BMW Car Company Review

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BMW Car Company Review

Facts You Should Know About “BMW”

Exactly 100 years ago, on March 7, Karl Rap created the company in partnership with Franz Bob and the wealthy banker Camilo Castiglione. Since then, BMW has not disappointed the company. Thought her fans, constantly producing cars that redefine the meaning of luxury every time

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Unlike most other car companies, which mainly focus on luxury car construction, BMW also manufactures engines and motorcycles and is the parent company of another luxury car giant, Rolls-Royce. But what many do not know is that BMW did not start as a car company, but after World War I, it became a car manufacturer, based in Munich, Germany. Here are 10 amazing facts you might not know about BMW:


BMW is the abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke: BMW is not the full name of the company, an abbreviation for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which means Bavarian Motor Works


The company’s logo has an unusual meaning: a fan of the aircraft inspires the company’s logo, and the flag of the German state, blue and white are the two main colors of the Bavarian region, where the company’s headquarters are in Munich and in Bavaria


BMW made the aircraft in its early years: the company’s logo did not come from a vacuum as it was an aircraft company named after its owner Carl Rap, a Motorenwerke rap, before becoming BMW


The first car was not made entirely by the company: it may seem funny and amazing considering the company’s current status, but as an aircraft engine manufacturer it was difficult to design a whole car without help


BMW produced the fastest motorcycle in the world: since the company stopped production of aircraft engines, began to produce bicycles, the WR 500 was the world’s fastest motorcycle made by the company in 1937


The company uses the Kidney Grills. The company has produced many models of cars over the years, all of which are distinguished from other cars with kidney grills, as all BMW cars come with a pair of front grilles known as kidney grills


BMW Formula One: The BMW M10 was one of the company’s first F1 cars, which won the championship in the 1980s, but the company retreated from the F1 sector until the early 21st century, where BMW began producing Formula One cars once more. In 2006


BMW cars are the most customizable cars: There is a common saying that any part of the old BMW can be used in the new model, easily, and vice versa, as all BMW cars have regularly maintained interior design, meaning the possibility of a swap between different parts of Different BMW models


One of the first companies to produce electric cars and diesel: BMW may be one of a few companies that are researching to innovate new technologies for its cars. The company produced the first electric car in early 1972 and presented it at the Munich Olympics, The first company to produce a diesel car made available for sale in 1973

BMW has been named the world’s most prestigious company: In 2012, Forbes magazine ranked BMW as a reputable company in the world based on people’s expectations of the car legend, as the company deserves respect because its name is associated with excellence and luxury

BMW formally founded in 1917 but the real assets of the company founded in 1880 when the German Air Force funded at the time. Carl and Gustavo Otto were both the founders of this company


The company began manufacturing aircraft engines in the early years of its establishment. In 1923, it produced motorcycles. In 1929, it started manufacturing cars. The company logo is blue, black and white


BMW cars enjoy high technology, strength, and speed

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The company is a pioneer in modern technology and many of the company’s technologies are lacking in the rest of the automotive world, but people are alienated from it because it is expensive and can only be bought by the wealthy and businessmen, and the businessmen are better equipped with German-made cars such as Mercedes and Opel And BMW

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We went to the German city of Dragonling, specifically to the Bavarian brand factory, where many models manufactured, most notably in the fifth and seventh categories. In the beginning, as we arrived there, we listened to an explanation of the importance of this grand edifice, which was undergoing a comprehensive rehabilitation process in preparation for the production of the latest BMW models, ie the fifth category. The production unit of the driving groups, as well as the development of vehicle assembly facilities

“In addition to manufacturing the newer generation of the seventh and sixth generation, the plant will also be responsible for producing the various categories of fifth-class processing,” said Oliver Zippsi, BMW Group Board Member. “For the first time, There is participation by Austrian firm Magna Steyr in the construction of some of the fifth category units within their factories in the Austrian city of Graz


“The high level of flexibility of our production network and the close and highly reliable collaboration with our partners in Magna Steyr will allow us to respond quickly to the high demand from our customers for our car, which we consider to be the most sophisticated and successful sedan,” he concluded

The larger 7-class sister on more than one level significantly influenced the new generation of the BMW 5 Series, especially as air tunnels and electronic computers played a major role in finalizing the car. The front of the large ventilation network, which can close the openings to enhance the flow in the absence of a lot of air to cool the engine or vent. In contrast, BMW has focused on reducing weight by adopting a new wheelbase that has been used in lightweight aluminum, magnesium and other materials, which has helped reduce weight by more than 60 kg compared to the previous generation

