A brief explanation of insurance

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A brief explanation of insurance for car companies in Europe

In the beginning, there are types of basic insurance during your travel and cover the accidents of the car or any damage and these types of insurance takes the traveler without knowing that he holds insurance

Some examples are as follows:

 Travel insurance: What some call medical insurance is insurance that includes aviation accidents, delayed flights and loss of luggage and not only medical insurance and has many advantages vary from company to company


Credit Card: The credit card provides you with travel insurance and as long as you used it to pay the car rental company, there is an insurance item that applies to the process according to the agreement and is that the credit card company to compensate you, whether Visa or MasterCard American Express.


All the car companies give you a car with a basic insurance combined with the value of the rent that is paid and all that we pay them in the so-called comprehensive insurance and other These are additional types of insurance and are very many and all the extra


All the car companies insurance on the car and even if you assume that you did not take insurance, the company will not require you to pay the full value of the car in case of complete damage because it is basically insurance


When the amount of your credit card is booked, it is considered a guarantee but it is refundable if the car is prepared properly. In the case of damage, the amount of the damage is deducted and if the damage is large, you will not pay more than you paid in advance

Comprehensive insurance is the amount you pay non-refundable and usually have a value less than normal insurance, but the difference that the normal insurance is returned and the mass is never recovered

Example of the most types of insurance:

You rented a car from Euro car or ascot and then an amount of € 800 was charged to your card upon arrival. This amount is insurance or mortgage and when the car is returned properly, the money is refunded


If there is any damage, the repair value of the damage is deducted from the amount that they have paid them 800 Euros and if the car was damaged in full, you will not pay more than 800 Euros ever and this maximum amount is borne


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Full insurance

In comparison to the above prices, the total insurance value may be € 200 for the entire period but is never refunded and will not be paid more than € 200 when the car is completely damaged. The amount you paid in the first place and when you receive this type of insurance, The car only in the case of extension of rent only and you are also supposed not to inspect the car and search for any scratches never because the amount you paid will never recover and even if there was any problem you paid and ended.


Supplementary warranty

This insurance from Rental Car is considered as insurance on the amount of insurance you pay when you reach the leasing company or the amount reserved from your card (ie insurance on insurance) and when an accident or damage is deducted from you by the leasing company, It is wrong and wrong to take this type of insurance from Rental Car and then take a comprehensive insurance from the leasing company, there is no benefit, except to increase your expenses and this insurance only benefits you with normal insurance


There is more than one type of insurance

General terms and important abbreviations in insurance:

Theft Protection = TP

Insurance against theft

Personal Accident Insurance = PAI

Personal insurance

Supplemental Liability Insurance = SLI

A third-party insurance and accident injuries

Collision Damage Waiver = CDW

Super CDW often does not have comprehensive insurance but there is a tolerance rate in case of damage



Important Notes


1- Different names and types of insurance from one company to another and you should read the description of insurance well and know what insurance and limits and the proportion of endurance


2 – Often if you pay the value of one of the products or types of insurance that you cannot cancel after that and you will not be entitled to claim its value, please pay careful attention before choosing the type of insurance


  1. For Rental Car insurance, it is considered a comprehensive insurance but at a lower rate than the comprehensive insurance at the office. About 50% when you buy the comprehensive protection from Rental Car, there is no need to take comprehensive insurance when you receive the car even if the pressure is placed on you by the office


Very important: We must distinguish between insurance and deposit


Deposit: An amount deducted from your credit card upon receipt of the vehicle and the refund will be given to you upon delivery of the vehicle

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Insurance: It is insurance to protect you in the event of injury or injury, which is not refundable

Car insurance against damage and collision in Europe

For a car and a mobile home on a car Try what we have an overview of the cover of the mobile home and Campervan or for the four-wheel drive and lovers of camps Try our deposit box cover for the four-page


When renting a car in Europe there is usually an insurance deposit (also called liability) which is usually equal to the value of the car rental. European countries always require the owner of the car, the leasing company) to cover third-party damage to any other person’s injuries or damage to another person’s car (this is under EC Directive 2009/103


The following explanation is the answer to the question that is often asked when contracting a car: How can the tenant reduce the insurance deposit when renting a car?


These are the main options:

Buy “insurance against damage and collision” (CDW) from the leasing company. This reduces the potential liability of downloading the full value of the vehicle to about € / $ / £ 1500- $ 3,000


Most tenants also buy either

“Super Insurance Against Damage and Collision” or Super Insurance Defect Loss and HWA SCDW with covered theft is booked from the leasing company. This reduces the above amount to between € / $ / 0 – £ 500


On the other hand, buy the best choice

“RentalCover.Com” instead of Super CDW or Super Insurance against damage and collision. This reduces the liability to € / $ / £ 0 of the document sold at RentalCover.com unless there is a dispute & special conditions for Alabaman


CDW (also called “loss indemnity insurance and damage” if it includes burglar theft protection


Usually, this is at the price you see online. Note that this “type of insurance” is simply to reduce the deposit from the high amount of any of the full value of the car to between € / $ / £ 1500 & € / $ / £ 3000 depending on the type of car and the leasing company but the reduction may be up to € / $ / £ 10,000 for some sports cars, especially in France


The insurance policy against damage and collision is usually excluded from the safe & glass. Repair and change of frames, roof, insides, windows and side mirrors. The Tenant shall be responsible for the full cost of such repairs. Many companies also rule out theft because they sell a separate insurance robbed robbery


