Audi Car Review


Audi Car Review

All you need to know about Audi cars

Audi has played a strong role in shaping and shaping consumer tastes and influencing the entire European market. For nearly 100 years, the Audi brand has been synonymous with the production of high-value cars, outstanding performance and an efficient engineering of manufactured vehicles



The company was in its infancy, which required an amendment to its first plans, but Audi later managed to overcome these dilemmas and is now producing cars with a global reputation for quality and engineering

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August Borsch founded the Borsch automobile company in Cologne, Germany in 1899 and began producing 1901 cars equipped with a horizontal engine that produces 5 horsepower. As the demand for this type of vehicle has increased significantly, Borsch has moved to a new headquarters where he has manufactured a brand new 10-horsepower brand



By 1910, Porch had driven out of the company he named, so he opened a new shop and sold cars under Audi. Borsch tried to use his family name but the German courts prevented that and had to use the Audi name at the end. In German, Porch means, “listening” and the word “Audi” is actually synonymous with “listening” in Latin. Since he was unable to use his family name for legal reasons, he was able to overcome this using the Latin version of the same word and was later known for his cars by that name



Between two world wars, Audi’s car industry is slowly becoming apparent, and the company’s iconic rings show the alliance of four manufacturers, some of whom may come to mind, the original company that expelled Horsh earlier.

Horsch lived to live this historic moment, but he also witnessed the disintegration of the company after World War II

After the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Union annexed the eastern part of Germany, took over the company Audi, and with the advent of August 1948 disappeared the whole company. A year later, thanks to government loans and the Marshall Plan, Audi can breathe again and take its place in the arena by issuing a truck and motorcycle



Later, during the 1950s, the company developed a steady growth, particularly in the acquisition of Daimler and later by Volkswagen, which retained Audi as part of its company to this day



With the 1960s, Audi began to make great strides that left its mark on the history of cars in the world. New types of cars saw the light and were marketed under the name of Volkswagen. In 1980 Audi was able to conquer the world market with a sports car called Quattro. This car was able to make Audi the first rank in the car races and was able through its powerful engine and the four-wheel drive to characterized so much that it was prevented from participating in many races because some organizers estimated that they have advanced technology and will not be fair to include with others



During the 1980s and 1990s, Audi began producing other types of cars, including the first luxury car, the Audi V8 in 1988. This powerful car has a fuel tank capacity of 3.6 liters and is equipped with 32 valves, Quad band and Automate Speed conversion system. This type of race enabled Audi to enter the competition against Mercedes and BMW, the two German companies that led the market



Today, Audi continues to strengthen its position in the automotive market by producing new types equipped with modern technology with its full body of aluminum – known for its durability and resistance to shocks – and characterized by high quality. Audi produces a variety of vehicles that enable it to compete with other companies such as Mercedes, Cadillac, Infiniti, and BMW



The sound of the Audi engine symbolizes the quality and durability of the company’s products and enables it to occupy the position that deserves to earned among many companies belonging to the German market

Audi has unveiled some specifications for its e-Tron, scheduled for September this year, and has been equipped with two electric motors capable of generating torque of up to 408 horsepower and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / s in 6 seconds

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It also has a unique brake system that is more efficient than traditional systems by 20%, thanks to sensors that reach the throttle. In emergencies, the driver can quickly raise his foot from the pedal to start the sensors by giving the braking system instructions to slow the movement of the vehicle


The “power recovery” system in this car helps to recharge batteries while moving, increasing the vehicle’s distance by one charge

Audi is a German automotive company that designs, produces, markets and distributes luxury cars. It is also part of Volkswagen Group, with its origins in Ingolstadt in Bavaria.

Audi cars manufactured in nine plants around the world

The company established at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, there were two companies (Horch and Udek) founded by the engineer (August Horsh) in addition to two other companies, namely DKW and Wanderer. 1932, which later evolved into Audi, where the company’s logo shows four connected rings, the four companies’ union


The name of the company is based on the Latin translation of the name of the founder (August Horsh) and means the name (Horsch) listened in German and translated (Urdu) in Latin


The company’s models did not achieve much success. After the end of the Second World War, the company’s factory became under the control of the Soviets before the managers of Udi decided to go to West Germany and re-establish the company there in 1949. By 1959 the company was wholly owned by Mercedes Benz To be bought by Volkswagen in the 1960s

Audi cars, problems and features you should know before you think about buying

Audi Company is a German company for the manufacture of cars and their products mainly and some other products of the least monthly and is the same manufacturer of other types of non-Audi cars are the Wolfsburg, Sayat and Skoda


