on the road or part of the bridge Or shop windows, or the care of others, the insurance company is obliged to pay the cost of repairing this thing or more in one incident within the amount of the insured can receive coverage greater than (ten thousand dollars) for an additional premium paid to the insurance company


    Insurance coverage of the supplementary cars document:

The value of the partial damage that needs to be repaired or changed for any part of the car as a result of an accident occurring for the insured car

The value of the damage caused by the car because of partial fire or theft

Compensation of the insured for the full value of the car as a result of a fire accident for the whole car and therefore is not useful to repair or a serious accident resulting in the vehicle is considered a total loss

Covering (third parties), which caused physical damage due to the mistake of the driver of the insured vehicle, which was called “civil liability”

Coverage of personal accidents of passengers of the insured vehicle

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Traffic accidents are an inseparable part of the life of any driver on the planet. Even the most cautious drivers must expose to at least one accident in their lives that may result from the fault of another reckless driver. This road collision often causes many problems for drivers. Maybe late for their appointments or lose their jobs or even be injured, God forbid, in addition to the damage to their cars

Accidents are one of the most negative aspects of the road system. Therefore, laws have enacted to mitigate losses or to assist the families of victims without routine complications


Procedures for obtaining civil compensation The impact of a car accident is as follows


– There is a government fund under the supervision of the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority, which covers the damage caused by vehicle accidents


– The Fund shall provide compensation for damages in certain cases:

Lack of knowledge of the vehicle responsible for the accident

The end of the license for the operation of the vehicle means the end of a compulsory insurance

Incidents of vehicles exempted from the licensing procedures

Insurers’ failures in whole or in part

Other cases issued by the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority

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