Usually, it is included in the rental price but when sold separately. CDW costs € / $ / £ 10 to € / $ / £ 30 per day. LDW (which is CDW Hwa with extra theft protection) is at the same price


If the theft protection is not already added, we recommend that all customers get the basic CDW (or LDW which includes burglar protection) when renting any European car


Super CDW or Collision Damage Insurance (also known as “Discount to Zero Value”, “Deposit Reduction”, “Extended Damage and Collision Insurance”)


If the CDW has been notified as recommended, the deposit ranges are still between € / $ / £ 1500-3000. This can be reduced with the Super CDW as you can make it up because the leasing companies may also launch this CDW product only but the main thing to be aware of is that this document is a super discount insurance deposit of between € / $ / £ 1500 & € / $ / £ 3000 to about € / $ / £ 0


This document is sold frequently at the leasing and costing stations similar to CDW (€ / $ / £ 10 to € / $ / £ 30 per day) with hidden exceptions such as (glass, replacement or repair of tires, roof, insides, and side mirror damage). Maintenance costs for these types of damage are calculated at full rates but are limited to a reduced liability between € / $ / £ 1500- 3000


Rental coverage (also called “insurance deposit coverage”)


<Hua is a much cheaper alternative to Super CDW and the variants of the above-mentioned damage also include as. In the event of an accident, you pay to the leasing company for damages and then claim RentalCover.com. Usually, claims are settled within 3 business days


Third party insurance only

According to the law, each vehicle must be insured against others. The Company shall indemnify the Insured in the event of an accident resulting from the use of the vehicle and according to the limits specified in the policy, in respect of all amounts where the insured becomes legally liable to pay the necessary compensation in the following cases:


Death or bodily injury to any person including passengers in the vehicle other than the insured or the driver at the time of the accident, their families, wives, parents, children, and employees of the insured if they were injured during work hours or as a result of their work

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Damage to materials and property, other than those owned by the Insured or the Driver at the time of accident or property insured, under their custody or under their supervision

In addition, the Company undertakes to compensate for:

Costs of treating injuries from the other side of the accident

Costs and expenses of medical institutions according to the laws and limits set out in the policy table

Accidental costs related to the protection and transportation of the vehicle to the nearest repair shop

Amounts ordered by the Court (including compensation, judicial expenses, legal fees)

The prices

The installment depends on several factors such as model, country of manufacture, type, total capacity, use, seat capacity, date of previous claims, etc


What types of vehicle insurance policies are available at the company?

The basic insurance provided covers:

Liability policy only – covers death/ injury/damage to the property of the other party, which is a mandatory requirement

Comprehensive insurance policy – In addition to the above, the loss or damage of the insured vehicle resulting from specific risks is also covered by the declared value and other terms and conditions in the policy

Where can I secure my vehicle?

Insurance can be made at any of our offices. Please visit our website to find out which office suits you best. On the site click on “Locations” and you will get a list of our offices with their contact numbers

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What is the value of my vehicle?

New cars are secured by cash purchase price

Used cars are secured by a market price

How will the premium for my vehicle be?

The installment depends on various factors such as type, make, model, total capacity, usage, history of past claims and others. So go to one of our offices with your vehicle’s data to see what is required


When should I renew my vehicle insurance and why?

We recommend that you renew your vehicle insurance before the current insurance date ends. As this keeps them insured against risks and any other loss contained in the policy


What should I do if my motor insurance policy is over?

If your policy is expired, you can make a new one. Since there has been a lockout period, the vehicle is inspected by a company employee or surveyor prior to acceptance of the insurance


Can I transfer my vehicle insurance to the new buyer?

Yes, the insurance can be transferred on behalf of the buyer. Then a new form will be filled out, and a small fee will be paid for the insurance transfer


Is it permissible for the insurance to remain in the name of the previous owner while the ownership of the vehicle was transferred to the Royal Oman Police in my name?

Never make this mistake. Where registration and insurance must be the same name and address. Otherwise, your claim will not be accepted. The Royal Oman Police does not accept the transfer of ownership registration without insurance transfer


I lost the insurance policy. Can I get a copy of it?

Yes, you can do so from the same office that issued the policy after submitting a written request and paying a small fee to issue a new version of the policy


What should I do if an accident/theft occur for my vehicle?

When an accident occurs, notify the ROP and the insurance policy office to record the claim. The police then issued a report, which is presented with other documents such as a copy of the policy, a copy of the ownership (registration card), a copy of the driver’s license, and so on. Accordingly, the company assessor assesses the loss and authorizes the repair of the vehicle in the respective repair workshop/distributor. A local purchase order is then issued to the relevant repair workshop/distributor


Whom do I call if my vehicle is damaged in a city other than the city where the policy was issued?

If a vehicle accident occurred in the city where the policy was issued, the claim must be submitted to the same office in the city. If the accident occurs in another city, you can contact the nearest Vision Insurance office to guide you through the next steps


What documents and procedures are necessary to accept the claim?

Depends on the type of vehicle and the nature of the damage. Please contact the relevant office


What does Vision Insurance offer you?

Specialized advice and service with personalized touches

A variety of products

Commitment to the timely settlement of claims

A wide network of branches in Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah

Customer satisfaction is our focus and building strong customer relationships is our priority. We are always close to all who wish to benefit from our products and services. Please contact us or ask for any inquiry


Bids are submitted when a completed application is submitted to the company

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