And is one of the most important companies in this field in the world and considers itself a pioneer in this wonderful area, and Audi cars are generally characterized by supernatural power and that it is capable of working and bear the pressure of work and streets in a distinctive way, the other feature of Audi cars than others Of the cars is that the salon car or that the car decoration and design in general from the interior design is very luxurious and legendary all the bearing of the meaning of the word is in general gives the distinctive colors give comfort to all who ride Audi cars and in general Htalk popular base and run between People say, “Those who try Audi cars one day will still have a lot of Audi Life) and this thing that indicates anything, it shows the luxury cars that Audi enjoys in general, we enclose pictures of Audi cars from the inside

As for the exterior shape, Valodi certainly has one of the most beautiful exterior designs of car forms in general and we will add some pictures of cars from abroad

But there is something interesting search pictures about Audi a6 2016 they do not teach people about Audi in general is that the problems in them if they start to appear are flawed with all the meaning of the word as it is very difficult to actually mechanical failures in these sensitive cars Something else and another obstacle that the price is very high and that the price of the pieces, in general, is very high price, adding that if a problem appeared in the car, the problems follow one after the other and so it is very difficult to choose

German and finally we hope you enjoy the cars and carefully before thinking about buying and assure you that cars Audi is one of the best types of cars and may be the most suitable option for people looking for luxury, speed, power, and beauty in their cars one




Audi established in 1901. This year the company was founded in Germany Bavaria. This company comes from one of the most famous automobile manufacturing groups, the Volkswagen Group, which is the company of these other companies. This company under the German industry is a company is known for German companies that they have an incomparable entity in this difficult field, Audi is one of the most important companies that enjoy the German nationality, which produces cars of luxury style and comes under the name Audi, and as we know it came

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The meaning of the word Audi came from some sources

Comes from the group Volkswagen This company came by this name because it is a Latin word meaning to the title August Horch, the founder of it also means this word to listen, which is in German and is located for the headquarters of the main within the vinegar city called Ingolstadt, located in Germany This company Audi was initially owned by the company and came in about 99.55% of the Volkswagen Group companies. These events hoped in 1964.

The Volkswagen Group has re-launched the brand, which was later named Audi, by introducing Audi And this was in the year 1965 and came after the period of the company Audi suffered from the acquisition by the company Volkswagen has been through the assets of the Union cars that were the owner of the former Daimler-Benz and is now suffering because of the pressures experienced by the financial pressures Or other pressures have led to many and many problems that have occurred to the parent company


Here is some information about the history of Audi

The original roots of the executive, August Horsch, remained in 1899 and the first production and production of the first Audi Horch cars was made in 1901 in Zwickau. Before that, the new Audi, this was a compact, known as the Union Car, which is also called the Audi NCU. It is also seen as the Audi brand as a separate brand for the first time. Since the pre-war period, the company, Volkswagen, the United States of America by the model in 1970


The Audi 100 series was the first of the new car models and then came to the model Audi 80 / Fox, which was based on the model composition of the Volkswagen in 1972 and the model Audi 50, which was also issued from the strength of another and under the name of ” Volkswagen Polo “in 1974. The design of the model was fifty-fifty, and many aspects influenced it

In 1965, Mr. Kraus wanted to expand Audi’s range of cars. Mr. Krauss was looking at adding a new model to luxury cars as the only lifeline to save Autonomy’s autonomy while the Ingolstadt plant used to produce Volkswagen Beetle cars


Without informing Volkswagen, Mr. Kraus developed the concept of the new car and introduced it before he finally got the green light to produce the new model from the company’s team in Wolfsburg


Very quickly, the Ingolstadt plant became its maximum capacity, so Auto Union transferred the entire production of the Audi 100 to the Neckarsulm plant in 1970. From the first series alone, the company sold 800,000 cars

The Audi Duo, which powered by a 136 horsepower engine with an electric motor, makes it the first hybrid car under the Audi brand


Audi introduced the concept study on the Audi 100 during the 1990 Geneva International Motor Show

audi4 3

Since 1995, the Audi A6 has continued to show the incredible success of the Audi 100. The exhibition ‘from zero to 100’ also the presence of one of the cars ‘Audi A6 2.8 Quattro’ belonging to the first series produced from this model


The ‘Audi Mobile Show’ is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10 am to 4 pm.


In the 1980s, both Audi and Volvo pioneered the 5-cylinder and 2.1 / 2.2-liter engines as an alternative to longer-lived traditional six-cylinder engines. This engine used not only in cars produced but also in racing cars. The 2.1L inline 5-cylinder engine used as the basis for racing cars in the 1980s, making over 400 hp (298 kW) after modification. It produced engines ranging from 2.0 to 2.3 liters before 1990. This combination of engines was a good combination of fuel economy (which was important for all motorists in the 1980s), plus a good amount of power

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