At the mechanical level, the top 5 category (except the M5), the BMW 540i, has a 6.0-liter six-cylinder engine with a twin turbocharger that generates 340 horsepower at a rotational speed of 5,500 rpm and maximum torque 450 nm at 1,380 Nm. This allows it to start at 100 km / h in 4.8 seconds before reaching an electronically specified top speed at the 250 km / h barrier

The new BMW 5 Series is the second car to be built in cooperation with the Austrian manufacturer Magna Steyr after the company previously produced the X3 from 2003 to 2010. Magna Steyer currently produces both the Mini-Canterman and Bassman models for the BMW Group

As with the previous generation of the seventh generation, the new 7 Series is produced at Delgonfing factories before being shipped to customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Since the launch of the first generation of the seventh category in 1977, Production of more than 1.6 million copies of large Bavarian manufacturer

Speaking of the seventh category, it should be noted that the newer generation is developed thanks to the use of carbon fiber reinforced carbon fiber technology, which contributed to a significant reduction in weight, so the BMW 7 Series dynamic performance is enhanced by both the engine and suspension, The steering of the car with extreme accuracy and high speed, despite the large size in the refineries of sports cars

In terms of thrust, the 7 Series is equipped with several mechanical options starting with a four-cylinder 2.0-liter engine that delivers 258 horsepower in the 730i, a 3.0-liter, 326-horsepower 740i engine and a 4.4-cylinder Liter produces 450 horsepower in the 750i class. The optional 760Li comes with a 12-cylinder engine of 6.6 liters and 610 hp

Ten years ago, BMW developed a completely electric car with the launch of I, which later became a BMW brand. The Leipzig plant has a major role to play in this process. The i3 has been produced here since 2013, i8 since 2014

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The i8 uses hybrid technology with its traditional goal of reducing fuel consumption. It is not like its M4, which does not need much time to move from a complete stop to high speeds. The aim of using the hybrid technology in the i8 is not only to reduce fuel consumption but also to reduce the amount of energy used during the production process. What we need is i8 of capacity while online production is 50 percent lower than normal cars


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To assist in the production of carbon fiber, BMW has partnered with a company called SGL (a German company with facilities in North America) as part of an investment aimed at providing this material to various Bavarian manufacturer cars



A combination of carbon fiber and reinforced plastic was built in the construction of the i8 cockpit and doors that open up against aluminum in the shockproof structure, contributing to a 50% reduced weight compared to the same structure if it relied on steel and 30% In the case of aluminum dependence

Adopting hybrid technology to propel the car forward, the BMW i8 is equipped with an internal combustion engine consisting of a three-cylinder 1.5-liter twin-turbo engine connected to an electric motor. While the conventional engine generates 231 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320 Nm and sends this power to the rear axle wheels through a six-speed automatic gearbox, the electric motor generates 131 horsepower powered by the front axle wheels via an automatic transmission In two phases, the last engine derives its energy from a lithium-ion battery capacity of 5 kilos



In conclusion, following our tour of the German company’s factories and informing us of the technical development of BMW in the production and investment of cars, this will provide models not only with high performance and decent specifications but also with excellent manufacturing quality, we are confident that the future of the automotive industry It must be bright


The BMW logo, unlike its BMW name, is in a circle divided into four colored parts in white and cyan, but what does this logo indicate? What is his relationship with that company?

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The BMW logo symbolizes the aircraft’s propeller, which is the same as the German state emblem, which contains both white and blue. The German company began its career as an aircraft manufacturer and used to manufacture aircraft engines during the First World War. Engines and Parts IDM

The first car launched by BMW

Did you know that the first car produced by BMW was not designed, after the company turned from the manufacture of small aircraft, it was difficult to design cars, and helped Aston, and got the design of the first car, the car Dixie, to be the first start of the company German

BMW has produced many different types of vehicles, but there is a distinct feature of the other BMW cars, the two-unit car network. The kidney-like network has undergone six major changes throughout BMW’s history

There is a famous saying known to the Bavarian company enthusiasts that you can take any part of an old BMW and provide a modern BMW, and BMW always keeps the interior design of its cars to be similar, Between modern and old models is easy, which makes it the car on the top of cars are adjustable around the world

In 2012 Forbes International magazine named BMW as the best-reputed car company in the world, and won this title based on people’s expectations of this myth. The car, which once we hear its name, brings to mind the magnificence, luxury, luxury, and strength

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